What is Nemesis?

We've shown you part one. Read the philosophy of #nemesis  direct from cyanogen himself!

My goal for CM has always been to break open these mostly proprietary mobile devices so we can turn them into the product we really want.  I think over the last few years, we have largely accomplished this goal- CM is available in some for almost every device imaginable. What's most important to me is that anyone can get the code, hack on it and change whatever you want, build it, and flash it to your device.

It's a huge amount of work, and has left us little time to work on other things. This is good and bad though. Just as Google made it easy for so many people to get into mobile with Android, we've made it easy for anyone to get into making their own aftermarket ROMs. It's awesome. There's so much crazy stuff that people are building that nobody has thought of before. 

Nemesis is our plan to improve the user experience in the right places. The new camera app, Focal, is just the start. Without giving too much away, invoking teaser videos, or giving ETAs, I can confidently say that awesome things are going to keep coming. Watch out :)
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