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Cry havoc and let slip the...

... developers of CM. Hmm, not quite the same oomph to it. Back on topic ...

mr1-staging as it's manifested in github right now, is good to build. Theme Engine support is not yet enabled, so if you attempt to build, remove vendor/tmobile. Everything else is in working shape with regards to AOSP devices, so if any of you are waiting for a working tree to move on to hardware support, you can start now. 

A bunch of our repositories have already been merged into mr1. The usual CM externals are in place, the CM build scriptage is also in and working. Features are not incorporated wholesale, and will be applied as conflicts with 4.2 changes are resolved. 

Those watching at home, you should be able to break out a Mako (unofficial) build at this time. Our frequent contributors have been given the green light to send patches for review as features are rebased, recoded, and uploaded. 

Nightlies will not be available immediately, as even though CM may be build-able  we consider it incomplete at its current stage. When we are happy with the product, the flood gates will open.

Happy Dev'ing and say thanks to your patient lady/man for putting up with you
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Can't wait for 10.1. Thought I could live with stock Android on my Nexus 4 for a while, I thought wrongly.
Congrats and thanks for the hard work!
What about the bugs (december etc) already known in 4.2? will you fix them or wait for an official aosp release for that issues?
Great news, My Mako needs some CM in it's short lived life... 
+Roy Aguilera theoretically, yes. Our device tree for 10.0 toro should work, but expect some breakage until the  maintainers step through it to prepare it for 4.2. Mako being the newest Nexus, was our initial test device. The rest will follow suit. 
Keep calm and release ROMS! :D
Can't wait!  The notification menu in 4.2 is broken in it's current form.  I need CM to fix it for me!
Wow you guys are fast!
I thought Mako sources have yet to be released?
I wonder how my Android phone experience was without CM ? Thanks !
You guys rock. Thanks a million times over.
Can someone tell what exactly are AOSP devices? The nexus phones/tablets?
+Raymond Rivera for 4.2: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Nexus 4

Former AOSP devices: G1, ION, Xoom (limited), Nexus One, Nexus S
It all makes sense now lol :D thanks both
Can't wait to see the first nightlies. Kudos to the CM team for the fast work.
Yes. Downloading source now... Thank you guys!!!
How bout the optimus g for at&t and sprint basically a nexus 4 with lte and micro SD support ...boot loader has been unlocked 
Not sure what he's talking about but it sounds good!.......right?
thank you to all cyanogen team members , my phone(i9000) still alive and working on latest android because of your hard work =)
Does anyone know if I were to purchase a N4 on craigslist or eBay if I can do an RMA if something were defective with it?
I'd much rather let slip the developers of CM than let slip the dogs of war. I'm tired of having to do scooper duty after those dogs. 
Currently compiling for grouper but I keep getting errors when trying to compile for d2vzw.
Non-aosp devices are not ready at the moment.
Whoever builds for the N4 feel free to link me to the build.
I for one, welcome the dogs of war and the buttery smooth new CM builds.
Where can I find the device tree for Mako? I can't seem to find it.
Hey guy just wanted to let you know we all appreciate the hard work you put in to these build especially since you basically do it all for sport
The regular updates on Google+ are awesome, any CM user knows not to ever expect an ETA, but knowing the state of CM is all that we need to keep us waiting for some CM10.1

I'm very curious to see how CM decides to interface with the new 4.2 features.
How is there a nexus 4 build when it hasn't been released on AOSP? At least the GSM stack hasn't.
Anyone know if it will come to the htc one xl? 
For the love of god, STOP ASKING WHEN IT'LL COME OUT ON YOUR DEVICE. The first rule of CM is no asking for ETA's. It'll come out when it comes out. Now shush.
Does this post mean we can start developing for all devices? So am I able to build for sony devices? With repo init etc, repo sync?
Lukas B
now that the Thanksgiving weekend is coming up everybody has plenty of time to code. I expect a lot of progress made excited
Maybe I am asking to much but could you guys please work on CM 10 for padfone 2 pretty please?
Robert Andersen you never ask for cm etas
Great work guys! :) Hope you add an option to disable those lockscreen widgets or maybe improve them a bit :P. I don't know what the guys at Google were thinking...
Awesome. Can't wait for nightlies
Thanks for the dedication guys, it's much appreciated! 
So, I'm kind of new to this. Can anyone help me get this on maguro (Galaxy Nexus GSM).
I just flashed cm10 onto my brothers gsm galaxy nexus last night. I found a few good how to vids on YouTube. Was pretty straight forward.
And make sure you get the lasted Gapps 4.2 to get the cool sphere camera.
But what about CM 10.1. I don't know where to find a flashable image.
I am writing this from my 10.0 galaxy nexus. 
Download the zip from the cyanogenmod down loads page. Then flash it through recovery.
Yeah I flashed 10-20121118 nightly and it seems to be working great. I think that's the latest one.
It looks like they may have updated gapps, but the latest nightly still says android 4.1.2
Oh, I don't think nightlys are out yet for 10.1
So what's the best NEW top end phone to get to run CM10/10.1+ any future builds on, given no one can actually buy the Nexus 4? (And probably won't till next year)
Other than the Nexus 4, the Galaxy Nexus still is very easy to root, and is a very good phone. While Google isn't selling them anymore, if you can find one online it's a good phone.
I would happily become a contributor if I knew the building and merging process as well as I knew how to code an app :)
A six pack of Shock Top to whoever gets this working on Spyder.
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