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More 10.2 boots

We'll skip the usual screen-cap-per-device that usually happens with these Android refreshes, but know that we are working our way through our roster. 

The general order (not a steadfast rule):

Qualcom devices
Tegra 3

It'll take likely a week or so to get through all the devices, but the core CM items are mostly in place :) 

Some items will need re-factoring (stock includes T9 now, etc), but that process will be in parallel to the device bring-up. 
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Great!!!! Will CM10.2 update be linked to CM10.1 last nightly? sorry... THANKS!!!
Hope to see a stable build for my toro sometime soom. CM runs absolutely fantastic compared to some others I have tried.
Congratualtions, hopefully the rest won't take too long. Is any of the bigger features broken? Like pie, quick toggle settings, ect.
Go to download source and test on N1!
I miss my Gnex.... Keep waiting here on my S3 :/
+Daniele Pantaleo Stock is still limited, (ie missing company or other field matches) so there is always room for our improvements
So when support for one of those items is added, all of the devices under that get nightly builds? Sorry, I'm not familiar with this.
Isn't xplodwild working on SGS3 now, and SGS2 next?
+espen olsen blacklist needs to be redone, and there are a few others. But as a whole, they came over fairly nicely from 10.1
Yaniv C
The S3 (int) included? 
We need to find out who the maintainers for the GS4 are and +1 the hell out of them  ;)
+Corbin Davenport Its more like when support for one 'category' is added, the others are not far behind (similar chips/architecture,/etc). 
+Abhisek Devkota On second thought, maybe we should give them a chance to release the 1st experimental build before their G+ notifications explode :)
Thanks a lot guys. You're the best :)
Fantastic !! Cant wait to install on the S4. Thanks
I saw while using titanium backup on my nexus 7 on 4.3 that there's a keyboard that's freeze'd, called asus keyboard. Don't know much about it, appears to be a version of stock but with numeric keyboard on top. Could it be possible to have it as part of cm, defrosted?
+Tim Austin I'm personally hoping the Google Play Edition S4 doesn't get left out. Development for the GPe devices feels like a wasteland so far.
patt co
I can't wait to have it on my nexus 4. 
So cm based on 4.3 will be available in just a few days? :)
Qcomm/ RAZR devices soon I hope. Haha.

Great work though guys!
Thank you so freaking much for including tegra(crap)3 devices!!!!!!!!!
They are simply letting us know that they are making progress. It doesn't mean that it's going to be released right away. Show some respect and quit asking if your device/carrier/processor will be supported. It'll be ready when it's ready but one things for sure, it'll be sweet. 
Its keeping my HTC One X international Alive!! 
So, I have one of the most powerful device on earth nowdays, a beast, so powerful. It can handle everything with ease but, thanks to that f=#@&g Samsung and its exynos politics I'm the last in order and according to what I've read from a cyanogenmod team member yesterday, they won't start working on it before December/January. I'm in love with my note 2 but this exynos whole thing is making me want to throw it away a get a nexus 4. Shame on you Samsung. You're about to loose a customer very soon, aka, as soon as nexus 5 will be out there in the wild. 
+Jose Martinez they've created a huge community with huge expectations and now it's so normal that everyone is so eager to put the hands on the first nightly for their devices and keep on asking for when it'll be available. Tecnically, it +CyanogenMod fault if everybody is so impatient, they are too good at what they do
I would be thrilled to get this on my galaxy s3 ASAP!!!!
Ill stay on this TW 4.2.2 on my S4 until 10.2 hits the scene. Bought and rooted my device a few days ago.....ill give TW on the S4 a good run just to say that I did.
+yona gamburg there are a few good things about it, not much but some, I like the layout of the settings app for instance xD But I wouldn't buy one
Oooh, hope it follows that list, gs4 on sprint is qualcom! Waiting with baited breath! 
Steve D
Hopefully GNex soon. The Google stock slop is unbearable...
+espen olsen yeah.. I don't really agree. From my point of view, Samsung did try a little to copy apple in some stuff and some of their "replicas" actually are good! Yet not as much as comfortable. The only thing I found nice in touchwiz is the calendar app and the notification shade. 
Now for the legacy devices (Galaxy S i9000)
I saw a video about nemesis wich is very promising. R u going to open it's sorce??
+Abhisek Devkota how could I help add the I9505G to this list?

Samsung Galaxy S IV (AT&T) (SGH-I337): attn1
Samsung Galaxy S IV (Canada) (SGH-I337M): DvTonder
Samsung Galaxy S IV (Sprint) (SPH-L720): mkasick, noobnl
Samsung Galaxy S IV (T-Mobile) (SGH-M919): cyanogen
Samsung Galaxy S IV (US Cellular) (SCH-R540): noobnl
Samsung Galaxy S IV (Verizon) (SCH-I545): invisiblek
Hopefully this will give me a better experiempnce on my One X than before
Oooo...a toro build!! I like where this is going!
Hi all!, any news for S3 i9300??, wow, will be amazing see CM 10.2 there! :)
Hopefully this will find its way to the 2013 Nexus 7 soon! 
To see that my Tegra 3 One X will be updated before something is strangely comforting.
Tell me about it +yona gamburg yona lol. I downloaded a CM 10.1 nightly last night and flashed it....decided to go back to stock TW just for fun lol
Can't wait to run it on my nexus four :) With the new camera named focal.. CyanogenMod keeps getting better and better. 
Go ahead Cynogen we love you <3
WTF Exynos is so worse it's after Tegra?!!? Shame on you Samsung!!
Can't wait to start building for my devices :D
Can I get an eta about when it'll be ready for the nexus 7? Lol joking, I know the rules. Awesome, can't wait! 
Are these betas anywhere to be found? Been looking for them

Got all the proprietary blobs put together correctly, so I'll be starting my build for the Toroplus now. :-) I love how Google has posted Toroplus binaries for every new release since the end of last year. It's not that big of a job to package and post them, but they're still putting resources towards something they never had to. It shows dedication, IMO. They made no promises of AOSP support for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus, yet they made a nice compromise for those of us interested in building with it. Sure, Verizon/Sprint G-Nexus doesn't get a factory image upon each new release, but we get everything we need (mostly.. with only minor modifications necessary) to get our own builds going, and I think that's pretty cool. What other company of their size does this kind of stuff?
Every release, no matter how minor, it always feels like Christmas morning; Unwrapping binaries, putting stuff together---good, clean fun. =-D
+Jānis Bukovskis sure thing! E975 is almost the same device to Nexus 4. My own bet is that E975 will be the second LG phone getting 10.2 after Nexus 4. Also, +Ricardo Cerqueira is such a great guy, the first to build a 10.2 and also the first "magic" on the LG phones.
+Nicholas M dude can you please drop me a line on hangouts when you have your build up @ there see a lot of us missing out 
Same here to Nicholas. Would love to test. 
Sure +kenny layne . I bet that someone will have an unofficial up very soon, but if nobody has by the time I'm done, I'd be happy to.
Every time I attempt to be the first one on the scene, somebody always beat to it, lol. I'm going back and forth between the computer and some other work, but I'll have something complete by tomorrow at the latest. If there's still a void left by then, I'll drop a public link to you and everyone else.
Will this be available for the LTE version of the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3
Because cm 10.1.2 didn't work on my T-Mobile Galaxy S3 because I have the LTE version labeled SGH-T999L d2ltetmo
Oh no, think if my s2 (int) isn't supported it'll finally be time to upgrade to a new phone lol
+Nicholas M there is one test version of stock out but I'd like to have some level of custom if I'm going to test if you know what I'm saying
It's awesome to be a Nexus 4 owner. #VIP
I have my s3 waiting for it d2mtr hope it will be supported
Really hope there is support for the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 LTE Version SGH-T999L d2ltetmo because I can't use a lot of the original T-Mobile Galaxy S3 ROMS
Waiting patiently for my lg optimus l9 based on omap 4430 processor...
+Nicholas M oh and not that I develop even film but watch for the data first Rom I saw with it being vanilla data didn't work...just a heads up 
My poor Exynos :( haha doesn't matter CM 10.1 does the job fine :)
I wish there was support for the thunderbolt 
Grouper scrweenshot coming soon? :p
Anyway what is the codename for the new N7?
Any improvement to toro's battery life over 10.1?
Can anyone explain to me why CM always has so little RAM left to it ?
Our dev for Xperia MDPI devices is already fixing and compiling source of CM10.2 and now he booted up for Smultron! Thanks CM!
always the last one……
Will I be able to compile builds for tegra 2 devices, or is it restricted because of NEON instructions?
Just the other day my home screen went to landscape. Didn't know that was possible. Recent apps one touch closes all. Love that. Thank you
I suppose it helps somewhat that currently we have many officially updated Nexus devices with different chipsets and each with their source fully open. Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 2013: Qualcomm S4 Pro, Nexus 7 2012: Tegra 3, Galaxy Nexus: OMAP 4460, Nexus 10: Exynos 5250
Something wrong in that pic nexus 4 with 693MB free memory?????
It's not Nexus 4, look at radio version. Or kernel - on N4 kernel is 3.4+
+Jesus Guzman
I thought that at first but if you look at the Cyanogenmod version it ends with "Toro" which is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus
Not sure bout 4.3. My N7 is running real slow...
My N7 on 4.3 is very fast. Comes with its own garbage collection now
what about S1? :P 
Good to see you fullfilling the Open Sourcr Project.
+kenny layne
Yeah, I've had some small issues with the device tree, but they're being worked out. Additionally, there are some small, (but mostly known) framework alterations that I need to make which effect Sprint data specifically. Most of the current obstacles are only slightly setting me back. Worst case, I'd say the ETA will only be extended by a day or two longer. I expect things to be functional by the end of the weekend,and I'll definetly keep you updated. I'm actually excited about the possibility of having the first (unofficial) stable toroplus build of 4.3 out there. I know there are many individuals with this device who'd be grateful for some early access, and to get the same treatment that the GSM and Verizon G-Nexus get. Rest assured toroplus owners, I'm doing my best! :-)
Full disclosure: I would by no means classify myself as a developer; I'm mostly just familiar with Android building itself. The guys on the CM team are the ones who really make this all happen. The only thing special I'll bring to the table is making it work early for the toroplus. I just don't want to paint the false picture that I'm doing any of the real heavy lifting here. My specialty is computer hardware and networking-engineering--I still have a lot to learn in this realm.
But I do have a lot to offer, especially in times like this, so I'm doing everything I can to get this to you (and me) quickly. ;)
Will i9100g get 10.2? Im asking this because there's no nightlies for it...
I hope the S2 will get another upgrade even if it takes much time. Until then I stay with cm 10.1. It's usable but some new features would be nice ;-) 
I'm really hoping I see CM10.2 on P760/P769 sooner than later

^Qualcomm devices^ :D
E975 will support too??
Meanwhile, I'm still stuck with android 2.1.3 on my aging but still perfectly fine incredible 2.
That phone is lg optimus l9!!!yipppeeee!!
Love the work that team +CyanogenMod does! Have y'alls rom on many devices nook, S3, but I need a good super stable on my Verizon S4! Please deliver soon! 
Any chance we will see bluetooth 4.0 enabled in the Galaxy Nexus on CM 10.2 since Google is unwilling to do it even through the hardware supports it.  I assume the reason Google is not enabling bluetooth 4.0 is they do not want to rectify it through the FCC.
Got my Galaxy Nexus on 10.1.2 stable build right now. Can't wait to get my VZW Nexus on CM 10.2 to go along with my OG Nexus 7 already on stock 4.3 (I like to keep one Nexus pure stock, rooted, though).
Great work, CM team. My Skyrocket is anxiously waiting...
Good job, hope to find a GNex release soon..!
My Acer Iconia Tab A701 waiting ...
Paul W.
It's out for the One M7
When these 4.3 nightlies become available for our phones GS3 d2cri), will the appear in the normal CyanogenMod updates of settings? Thank you. 
I can't wait my galaxy nexus is on cm 10.2!
yea, toro ftw
lets get that out!!
great work guys
awesome work....
Ny idea when will cm10.2 arrive on optimus g e975
Tried the 'skank version on my GNex and SU is not working ... clue?
I really am hoping CM has bluetooth 4.0 support for the verizon galaxy nexus. #ble    #gnex  
Hope to see CM10.2 on E975 (F180) soon. :)
+David Keathley Yeah, I've achieved working toroplus builds now. I'm happy to share a drive link with anyone who explicitly requests it. I provide the build(s) with an implied understanding that:
-You get what you get - "as is"
-You must make a complete backup of all your valuable user data
-Also keep in mind that I will not guarantee any future updates, personal support, or bug-fixes.
I may provide you with more builds - or I may not. If one can agree to that, then they can have at it.
Just add me on Google Plus, give me an email address, and I'll send you a Google Drive link. You can share the build with whomever you'd like, as long as that individual also understands the agreement I've outlined above.
+Nicholas M I happy to become a candidate to test your build (CM 10.2) on my LG Optimus G.
+Nghia Dang I don't have an Optimus G, but I'd be happy look into the possibility of making a build. No promise though. ;-)
Expecting CM10 or 10.2 for Galaxy Core i8262
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