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What is Nemesis?

We've shown you part one. Read the philosophy of #nemesis  direct from cyanogen himself!

My goal for CM has always been to break open these mostly proprietary mobile devices so we can turn them into the product we really want.  I think over the last few years, we have largely accomplished this goal- CM is available in some for almost every device imaginable. What's most important to me is that anyone can get the code, hack on it and change whatever you want, build it, and flash it to your device.

It's a huge amount of work, and has left us little time to work on other things. This is good and bad though. Just as Google made it easy for so many people to get into mobile with Android, we've made it easy for anyone to get into making their own aftermarket ROMs. It's awesome. There's so much crazy stuff that people are building that nobody has thought of before. 

Nemesis is our plan to improve the user experience in the right places. The new camera app, Focal, is just the start. Without giving too much away, invoking teaser videos, or giving ETAs, I can confidently say that awesome things are going to keep coming. Watch out :)
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I would love to see Serval Mesh or OpenGarden built-in with a sort of allowance for throttling: I don't mind sharing 20% of my 'bandwidth' all the time. :)
Downloads are funner.
i9300. Is this going to be a part of tomorrow's nightly?
And this is why I love Android, +*** it grows and develops right before your eyes. +Joe Mckoy Thanks CM team for making my mobile more than just a voice telecommunication device!
We highly express our gratitude of your hardwork given to us! Thanks CyanogenMod!
Cyanogenmod when i think this cant get any better, you blow my mind, tks for the hard work.
Does picsphere produce a photosphere compatible file? I like the g+ photosphere viewer. 
So is this, more or less, then, now a new OEM skin? Albeit one that is MUCH closer to stock styling?
+Horlufemi Ogunnaike CM builds upon Android. You cannot fathom the amount of difficult work that went into developing Android from scratch in the first place, and then the features in each subsequent major release. You should give Google much more credit than you do. CM wouldn't have existed without Google, and that goes for every other awesome Android ROM/distro. 
I wish that video didn't hype up everyone's expectations because this is great but kind of a let down for people that were thinking it was a device or an iPhone ROM or something else crazy. Keep up the great hacking but please keep everyone's expectations grounded in reality next time.
+Abdirahman Abdullahi I think it means that they would create their own proprietary apps that would replace some of the default gapps, but I could be wrong.
I watched the Android police video and read the article and went straight to the donate page, awesome work people. Keep it up!
Focal is just a start? I know the iphone idea is kinda crazy right from the beginning, but this still gets me excited. Waiting for more surprises!
Paul W.
It's finally been explained. I hope the default email app is the next to be replaced. Thanks for the continued efforts guys. 
Sorry +James Duncan I said proprietary when I should have just said original. Isn't Android released under the Apache 2.0 licensing which falls under GPL 3? Do applications fall under different licensing? 
+Sashank Narayan I know. CM team are just soooooo nice! They make my phone mine n mine alone.
Can't wait for the next part to be released and to try the camera app on my phone!
comes android 4.3 CM10.2 Offizial @ Google Nexus S Crespo ?
Wooo amaizing :P
nemesis project (Y)
Multi window possibility since your being so innovative? That is a must have that we don't have!!!
Motorola xt918. Own rom "CyanogenMod" compatible?
James K
Another thanks cm team!
Love my Cyanogenmod on my N7 and applaud your continuing efforts to enable our devices to do what we really like.
Ola acabei de ficar sabendo sobre isso e gostaria de uma rom para o lge405
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