Pitfalls of being so big

CyanogenMod is a large entity, with millions of users and a healthy amount of news coverage. Unfortunately, this occasionally has some unintended consequences. 

It seems that the trademark for software applications of the name “Cronus” has been previously granted to another entity. Though our widget “Chronus” is in no way similar to this entities’ software, we have been served with a Cease & Desist.

While we maintain that there is no infringement, we likewise, do not have the time or resources to fight this C&D. Therefore, we will be changing the name of the widget. 

Pick our LockClock widget’s new name

“Lemons into lemonade” and all that, help us pick a new name for the widget! As with previous posts of this nature, the final selection will be made by the CM team and is not subject to a popularity poll; this is not a contest.
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