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Pitfalls of being so big

CyanogenMod is a large entity, with millions of users and a healthy amount of news coverage. Unfortunately, this occasionally has some unintended consequences. 

It seems that the trademark for software applications of the name “Cronus” has been previously granted to another entity. Though our widget “Chronus” is in no way similar to this entities’ software, we have been served with a Cease & Desist.

While we maintain that there is no infringement, we likewise, do not have the time or resources to fight this C&D. Therefore, we will be changing the name of the widget. 

Pick our LockClock widget’s new name

“Lemons into lemonade” and all that, help us pick a new name for the widget! As with previous posts of this nature, the final selection will be made by the CM team and is not subject to a popularity poll; this is not a contest.
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The Widget Formally Known As Cronus
Trademark law is ass backwards and useless, and it forces legal action to be taken when it is not necessary. I doubt that those filing really even give a damn, they're doing it to keep the mark in case of real infringement. 
Tempo - in Italian, that word means both "time" and "weather"
Can't take a shit in a hole in the woods without someone threatening a lawsuit these days. 

This requires changing the clocks face to analog and copying the Swiss Federal Railways design though.
CyanogenMod Clock Widget. Problem solved.
I think the community should backup CM and perhaps send some emails to that company...politely telling them to fuck off!
I endorse the widget formerly known as chronus... Wfkc for short 
Chronos, god of time, was Saturn in Ancient Rome. Not sure if this can help :-) 
Roll Up To The Curb With My Clock Out.  We can use an acronym if you'd like. RUTTCWMCO.  I'm open to suggestions.
SIGAN time in Korean
Tempus fugit time in Latin
temps time in French 
Jikan time in Japanese 
Kairos form ancient Greece 
Aion, it's another Greek deity related to time but whereas the titan Chronus represents past, present and future Anion represents eternity.
cLock-it emphasis on the L so its like c(L)ock-It and the it is a phoentic end of widget.
Eli Sand
Don't bend over so easily - is this a C&D order, or just a letter from lawyers?  If it is a letter, you have no legal reason to cease or desist yet - and if you aren't charging for Chronus, and if it's completely different in it's context aside from being software, then there's no monetary compensation they can ask for - it's merely them saying they think people will confuse the two... but if it's not even the same thing, then how's that possible.  Do you need to register Chronus as a legal name?  Why not just name it that and don't register it in any legal context... people can't go after you if they make something similar because you can (should be able to) prove you made it before they did.

I also can't believe there's no lawyers who use CM and can't chime in with maybe some free legal advice, perhaps even reviewing the C&D to see how much merit it carries with it.

IMHO, contact them for clarification on why a C&D is necessary - if no answer, maintain your path.  if you get an order from a judge, then look at a new name.

I still don't see the problem though - are you marketing Chronus in any way?
"Tempest" to capture "tempus" (time) and a violent windstorm (weather)
Cronthem... Nerdy wordplay shoved in their face. ;-). Also combines derivatives of "chron" and "theme". Works on multiple levels!
If Timey Wimey widget doesn't win...I'm installing AOKP.

I'm noticing I have a fixation on portmanteaus.
I agree with +Eli Sand. At this stage, you don't need to do anything unless its an actual Court Order. Don't just fold to any letter, if they believe it is worth dragging through the courts, then let them.

Otherwise, they'll just leave you alone.

DO NOT make a knee-jerk reaction where it is not warranted...
If Tardis wouldnt cause legal issues thats my vote. 
Can you change it to "Chronos", with an O at the end instead of U, as Chronos is the correct spelling of the God of Time anyway.
metronome is another word for time keeper.
here's a whole list in the thesaurus

Big Ben, alarm, chroniker, chronograph, chronometer, digital watch, hourglass, metronome, pendulum, stopwatch, sundial, tattler, tick-tock, ticker, timekeeper, timemarker, timepiece, timer, turnip, watch
cronus the amiga software company from the 90s??? If not, who?
My suggestions:
1. Tempora or TemporaWidget
2. HoloChronus or CyanChronus
3. Epoch
Good luck with ur search.
C&D ... We will know what it means yet you can have it called Clock and Date.
Mel L
What a load of crock by that entity. Timey Wimey is cute though.
Give the company info up to anonymous and watch them suffer for their insolence.  Their pain will be legendary even in hell =D
I am concerned that some patent troll has hit this project with such a pitiful claim.
Hermes, messenger of the gods, or Mercury 
CINC (pronounced "sink", pun on synch, recursive, Chronos Is Not Chronos)
C+ or Clock+ -- Play off 'clock and more'.
++Clock -- same as above with an homage to your dev backgroud.
TGCM - Time to get cm . doesn't quite look right though
Steve D
I was going to say CyanoClock also but I've been beaten
Just call it "that unnamed time app that is a part of CyanogenMod". I don't understand the need to hyper brand every bit of IP that hits the interwebs.
You should name it: 'FACE'. As in the face of a clock, watch, the first thing you see on the face of your screen as you turn it on. Also, it could make for a awesome accolade - Fucking Awesome Cyanogen Epicness 
Clock? Or has that been patented by (cr)apple?
Name it Saturn. Like the roman equivalent in mythology. 
"Widget Formarly Known as Chronus" or "WFKaC" for short
Nowhere is there a need to brand features with a name. Pursue development of features without branding, and you will be fine.
Matt S
People might not agree but its Americans that invented lawsuit . I'm just waiting for one that will involve suing someone over because other persons house is similar or newborn has similar face 
Lick my Chronus (Chro is prounounced as an "A").
How about aevus it's Latin, for "The passing of Time".
Rob M.
Or Chronologic
Cronie works for me. Time widget is your friend!
What? Don't make Lemonade! I demand you call the widget "Combustible Lemon!"
andy o
C&D... What a bunch of clockblocks

"Masa" which means time in malay language
stealing this from Firefly, how about    Blue Sun
Its pretty similar but it would avoid the C&D. "Chrono" means "indicates time". Seems perfect replacement for Chronus. (Yes, this does make a slight reference to a fav RPG of mine, but the developer does not own the rights to the word Chrono, just the entire title.)

on a more serious note - SYNChronus? yes it's a misspelling but i wanted to nag the troll once more
Gary Ng
Did a search for diff clock translations and I thought "Laikrodis" sounds cool
+Aaronn Kelly I always use that word when coding things, ha ha.  Variables, classes, functions, arguments, you name it.

Chronos (Ancient Greek: Χρόνος, "time," also transliterated as Khronos or Latinized as Chronus) is the personification of Time in pre-Socratic philosophy and later literature.
cyanticker, chronome, epoch !!!

epoch applies to the beginning of a new period marked by radical changes and new developments - while era applies to the entire period; age denotes a period identified with some dominant personality or characteristic and period pertains to any portion of time
Weather + clock + lockscreen
= Wockscreen
Flux Capacitor
Chronos - how I have said it from the beginning. 
How about "big ball of timey wimey wibbly wobbly stuff" widget. 
some more :) Vertumnus, Xiuhtecuhtli
Father Time & Weather Almanac Widget!! 🙌
Cid-Lock (tm) or Cidlock or Gridlock ?
Aeon, Mobius, Hourglass, Movement, Epoch, Moment.  Also like Tempus and Pendulum.
The current name is pretty much awesome.
Maximus chronus cyanogenmus
Mr Fusion (since it combines clock/date/weather, and for the #bttf reference)
Cyan-widget. Since there's no other widget from cyanogenmod when mention cyan widget you will definitely know what your talking about.
Keonotron, Koton, Quanotus, Cyanomus, Chrogen, CMtick, Tokei, Tokchron, Tronus
1.21 GW
Whew - glad "Chronus" is at least staying as a feature but under another name. How about Tardis? :)
Thanks all for the suggestions, we've selected "cLock" as the new name: Simple and self explanatory.