Cry havoc and let slip the...

... developers of CM. Hmm, not quite the same oomph to it. Back on topic ...

mr1-staging as it's manifested in github right now, is good to build. Theme Engine support is not yet enabled, so if you attempt to build, remove vendor/tmobile. Everything else is in working shape with regards to AOSP devices, so if any of you are waiting for a working tree to move on to hardware support, you can start now. 

A bunch of our repositories have already been merged into mr1. The usual CM externals are in place, the CM build scriptage is also in and working. Features are not incorporated wholesale, and will be applied as conflicts with 4.2 changes are resolved. 

Those watching at home, you should be able to break out a Mako (unofficial) build at this time. Our frequent contributors have been given the green light to send patches for review as features are rebased, recoded, and uploaded. 

Nightlies will not be available immediately, as even though CM may be build-able  we consider it incomplete at its current stage. When we are happy with the product, the flood gates will open.

Happy Dev'ing and say thanks to your patient lady/man for putting up with you
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