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End of an Era

We think +Steve Kondik put it best: "All of the silly inside jokes are fun and everything, but it was making our development community a little bit hostile to newcomers."

The loss of Kang and the end of an era

Last night, CM took a step towards leaving adolescence and becoming the distribution we all know it to be. As every product matures and becomes more successful, certain external characteristics must be let go. This terminology was one of them.

I must admit, as one of the coiners of the phrase, a single tear rolled down my cheek as I merged this change.

Kang on, old friend.,14178
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Thanks. I've been a junior ROM addict for the last year or so, and I never figured out from context what the hell that word meant. And I was, of course, afraid to ask.
I don't get it. I Mean, there some good unofficial builds over there, and Kann refers "the ones that make your phone gets broken" builds... :-/
+Keyan Mobli ha! its was more so people won't mistake my rom to someone else on there.. since me and him r doing rather different things.. still, on the gnexus its very fairly a daily driver
+CyanogenMod so now that this meme is going to die, where are the origins of the word? I always wondered how that name came up? (Kangaroo?)
Only just recently learned what the term meant myself.
Still, as a sign of the rom no longer being so... carefree and lighthearted, I too, shed a single tear.
Once upon a time there was a modder who's name starts with "king". He was young and really wanted to learn, but sometimes went about things in the wrong way. Things like not understanding the changes he was making at all, or putting his name on other people's work, or selling other peoples builds. Somehow thru the power of the internets (#teamdouche on IRC and Twitter), "king" morphed into "kang" and became a derogatory term for taking someone else's work without giving credit. It turned into a meme on XDA and became part of the vernacular there. After a little while, it just became silly. Everyone was kanging everyone if you looked hard enough. But at least it meant that you were doing something, which is kind of awesome. So we branded our builds with it if you compiled it yourself. It wasn't meant to be a jab at anyone at that point, just a lighthearted way of showing that we didn't take ourselves too seriously.
+Steve Kondik Hahahahaha! Too funny! Now over to XDA to find the original Mr. King ;D
Found him! This is hilarious! Instead of getting pissed you guys make fun of him ;) !
+CyanogenMod Keep on being as awesome as always! And thank you so much for CM!
The Kang is dead. Long live the Kang!
Don't blame me. I voted for Kodos.
Probably a good idea. "Kang" seems to have picked up a derogatory connotation even when it's used for unofficial builds with proper credit given. I always thought it was strange how worked up some people could get over projects like AOKP and MIUI that tend to work off of CM source, even when it's freely admitted. It's open source for a reason, right?
I used CM since my HTC Magic. It was kind of underground flashing a ROM on the second Android phone; with code words and else.
Now, it is a huge and popular "enterprise".
Congrats, even if it lets a bit of nostalgy.
We can still refer unofficial builds as kangs in our own private places, say, bathrooms
End of what era? it's good you got rid of this so called "meme"... and this post makes it look like you blame the world for not knowing what kang means, well excuse me but i didn't learn that at school, neither could i find an answer on google,
End of the era began when the "soccer players" wallpaper was removed B)
+Amirali Sadeghi Farshi Sorry, I didn't mean to patronize you, I just did not want to derail a discussion about the change of naming patterns in CM unofficial builds into a general discussion about slang and internet memes. Writing off topic, I tried to apologize for my own post in advance. Btw. Did I successfully Rick-Roll you ;) ?
I see KANG as a result of the collision of the modder culture and the open source culture. Modders tended to work without source. The ROM was the sole public exhibition of their work and therefore stealing someone else's ROM and putting your name on it was considered extremely disrespectful.

In the open source community, source code is what matters. If you look at mature projects like the Linux kernel, git, or Python, releases include a detailed changelog that describe who has developed each new feature or improvement. Source code repositories provide a way to see exactly what has been done. Those developers care not one whit who builds and distribute compiled versions.

As I see it, CM thought they should berate people (apparently in good humor) for distributing ROMs built directly from their source code. OTOH, King didn't understand that merely providing a ROM is not good enough. You should others the ability to rebuild your ROM (source and build scripts). Also, you should give credit to your sources.
It will slowly fade out one day, but as far as we are concerned its no longer something we want to have in our project. If other people choose to use it still that is beyond our control and something we cannot help.
It has been a habit for me to use the word even when talking to people IRL. Regardless, its more of the surrounding premises of the word and the leetest attitude it creates more than the actual word itself.
When I hear Kang, my first thought is the Red Kangs, Blue Kangs, and Yellow Kangs from the Doctor Who serial Paradise Towers. :p
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