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Koush doing his thing with the Chromecast

Keep in mind, this will not be distributed until the Chromecast SDK is finalized/allows it. 
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Rob M.
I had a dream last night, a dream that CC's were back in stock everywhere. It was beautiful.
+Koushik Dutta if this works with rdio you will have unlocked a 2+ year old dream of mine. Also how does this work with multiple chromecasts? Is the signal synced?
Amazing work !
It was the only thing missing in Chromecast :-)
Is this going to be implemented in future versions of CM?
+Gladia Dor as the SDK is essentially a beta, Google discourages sharing of modifications (due to potential breakages when the sdk is finalized). 

But yes, that is the goal
While this is a great option to have, I have no reason to get a Chromecast since my PS3 + PS3 Media Server still serves all of my needs and supports every format my PC will play, audio track switching and subtitles included. Maybe the next Chromecast will be better. Device mirroring would make me need to have one since CyanogenMod doesn't support MHL for the I9100 (so that I can use any app on my TV, not just watch videos).
+Abhisek Devkota I'm going to order several more CC. Just to connect my stereo, and TV's
Root will be necessary? 
This is one of those things that would make me want to make use of CM on my phones.
I still don't get why Google didn't do this themselves from the start, but thank you, +Koushik Dutta 
YES!! no need for OUYA, emulators and games straight from your phone!
+Mario Jarquin I would imagine part of it could be that they leave room for the devs to work their magic. We will see a lot of cool apps released once the SDK is out of Beta. 
cannot wait to get this and some 10.2 goodness on my gnex
+Fraser Graham Very rarely. 99% of the time when I sit down to watch a movie/video it's something I've downloaded and stored on one of my home servers. The result is that I'm streaming, at very high bitrates over a gigabit local network, a movie/video in full, near-lossless audio/video quality, with no need to buffer in the event of a slow Internet connection (which can happen from time to time if you rely on YouTube to watch most of your content directly). I can also still watch my content even if I lose Internet service completely. As for Chromecasting local files from my phone/tablet, I don't tend to download videos to these devices at all, that's all what my server is for. When it comes to videos I take myself on my phone, they sync to my server as soon as I walk in the door using BitTorrent Sync, so it's ready for viewing by the time I take my shoes off and hop on the couch. Plus since my PS3 would be on if watching videos anyways, I can just control the YouTube app using my phone if I did want to stream something from YouTube directly. Since I don't use any other streaming services, all other use cases for the Chromecast go out the window for me.

tl;dr - Any use case I would have for a Chromecast is already handled by something else that's better, provides higher quality, and takes marginally more time to prepare, which is worth the negligible tradeoff anyways.

The Chromecast is great for people who want a simpler set up that's quick and easy to get up and running, but isn't as arguably reliable and doesn't provide as high quality content. But it just works, and it's cheap, which is the point.
+Jason Newman I see that, but still, they should have allowed all media streaming from the devices [a la Koush] from the start.  I guess that would probably have meant all Chromecasts would've sold out in under a minute.  So, I should just be grateful I got one :)
So, now I wonder if Chromecast can be made to work with a phone's built in wifi hotspot to allow use of Chromecast in places where you don't have (or don't want to use) local WiFi access.
how about a "chromecast" app so you can use your old unused android device with a hdmi cord instead of buying the chromecast dongle?
+Koushik Dutta seriously, this is why I have so much respect for you. You see a problem and create an elegant solution to it. Take all my yachts!
Amazing, now I really wanna get one of these. 
That's awesome.
I've had a question for a while:
Is it possible with the Chromecast API/SDK to do screen mirroring? Or would such a thing have to stay on Miracast?
I'd love to have an ounce of this man's intelligence
Scott S
When will Cyanocast be available for the Motorola Citrus?
Uh-oh.  Someone just asked for an ETA.  Ye who is without ETA requests may cast the first internet stone.
Is this telling Chromecast to stream directly from TWiT or is it using the phone as an intermediary, like the stream chrome tab?
Cool, but how do you select which chrome cast device it will play to? 
You sir +Koushik Dutta are a genuine genius! I think that I should share this with the dorks over at Cnet who were lukewarm on the Chromecast because it didn't have support for much on the day of release!
Google should give you millions; and then have you bake this into Keylime when it comes out - you deserve every penny!!
(Course until then it's up to us to donate to this amazing stuff.)
+Bill Puckering "gigabit local network" oooooo, fancy..."near-lossless quality", nevermind.
Ugh. I have yet to find a chromecast. 
+Koushik Dutta fantastic work.  I imagine it would be quite handy if you could limit this functionality to only certain wireless SSIDs, that way you wouldn't see the "play on chromecast" notification if you were playing a video on the bus, for instance, but you would see it when you arrived home and were within range of your wireless network.  Just my immediate thought.  Great work!
What happens battery-life here? I'm just guessing that the phone is basically re-hosting/proxying the streamed content and instructing the ChromeCast to get it from the phone. I'm guess that's a drain on the battery, and that if the phone loses wifi connectivity, the stream dies...
i need 4.1.2 rom htc one help pls
Was steckt denn da für ein Kabel dran? 
André, The ChromeCast goes into the HDMI port of your television. The power comes from a plug OR a usb port.
Ich dachte das geht ohne Kabel... 
Can't wait for this feature to be included in CM!
This is awesome. For those who couldn't yet get hold of chromecast or are out of the states, give leapcast a try, it's a software implementation of the stack, been using it all day today with youtube and play music, it works great. Straight install on linux, on winx64 I had to manually get the packaged twisted python lib to get it to work. 
Thanks for your effort.  Chromecast just went from HoHum, up to the hmm interesting slot.
Amazing stuff! Definitely buying a Chromecast now. 
Ivan P
Do you guys think that we'll be able to caste webpages from Android Chrome an Mobile Firefox?
Nice work hope to see more CC magic soon.
Damn I thought it would be part of the new 10.2 nightlies.
+Bootleg Zani Even with a release, unless all Chromecasts can instantly be whitelisted, its useless. 

The sdk is in beta, we cant/wont release until its finalized
Yeah I really thought they would have added it. Let us hope they push some update. 
Hi friends you have a great rom as always, i have a question.. Do you think to improve the users profile option in the 10.2 roms? i think this may be a great option even in our phones..!
Here I wanted to install the latest pacman rom to my Nexus 4.... NEVERMIND I'll wait for this release lol.

Any nightly builds?
When will chromecast apk be put into the 10.2 build. I just recently downloaded the latest nightly but that capability was not there. 
any news on this? really need it
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