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Galaxy S4 - i9505 and Cricket Mobile

Adding to the ever growing list of supported S4 variants, the i9505 (jfltexx) and Cricket (jfltecri) models have been added to the nightly build roster. Builds will be available in the next nightly cycle. 
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How much space on the device will be needed? More than 9GB?
Sajid A
All except i9500
+Alexander Windolph I don't know if they resize /system during flashing, but otherwise less, probably around 1 to 3 gigs because of the missing Samsung Crapware.
Yeah! Going to flash it to my I9505 today, at last official support!
Has anyone installed the RC ? What size got it after it is installed?
i was thinking of going stock till CM could be used as a daily driver. Whats the impression so far?
Can't install this, I just get "Status 7" over and over. Using "PhilZ touch 5" (CWM base version Up until today I've been using the hax builds from Victorator and they've been working fine. Any recommendations?
Which would you recommend I replace it with? Vanilla CWM fails way more frequently and I've not seen a ClockworkMod one for this yet (rom manager doesn't even recognise my handset)
+Scott Van Looy use TWRP recovery. You can install it by downloading the goo manager app. Open it and press menu>install open script recovery and profit!
Currently, I can't use any phone features. In phone info, it reads "Baseband: Unknown" using the ME2 modem (I haven't changed the modem today...)
TWRP crashes almost constantly, formatted stuff and crashed partway through, now it can't mount /system. Won't install the ROM via SD card and won't sideload (error: device not found). So yeah, much more stable than PhilZ. sigh
Why won't my WiFi-toggle turn on? I've flashed the rjltexx on my GT-i9505
+Dennie van de Pol gtalk with me  if you have a couple minutes to see if we can get to the bottom of this wifi issue
I'm happy my tree got merged and we have official status. I hope invisiblek & noobnl do well as maintainers of this device! Thanks to everyone who supported me in getting the i9505 running!
+ty phoe what zip did you flash? Clicking on the link only gives me a single post. 
Any chance of i9508 being added to the list?
woot, looking forward to trying out the RC.  miss my CM action.  Any idea on if there's gona be official support for the i337 (am I the only one who calls it the 1337 edition?)  Getting LTE and wifi working has been a pain with the 9505 roms
Noob question: With the new Google Edition release (Nexus Like) will that means Samsung releasing source codes, or only the Qualcomm blessed ones will benefit?
How can I see which version of the 9505 I have? And does the ROM work on any of the versions? Thanks! 
when cyanoged for motorola razr i xt890 ?
Any news for the international GT-i9500 model?
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