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CyanogenMod 10.1.3 General Release

We are pushing the buttons and pulling the levers necessary to get 10.1.3 out the door and end the release candidate phase. Builds will be hitting the mirrors throughout tonight. As a reminder, these are built in (mostly) alphabetical order based on device code name. 

We have also enabled the CM Account functionality for these builds, previously only found in 10.2 nightlies. 

This is the final planned release for the 10.1 code branch, as we focus our efforts on CM 10.2 and eventually, Android 4.4 'KitKat'. 
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Don't forget twisting the knobs. Amateurs. 
will android 4.4 be cm11 or cm10.3?
Am i the only one who can't flash anymore nightlies without getting into bootloop (HTC One X International)
+Ricardo Band My guess is that CM 10.4 will be the 4.4 release and CM 11 reserved for 5.0. That would help keep versions and sub-versions aligned.

Edit: Looks like I stand corrected.
+Ricardo Band it will be cm11. Each name change represents the next number. (And "K" is the 11th letter of the alphabet)
I am running 10.1.2 on my Verizon branded Galaxy S3 and battery life is great so far. I moved over on the 20th. Still have 61% and I unplugged it at 7:30a today. I just hope the battery life stays as good. I may wait to see if anyone fusses about the battery life before I move to 10.1.3. :-)
+Ricardo Band Android 4.4 will be CM 11, because Android 4.4 is'nt JellyBean any more. CM 10.1/2 is JellyBean
Have people even been going through jira before going 'lets ship it'?

Just wondering what the Q/A process is...
Hey. This is my first time using Cyanogen. I installed it onto my phone a few weeks ago. I have a quick question. How do I install this update? Is a factory data reset needed? 
Oh. So no need to install updates through twrp? If so, I like that!
+Steven Haigh Yes, we have. That's why the RC phase exists, so we can collect issues and try to address them. Almost all changes between RC1 and release are targeted at specific Jira issues; unfortunately, not all issues are addressable (at all, or in a reasonable timeframe) so we prioritize whatever is either a blocker for the majority of people, a killer of basic functionality, or things simple to address.
We understand that there are broken aspects that are important to a lot of people (say... HDMI output on some devices) but they are still, for the most part, a minority, and withholding a release from everyone for those bits is, for lack of a better word, unfair.
will you fix wifi direct for samsung devices? :-)
How do I root my Verizon Galaxy S4 so I can get CM?!?! I have been trying for weeks and nothing works!!! Someone please help me
Can I flash the general release over the RC2?
Does ville still have wake lag and data drop issues? Or is it good enough for stable 
Hmm what's up with cm 10.1.3 Rc not having any photosphere in the camera app on nexus 4?
+Kevin Rothman You shouldn't need to, unless you have problems. For previous stable releases, it was safe to install over top of the nightly or RC and just wipe cache.

The suggested practice, of course, is to do a factory reset every time. If you are worried, I'd do a full nandroid and backup your photos and media beforehand.
How did i9300 go stable? I thought that would never happen?
Hey +CyanogenMod  Thanks!  This is awesome.  Thanks for doing this and I look forward to seeing what's next for 10.2, kitkat, etc.  Keep up the good work and good luck with  all of your new enterprise.  
Woohoo! You guys/gals are the best!
+Wojtek Czaderna According to +Andrew Dodd they just named it stable to make it seem like more devices are in fact stable, which can help increase investor confidence in the company. Nothing's really changed, it's just for PR. Though technically I think it's a pretty stable ROM on most Exynos devices anyways.
Then it is s I suspected +Bill Puckering . After reading Xplodwilds summary it feels like CM is heading out on thin ice at the moment. Is it all about the money now?
Will 10.1.3 affect the data on Sprint for the evo lte?
I have the 10.1.3 rc2 and its awesome good job guys can't wait to download the main version
Nope... Instagram still causes a weird crash that requires a reboot. d2vzw 
:( RC2 is more stable than final release for m7spr. Will diligently be waiting for post release update.
Can I upgrade from CM10 to 10.1.3 using the built in updater?
I guess we are doing technical definitions now that this is a company. Stable does not mean complete. This release clarified that, and yet changed the meaning of the word stable, all in one day. This is truly an epic day.
+Blaise Petric CM10 did not yet have the built in updater, so the answer would be no.  However, you do not need to wipe everything.  Just save the 10.1.3 zip along with a 10.1 gapps from to somewhere.  Boot to recovery mode and install both zip files.  All your settings will be saved.
+CyanogenMod you guys should give more information about the release of the cyanogen's APP on Play Store, i'm just waiting for it to change my ROM, I can't do it now, i can't find any tutorial saying how do I change it on my Razr HD 
+Anthony Esposito  Photosphere is Google proprietary code.  It won't be available on CM for sometime.  You can get it on CM by installing an APK that somebody took from a Nexus.  Google  XDA for more info.
Ivan Z
Is the 10.1.3 a last build for Nexus 7 3G (tilapia) and it never be supported again? It still hasn't 10.2 nightlies, while grouper has.
Is there branch access to 4.4 yet or is that line from CM just saying "preparing for the obvious next step"?
+Siddhartha Dugar Android 4.3 still got a long ways to go for M/RC  The soft reset/reboot bug is still there.  And after it soft reset/reboot 3g connection is lost.  The phone needs to be restart/reboot again to restore 3G.  Yeah a pain.
Is the 23.09.13 nightlies broken? Can't reboot my Nexus 7 (2013), bootloop and no images :)
+Flavien Bonvin    Booting fine on my S2 i9100.  Have you tried putting on the phone charger and wait it out?  Happened to me for the 11 Sep nightly.  Takes about 3 minutes.
Try today if doesn't work, reflash not big deal. Thank's for advice :) 
+Santoro Alessandro: I got a Galaxy Nexus, and that is supported.. I am downloading 10.1.3 as we speak, upgrading form -RC2.
Just upgraded my Nexus 4 from RC2 without any issues. Go cyanogenmod, thank you for the great work!
Worked great on d2vzw, fixed USAA for some reason 
+CyanogenMod Right now I have 10.2 nightly installed on my HTC one and if I flash 10.1.3 general release ' do I have to wipe data or just wiping dalvik will be enough? And 10.1.3 general release for HTC one has IR blaster enabled? Thank you
Omar A
Heeyyy! Anybody knows which CM works on a SGH-M919 Galaxy S4 with IR and photosphere support? Anybody??
Just installed and signed into my new CM account. Question: why the web site show my device twice?
Having problems installing on S3. Keeps crashing on install. T999 S3.
Installing.....    please include BT4 support soon!.
10.1.3 samsung galaxy s i9000  thank youuu :D very fast and stable
I uploaded 10.1.3 stable (from RC1/RC2) on my SGH I727 (S2 Skyrocket). Seems to run well so far. :-) Question though...I skipped the registration to a Cyanogenmod account setup, but registered on the site. Now, I'd like to register the device itself (it says "Please login to your device using your CyanogenMod Account to register it."), so how do I get there? 
"I skipped the registration to a Cyanogenmod account setup, but registered on the site"..... I also did the same 
You! Push those buttons! YOU! Pull those levers! PULL THE LEVERRRRS!!
Am I able to get CM from the play store for my GalaxyS2?
+Radu Nistor its in the main settings under accounts.  Just add an account if you dont already see a Cyanogenmod one there.
Audio recording on S4 is terrible. I'll give up CM until they fix this problem. There are another good ROMs like BlackBox with stock camera. Sorry CM, but camera was big reason to buy S4 anyway. 
Screen lock delay and instagram issues are still in the "stable" release for HOX evita :(
Ok, I am a true newbie on unlocking/Rooting and adding another OS to my phone (Samsung Note 1, running ICS) 
Could someone list me the steps needed to get myself a better OS (ideally 4.3, but 4.2 will do). Please include links if you can.. thx 
+Paul Jamieson you should really just try a google search first, yours been a popular phone once so it will have a lot of tutorials and alike out there. If things don't work out, hit me up.
I installed update (10.1.3) on my phone (galaxy s i9000) and after this my Phone and Messaging shortcut disappeared from home screen. How to restore it?
I don't have them in my apps drawer.
For those who ask, 4.4 will be CM11 because of name change. Jelly Bean>Kitkat
- I still can't use WIFI DIRECT on my i9500.
Any idea if the account feature will incorporate an alert/ring feature when locating my phone?
Ali j
PLEASE guys merge the GT-I9190 into the nightlies 
+CyanogenMod  on Samsung Google Nexus (Maguro) i flashed it but android keyboard keeps crashing i flashed also latest Gapps still nothing it crashes. im using CWM recovery
Got my upgrade this morning. Thanks!
I wanna update from rc2
And the built-in update isn't working
Which steps should I follow?
1.Downloding to internal storage
? 2. Downloading the right gapps?
3. Backup titanium and nandroid
4. Clear chache
? 5. Clear devlik ?
? 6. Clear system ?
7. Install Rom zip
? 8. Install gapps zip ?
9. Restart and run Rom

BTW is it recommended to flash just the system and to save the data partitions as is or it better to wipe all?

I'm using i9300
With cm 10.1.3 rc2
Cwm customize by syigha kernel team
+Thorsten C. Goers
Thanks for your comment
So in rom maneger you did just clear cache and clear devlik? Without adding gapps?
No - i cleared nothing - no dalvik and no cache. And i did not add GAPPS. Just downloaded the 10.1.3 and installed it ;)!
I want to update from rc2 to the new stable version same as +Or Hirshfeld  but the built in updater is not working?
If i flash the new rom  will i have all the google items to or will i have to download them seperatley? sorry for my noobness but rc2 was my first rom install
Wondering where I can find a list of what's not working in the "Stable" build of 10.1.3 for the Ville?
If I come from the version 10.1.20130813 I can install this latest version without deleting data??? thx. 
I just updated my Rom and it works perfectly. I cleaned only my cache before Installing the zip.
No gapps needed or any clearing.
Thanks for all the respones
I never understood why my Picasa/now Google + photos didn't sync on CM. 2 years later, I'm giving a new try and the same issue exists. Too bad, I like CM but it's a no go for me due to this. I flashed 10.1.3 and Gapps 20130812 from your wiki/website.
If anybody, can explain why? Please tag me in your answer. 
I installed this through rom manager and it was very easy. Just selected the option to wipe data and caches :-)
Still looking for release notes/broken list. Anyone know? Specifically GPS and Bluetooth? Or are we assuming they are all fixed?
+Jeremy Hamaoui
They (annoyingly, IMO) syncs all of your picture fine.  Maybe you have the Google Settings (that odd Green G app) item turned off.
The GPS always on? 
I turn off the GPS, but the battery history shows that it always on (spent the battery)
keyboard Force close and new keyboard
(nexus 4 cm10.1.3)
+Kelley Cook Thanks for your answer but everything is fine in Google Settings. I really don't see where the issue comes from.
Even waze works great, I use to have problems with Waze app on rc1 and rc2 but now it all work smoothly
do not forget LG P990
Please dont forger i9003 for kitkat thanks a lot for your
Please dont forger i9003 for kitkat thanks a lot for your
I have installed 10.1.3 and have no major issues other than my ringtones are duplicated anyone know a cure to this?
Upgraded from RC2 yesterday and the only improvement I felt is CM Updates now really downloads other ROMs (didn't fully tested the update functionality yet). On the other hand, I noticed a couple of issues that didn't existed on RC2: Now I can't make app installs over as I used to do. The phone simply doesn't receive the auto-install anymore; lockscreen background 'custom image' just gets me a frozen black camera app image, like if the app is running under the lockscreen (can't really explain it in a better way).
Ok! They're not big issues. I know! But some times small things like these really grind my gears haha
Until now, that's all I got... besides that, It's a great ROM! Super fast and smooth!
BTW, I'm using a GT-i9300 (Int.) and installed both (10.1.3 RC2 and Stable) with the exact same procedures.
Anyone having issues with non-functioning LTE radio on their Sprint Galaxy Note 2? I tried looking in the forums for a solution and so far no luck.
When will 10.2 Come out Official for the Device i9100g or other ?
Just installed cm on my son's nook. Works great! This was my first time installing cm on anything. 
Sir can you develop a CM for samsung galaxy s2 HD LTE SHV-E120S. . PLEASE
hs chen
I cannot log in to google account, as in for adding accounts - I clicked on google it went back to the previous page. I cannot import the contacts. There is no booting to recovery mode so I cannot downgrade to the previous version too. I'm using i9100, previously on cm9.1.0 before going to 10.1.3.
Can someone help me I just installed cm10.1.3 and my data is not working 
Radio issues with 10.1.3. Posts have been created on the forum. :-(
HDMI out not working on my sgs2 i777! Can this be rectified????
Other than that... excellent, could do with a little better battery life too.
I hope the galaxy s2 hd ( version SHV-E120L ) would be upgrade to CM 10.1.3 !!!!!!
I'm running the CM 10.1.3 on my SG II i9100 the only problem i have is that the GPS not working no fix at all. Is there any solution?

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