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Galaxy S4 CM-10.1 Nightlies

I just finished the initial bringup of the T-Mobile Galaxy S4 (SGH-M919). We'll port to other variants when we get the devices (including the I9505). The first nightlies will go off tonight. There are a few rough edges still, but will be ironed out in short order and you should be able to use it as your daily driver without serious issues.

The touchscreen on this device should support Android's hover events. I'm looking forward to see what the community can come up with using this new feature!

Compile/fork/install, contribute back, and enjoy :)
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Haha!  Thank you, CM; I would be unwilling to buy a phone for which you had no support, but I've been drooling over the S4's stats.....
samsung should have just made all the s4's use the snapdragon 600. The octacore seems too have to many tradeoffs.
Does hover feature needs sensors for such or just a gimmick that can be used with other phones +CyanogenMod ?
Is this only for tmobile phones as of right now or all is variants?
wait, didnt you guys say you werent picking up the S4?
I believe they should have picked the HTC One first... although, lets be honest, that giggity laggity S4 needs all the help it can get in the interface department....
thanks CM!
now just to wait for the sprint version...
+Cesar Ferrer barley spent 2 minutes with each phone but I have to say the HTC One UI is butt ugly and I didn't notice any speed advantage on it over the S4.  Doesn't really matter though since either one would loose it's carrier/manufacturer bloated firmware in first hour.
+Robert Heavel sense 5 is not bad really. Which is suprising to say considering I have hated every previous version.
The exchange email client and keyboard are really winning me over .
Sounds like fun, if there are CM10.1 builds stable enough for daily use, then that's awesome!  Out of curiosity, what about the other sensors on the S4? (i.e. barometer)  Or are those proprietary drivers?  I could care less for the "smart stay/scroll" features, I couldn't get them to work properly in the Sprint store anyway.

I guess it's not a huge deal but I'm still curious if it's possible.
+Andrew Traversone my first phone was HTC and I actually liked the Sense UI but once I got CM on it I never looked back.  I stay away from phones that are not supported by CM, don't really care for any of the manufacturers interfaces.
THIS!!! Mine is supposed to arrive on the 9th. Can't wait!
Yeah why do Samsung phones get incredibly fast support with little bugs? Just curious
+Ang Zhen Yi 
1) they're incredibly popular devices
2) compared to other manufacturers, Samsung phones are very developer friendly
+TK Monastyrski I get the first point, but Sony is also very dev friendly. They release kernel sources, open source archives and even put aosp on some phones, but they seem much slower supported on cm. 
+Kojiro Kamex Not all are Exynos based.  The Americas almost exclusively get the Snapdragon models.
Even so, Exynos hasn't stopped developers so far.

+Ang Zhen Yi Sony is starting to catch up, I think.  I see many people referring to them as "the next samsung."
Previously Sony had terrible dev support and bootloaders locked up so tight it wasn't worth the effort.  That has been changing.
Somehow Samsung won again 
+Andrew Traversone I'm a bit more fond of the S4, and I know the hardware really well after doing the S3 port which was very similar. Other guys on the team are working on the One.
Good to know that the S4 is getting this.  Now to see just how much of a learning curve there is coming from CM7.2 on an OG Evo.
Oh,so the S4 is going to get CM... I bet the S5 is going to be so screwed for real EDIT: /s
I doubt the S5 will be "screwed."
After all, with the locked bootloader we're talking about what?  Two carriers in the United States only?
The fact the att version is locked, I will be using a different carrier when I upgrade. Att I think will lose a lot of people due to lack of dev support on Samsung devices.
+Daniel Arendt a rooting method for the att version already exists.  It just won't be made public until the end of May.
Would love to see a dedicated handset with CM on it straight from the manufacturer.. For now ill wait a little longer before I buy a phone and then donate more to you guys. Awesome work!! 
The i9500 users will be veeeery sorry...
Can't wait either. Although hate to admit it but touchwhiz is almost usable on the i9505 compared with previous attempts
This just goes to show take what android reporter sites say with a grain of salt. This is great news +CyanogenMod thank you!
Izwan M
S4 better for developer compared to S3?
The model number for the Canadian s4 is sgh-1337 (at&t version also, probably)
I loved cm in my s3 because tw sucks on it and it drained the battery. But why would you want vanilla android on a device most people got because of all the tw features. Don't think I'll be installing anything besides a cleaned up version of stock without the att crap once it's available. 
+TK Monastyrski actually the root method is available now. Mine is rooted. You're thinking of unlocking the bootloader and installing a custom recovery. 
Great! But I’m getting whatever I/O brings (be it an updated Nexus 4 or a new Nexus… or the same old N4) anyway.
+Ignacio Bravo Peralta Nexus (4) is the way to go! Trust me,you won't be disappointed! (I own a galaxy s 3 and I maybe miss 4 things from it + the excellent camera,but all of that is superfluous since the Nexus 4 runs so smooth and works so well I don't miss those neat tricks by Samsung anymore...and come on the Nexus 4 is drop dead gorgeous ,feels excellent in hand...okay I'll stop gushing :)) )
Got my s4 2 days early! 1st thing T-mobile hasn't screwed up for me in quite some time!! I can't wait to get +CyanogenMod on this bad boy! No rush or looking for ETA. Just making a statement. Thanks to Steve and Team for all of your hard work! Much appreciated.
do you know that.. cm rom is basicaly worst for devices like galaxy s4? i mean.. terminals like s3, s4 are known for the software.. (of course they are good , and don't need faster roms.. i mean.. quad core and 2 gb ram? ) .. why this devices need cm? i mean.. why a galaxy s4 user would quit software applications like s health , s translator , etc.. for cm?do we need more speed? do we need google ui when touchwiz is better? do we need less software capability? and how about battery life? how much can cm improve it? does it worth it?  i don think so.. but  i've just purchased and s4.. and i'm curious... about other users opinions.I mean.. we have the latest android preinstalled , and we'll get 100% the next 3,4 major android updates. I own this device and my brother owns my  optimus black now. I think the black need cm , not this device. Anyway , we live in a world where we are improving gadgets that don't need to be improoved , and we quit gadgets that really need better/newer software. I think cm lost his purpose . But hey , let's try this nightlies.. that are buggy.. and risk bricking our phone.. when we have the stock that's way batter then this cm.
This is probably a dumb question, but the AT&T GS4 will be supported, correct?
+Paul Dan If you don't like CM, then don't use it. Enjoy your bloatware riddled and laggy stock TW ROM! You won't have to worry about bricking your device. Sounds like you're happy with the status quo while CM is making changes for the better. I've had my s4 for 1 day and am so over the stock rom it's not even funny.
+Paul Dan because while those features of touchwiz are nice and I admit 5 of the features I really like (the rest is gimmicky), there comes a time you begin to feel sick when using Touchwiz...lag and so on. Not to mention slow update cycles. And don't forget that even if S4 has 2gb of ram, touchwiz probably has 80% of it reserved for its features...that can be frustrating a lot. But in essence you did pose a valid question. I felt the same with my quad core SGS3 but then I couldn't stand how slow it would work from time to time,how free RAM available was like 150mb ...which sucked because it could restart or close down background services when I browsed a image-heavy web site ... I haven't flashed CM on my SGS3 though because as u said I didn't feel like doing it I bought me a Nexus 4 :) finally the dialer launches instantly and not after my nephew will graduate in 10 years 
Also I'm a noob in this..,kind of..,so maybe what I said is proposterous to all of you here :)
+Charlie Gispert why are you taking this personally ? He asked a valid question ...he didnt say he hates CM 
+Tomi Golob I'm not taking it personally. I just offered my personal opinion on the stock s4 ROM that differed from his opinion.
Running kushdeck's build right now and I love it, apart from the lack of camera and no accelerometer. 
Are there any releases for the Sprint variant yet?
Im quite sure when he releases the builds for other variants he will let you guys know....
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