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We have released a round of 7.2 RC2 builds to address some issues that were brought to our attention after our post on Wednesday. This phase should be relatively quick, more for us to make sure the builds are working as intended.
As a reminder, we can only fix what you make us aware of. Bug reports on Release Candidates serve a purpose, and help us prioritize fixes and gauge severity. Bugs should be submitted to our issue tracker ( and include all relevant logs and steps to reproduce.

Enjoy the RC2 builds, assuming all goes well, the 7.2 stable releases should be just around the corner.

You'll also notice some devices that were part of RC1 (cooper, u8220, speedy, one) did not get an RC2; this is because those devices were found to have issues deemed critical by their maintainers, and they weren't solved in time for this release. Their status for the 7.2.0 release is currently undecided.

http downloads have been enabled. If you can, please consider sharing some bandwidth for the torrent links as well.

Update: Just "unbroke" the HTTP links that were 404'ing. Sorry about that.
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I noticed only that the latest nightly build for the Defy does not ask for the Pin after leaving the flightmodus. Is this a Bug?
I'm running the latest CM9 nightly on an i9000m. Should I downgrade to 7.2 RC2? Will I get more? Less?
Not for my device. Switch to wait mode.
404 error page for nginx in direct saga download. Going to torrent.
CM9 is fantastic on my SGS2! Never had any problems with any build of CM7 or CM9 (excluding the problems I made for myself, never flash when tired) flashed the latest nightly this morning and its running fine so far.
love cm7.. i just wait a few more weeks to upgradae to cm9 and ics on my sgs2 - running the latest nightly from the 20th of april (and like +Philip Price , i never experienced any issues), is this a higher version then the 7.2 rc2?
What is the base android version in 7.2 ?
Is it true that some features were backported from ICS? I like the transition effects between activities very much. (o:
+Kinley Dorji : thanks....cm9 is quite stable for me on sgs ....would not like to go back to GB
CM9 is far better, even in its nightly versions. Beats stock ICS on the Galaxy Nexus too. :)
Can anyone tell me what Samsung's Galaxy 5 is listed as on I've read earlier that the G5 is covered by CM 7.2 but don't see any link on - does it have an alternative name?
Thanks :)

My Nexus One always turns off when the battery level reaches 20%. Can you fix this? :(
@Mattia Ceccopieri: Fully load your battery, Use it, till the battery is empty. Don't connect with the usb cable in the meantime. Do that a few times and it should be better. Or buy a new battery..
What's wrong with download links, i can't download it since some time...
They've disabled it following the release of 7.2 RC2 to prevent crashing the servers. Look for torrents instead.
Will be available for HTC buzz/wildfire?
would love if I had lower grade phone.. But you team rock... cheers... im playing with CM9 for sgs2 ..:))
on my p500 the play store is missing
Sweet.. Got the P999.. Update via torrents.. Thanks for all your hard work guys...and gals..
Any news on pyramid? No one has given any new info in some time. AOKP is not good enough. :(
Updated my Desire through torrent, only wiped cache from rc1 before flashing, everything seems to work as expected. Thank you very much! :-)
Andrew Cools comments are just the funniest. Definately who the iPhone was designed for!
I doubt +andrew cool is a real person. These look like your typical spambot comments, we've been getting a ton of that in CM posts
Once again, thank you to the developers and maintainers at Cyanogenmod. You rock.
i know CM7.2 is only for Xperia Neo, but not Neo V,
but i still want to ask a silly question:
Is CM7.2RC2 ready for daily use, after flashing the camera fix patch for Neo V?
+Ben Lai best to ask the Nero V maintainers or a relevent forum like xda or rootzwiki.
what about galaxy ace (cooper) is anybody still developing for it? it is not in 7.2RC2.
No RC2 for HTC Ace? Or am I missing something?
Lol, thanks. Going to go check it out then.
Galaxy note already ics. can cm9 on gnote ?
where can i see a list for the new changes in RC2 for the G2x?
+Ruben Orduz I don't do futurology. At the moment, mecha is not a supported device, and that may or may not change. As with any unsupported device, if a functional device tree is submitted we'll look into it
faster than the RC1 on my Desire Bravo (better responsiveness)
Eérœ ï õæęčñçż ëī Pedro 
Great stuff guys, running it now on my Desire Z, thanks !
Who could I follow on Google+ for HTC speedy updates?
The evo shift(speedy) seems to be a great device made crappy by the lack of anyone paying attention to it. I too would like to know who to follow for updates.
RC2 for Desire HD (under the name ace) is out! Going to try it out right now, thanks CM team!
HTC Desire S ,"saga", All working well. Time for another $ donation to the CM team. Thanks!
Flashed RC2 over the RC1 on my Desire GSM. Wiped cache & dalvik cache before rebooting into RC2. Since then my SD card is considered as damaged by Android. I've never had an issue with this SD card and it behaves perfectly well when accessed from my PC. I even tried formatting it from RC2 but it fails to do so.
Any tips on what the issue could be here ?

As per murphy's law i'm stucked with my recovery not wanting to restore the nandroid backup so i'll have to go the ADB manual way.

+Alexandre Fornieles try using "fix permissions"from clockworkmod and see if that fixes it for you. Failing that, copy everything off of your sdcard format with clockworkmod then copy back. See how you get on.
Downloaded it and gonna give it a spin tomorrow (almost bedtime now overhere) i hope the dalvik-cache problem is fixed now, RC1 is only smooth for about 1 day... If not i'll try to give it an official bug report :) but since the text talks about issues after wednesday's post, i guess this is fixed because its the only bug i can only find in those comments :) so in advance: thanx for the great work!
Work Smooth on Optimus Sol! Good Job, Thank You!
Why isn't this release available for HTC Desire in ROM Manager? There was a short period (post 7.2 RC1) when a single nightly build was available as a premium download for Desire in ROM Manager and now it is not available again. I have ROM Manager Premium bought and installed.
Hopefully the issue with the inspire version gets fixed in this one. I had sound notifications stopping and had to reboot every day at least once.
Can you please make official posting like "We're finally saying truth about we're leaving z71 users without any updates and support. Nobody won't fix battery drain, accelerometer lags, not working auto-brightness, wi-fi unstability and other bugs."

It will be truthfully end of hopes. I'm little bit tired of waiting that announcment.
+Sergey Otro Quite frankly, Ricardo has already says as much on this G+ page when asked. Its not a big secret
+Kinley Dorji the post from this past Wednesday states that the Galaxy 5 will be supported after 7.2 stable is released.
+Abhisek Devkota
Yes, I've read that. But I'd like to see this from CyanogenMod G+ page. It's just my little wish.
RC2 for speedy just came out..thank you guys!!
so excited :p...changelog? I am looking at Galaxy S2 releases now :D
Any Captivate Users on this build? Please confirm, Thanks in Advance. :)
I have been trying it out today and seems much more stable than RC1 on my lg p970.
I demand cm11 for my T1000! John Connor needs the best Firmware available to stop Skynet!
Is there anything for the HTC Thunderbolt??
+Ricardo Cerqueira by device installs it is the 7th in ur own stats. will there be any update for cooper?RC2?is anybody developing it? where could i check this?
Worst RC of any time for LG P970 :( i go back to RC1
I can't install the RC 2 of CM7 on my Lg e510(HUB)! The Clockworkmod (and my pc too) can't open the .zip file!
RC2 working great on speedy now. Thanks guys!
Sorry the bugtracker is too complex for me to fill in from my phone, but on the vision the brightness swipe statusbar doesnt work, also didnt at rc1
Working well for me on my vision! Definitely seems to be more snappy than RC1. Thanks for all the hard work!
+Colin Maloney just tried turning it off, reboot, turn brightnesswipe on, reboot but still nothing... autobrightness is off both in androidsettings as in cm settings. Maybe some other setting that has influence on this function? It does work in the unofficial cm9 from xda...
About the speed of rc2 its good, but so was rc1 the first days so cant tell if it is better now.
hmm I'm seeing battery drain with rc2 on p999 big time
My Desire S is completely silenced with this RC2. And the battery drain is a lot much higher than in RC1.
Just a minor problem, but the RSS links link to cm-nightlies... instead of cm-7-nightlies... so it just gives a no CM9 message. Not a biggy but thought I'd let you know in case you have time to fix it.
I'm sorry to report but after 4 days rc2 is getting slow again. But this is my second vision, the first one was running 7.1 very smooth for long periods. Didnt run that version on the new phone so i cant be shure if 7.2 on this device is less good as 7.1. To check that i'll install 7.1 again on this phone and i'll report in a day or 5 if only the 7.2 series are getting slow or if it's a thing within my device.
Cant rule the last option out because there is some other strange thing going on, maybe someone here knows the cause, and that is that when i power off my phone and then connect it to my charger it starts to boot into recovery (without touching a button, not even pressing power) i dont think this has anyting to do with CM but rather a bug in clockwork mod or in my phone itself. Has anyone has this aswel?
Matt Z
7.2 has been running great for me(htc incredible) no problems yet
I installed the 7.2 RC2 yesterday coz my rom just died (didnt boot) and it fixed the problem and runs even better than before (zte blade) today it switched off again a couple of times I thinks is time to get a new mobile, but only if its compatible with cyanogen ;)
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