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Introducing Chronus, the new CyanogenMod 10.1 Clock, Weather and Calendar Home and Lock screen widget.

As a result of some initial confusion over the use of the name 'Lock Clock' for the new CyanogenMod 10.1 Clock widget, specifically users not realizing that it can be used as a Home screen widget as well, it was decided to rename the widget to Chronus, the Latinized name for Chronos, the God of Time.  

To configure the widget, look under Settings, System.  Users are able to configure the Clock display as well as enable and configure both the Weather and Calendar panels.

Once configured, the widget can be added to the either one or both of the Home and Lock screens like any other widget.  Please note that the configuration is universal - it applies to all instances of the widget. 

The widget displays information based on both its configuration as well as its size.

On the Home screen, be sure to resize it to fit all the content.

On Phones, Lock screen widgets start in a 'minimized' state when the screen turns on.  To view the the full widget, 'maximize' it by swiping down.  This is how Lock screen widgets work on Android 4.2.  We are looking into ways of altering this behaviour without negatively affecting the user experience.

On Tablets, Lock screen widgets show in the 'maximized' state by default. 

Chronus will make its way into the nightlies starting today.  It is still a bit of a work in progress with minor bugs to fix and more features to add.

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Android looks much prettier on these screenshots than its real lol
Now this is a work of art, not a Fisher Price/Playskool looking interface like the M$ Surface!
Any chance of this widget making it into the Play store?  Or will it be Cyanogen only?
+Julian Müller maybe you have something wrong with your's. Mine looks pretty much exactly like the screenshots.
Perfect! The only thing I am missing is an option to change the date format.
+M Bybee Why wouldn't you just root your Transformer to get this? I don't understand why someone would want the abilities of CM without CM itself.
Using now on last nightly for Asus TF300T, it is great :)
If it could show battery percentage and work in Android 2.3, I'd get it...
Steve D
If this was maximized by default it would be perfect
Would really fall in love with this once you figure out how to have it maximised by default!

Well... as long as the lock ring is also visible. Hell - I'd love the 4.1 lockscreen back! :p
Why do people use lockscreens if you have no lock code? I woke up one day and realized theyre pointless and disabled it, now my phone is much more useful.
Maybe it's time to rescue my N7 from stock hell...
+Jason Keirstead So that the device doesn't come on in your pocket and mess things up. (not so applicable with a 10in tab but my n7 fits in my jeans pocket so eh)
Any chance the Chronus widget will be available for users not on CM?
Great work as always Cyanogen Mod. 
Another reason to flash cm as soon as my N4 gets here...
Thinking It looks nice.. might have to put CM10.1 on my N7... 
That is just too pretty. Nice job guys. Love what you've been doing for my phone. Happy new year +CyanogenMod and fellow geeks.
I grabbed the LockClock from a nightly but without the equivalent settings pane it appears to be very much stock on anything non-CM. That's a shame.
Does anyone have a link to that wallpaper? 
I have already put the new knightley and now the new watch I really like and works great
Thanks so much for you guys hard work... Cm 10.1 is the best ROM out there! 
I want this wallpaper, where may I be able to find it?
LOVE IT, can't wait to download. Always loved the minimalistic style of the weather. Can't wait to see if you can get it to default top maximized on phones!
Oh yes and PLEASE add battery percentage.
Alex V
Looks awesome! however i noticed that if you look closely at the lockscreen widget, the hour and colon, "14:" in these screenshots, seem to be slightly shifted to the right when compared to the original lockscreen widget.
it works nicely on my old milestone 2 too.
Is the Weather lock screen widget supposed to be already working (maguro nightly 2012-12-31)? I can't seem to get it to appear on my lock screen :-( 
Thanks to all the team for the good job over this year, and wish you a happy new year 2013 !
Is there a way to change the color of the homescreen widget? It currently requires a really dark wallpaper to make it easy to read.
having trouble with the contacts in my vibrant
I think the most exciting part about getting my Nexus 7 will be flashing CM10.1
How can i get that first wallpaper 
which are the two wallpapers? I'd love to get them
+Julian Müller you do realise that screen shots are exactly what it looks like on the device, don't you? 
Yeah I'd love to get a copy of the wallpaper's.  
Something else Google didn't think of. When has that happened before? lol 
Any way to make the Chronus widget with weather information to fit 4x2 instead of 4x3 on my home screen? Seems like a lot of wasted empty space in the 4x3 configuration...
Would love to have the blue wallpaper!
Alex V
+Wei Wang Try allowing resizing of all widgets, you should be able to force it into 4x2
Man this is awesome!! Cant wait to try it out.
M Droid
Let's cut it short can anyone share the apk
Awesome work! One more thing would make this better and that would be to add daydream.
Would it be possible to also add a way to include a transparent grey background? I've got a lightly colored wallpaper and it's impossible to see. 
+CyanogenMod is there any widget like this for cm 10 on the HP touchpad? and do u know when 10.1 will be out for the HP touchpad?
+Odhita Kamayana I had the same issue (Samsung Vibrant). I had just updated to Cyan 10.1 and was excited to try it out.  Everything worked except for weather.  Then I noticed that "What's this song?" and Gmail etc weren't working either.  That's when I realized I hadn't updated to the latest gapps.  Just did that and now everything is working, including weather on the lockscreen.
I'm new here. i was wondering where i can get this clock widget from ? i look around in googleplay but cannot find it. Thanxs
How to revert back to the original one?
Gordy M
Looks great.... 
Whoever designed this is not a UI designer. The clock should be larger and the left edge of the clock should really line up with the left edge of the calendar.
+David van Tonder , thanks much for this wonderful widget. I'm unable to find the way to set this as lock screen widget!! Am I missing something?
PS: I'm latest CM 10.1 nightly - I9000
Is this going to be available on the HP Touchpad also?
It's really great news in the first day of year. Thank you guys for Handwork. keep it up...
Chrono Trigger? The word "Chronos" reminded me of the game. :)
Okay - took me a while to realize I needed to resize the widget to get it to display 'correctly'.
Can you please share the widget apk? I tried to compile from source but it is integrated with settings framework? Can anyone separate it from the settings and post the apk? Please?
Does this work if you have MS exchange email sync setup? It registers as device administrator and expects a PIN or PASSWORD

Edit: tested without pin and using slide lock. Does not work with pin (Pain In the Neck)
Even I've exchange sync set up. Wish it works!
Hoping there's a p5113 nightly with this coming soon...
Excellent work! Looks really nice.

I have a request, though. Is it possible to have a black outline (maybe with 60-70% opacity and 1-2dp width) around the text/icon ? The reason is when the background/wallpaper is bright, the widget will be hard to see. Sometime only parts of the background is bright, while the others are dark, so just setting to darker color still does not solve the problem entirely.

Maybe I should tried implementing this myself though.
Looks great. I'd like to see option for analog clock and a shortcut to weather app of choice by clicking on on weather icons. Thanks. 
+Krystian Borek "On Phones, Lock screen widgets start in a 'minimized' state when the screen turns on.  To view the the full widget, 'maximize' it by swiping down.  This is how Lock screen widgets work on Android 4.2.  We are looking into ways of altering this behaviour without negatively affecting the user experience."
Thanks for all the hard work that goes into making everything. CyanogenMod is awesome!
Nice work, guys. Thanks a lot. 
Lon Mok
Is there an Action associated when you tap on Weather? It currently just refreshes. Anyway to launch Weather app?
Awesome \o/ very nice indeed
Upgrading my n7 tomorrow :-) 
I have it, on Galaxy Tab 2 7", on CyanogenMod 10.1

Can't wait for the stable CM 10.1 so I can load it on my phone and enjoy this jaw dropping beautiful feature.
Can we get an option for a tinted translucent background. It's hard to see some of the text with my wallpaper. 
Pat Cat
So how do we get it on our phone?
I don't have this config in my cyano!!!!please which is the number of release???
now all we need is the ability to set a separate wallpaper for the lockscreen
Shame that the weather is hidden on phones by default.

One of the main reasons why I'm sticking with HDWidgets
Thanks for lovely update.. yesterday i have updated my i9000 with 10.1-20121231-NIGHTLY-galaxysmtd. looks great. but i have one issue weather is not getting updated through wifi. it is getting updated only via mobile network.
It takes up 4x4 on WVGA device for calendar, widget and weather. Would be perfect if 4x1 showed date and time, 4x2 added weather and 4x3 added calendar 
so does this mean we wont be getting the weather and calender below the clock like before?
Using it since today. Just awesome !!! Expandable pattern's great too!!
Just grabbed latest nightly and Chronus is awesome! Clicking on the weather part of the widget however doesn't do anything. It would be nice if it could open the " news and weather" app. 
+David van Tonder sorry for the late request but the wallpaper I was looking for was the plain turquoise one. Thanks for the awesome clock by the way :D
I cant get the weather to show up on lock screen on Att sgs3.
How to make it works? When I tap it nothing happen (T^T) anyone?
+Jeff Tampakes have you enabled the weather in settings>system>clock widget>weather panel ?
When we can see it on nightly version? 
+Parker Zhao It's in the nightly version. At least for my phone (samsung gs3 i9300)
When we gonna see a little love for the HP Touchpad? 
+Nils Lerin Thanks buddy. do you know from which nightly version is include?  :-)
The widget looks nice, but I suspect that part of my 'screen' battery consumption is due to Chronus showing the digital clock all the time.
I used to be able to go for more than 7-8h without a recharge of my Samsung Nexus (maguro), but recently nightlies have brought this down to 'maybe 5h'. I just disabled the clock widget, to see if this improves things a bit...
really appreciate if you can share the result late. THX
I have issue with showing Chronus in Go launcher, no calendar and weather at all, maximized widget size....
It conflicts with the stock CM Chronus, I couldn't find in /system/app to backup and disable, any workaround?
Make it work with 4.1.2 would be an exceptional acosa I hope as soon as possible thanks
Pat Cat
How do I get it.
I wonder, can be changed weather from Yahoo for Accuweather?
Hey reall like the lockscreen widgets but can someone explain what the "Foto" thing on the down side and how i can get this?
Ähhmm forget this... just realised its a google+ thing...
Stupid me....
Really need dimensions to be 4*2 with the weather, 4*3 with weather and events, so much screen real estate wasted otherwise. Also would like the option to use Accuweather.
not working on go launcher
I have a Nexus 4 and i would like to use the Cyanogen Mod browser but i have stock rom installed. I really liked it and Chrome is just killing the battery. Is it possible to download the browser apk from anywhere? Thanks!
Is there a way to make the clock look normal? Without the bold numbers for the hour? I know there's a purpose for this that probably works for some people but others like myself are all about aesthetics and the way it looks and it just looks odd with one side being bold and the other side having really thin numbers...just wondering...
4*2 widget with clock and weather pretty please :-) 
Is it possible to remove the date from the weather panel? I don't see the point of having two dates up there, when the date under the clock is much more aesthetically pleasing...
Mike M
Clicking on the weather portion should launch app of choice for more details
Anyone have a source for the actual screen paper?
Hey I put 10.1 on both my Evita and p5110 and now my exchange email isn't connecting server, any ideas? Thanks for all great work
It would be nice to have an option allowing to have more than one weather locations.

Also, in clock/cities, Tirana and Prishtina cities (Albania+Kosova) are missing. Albanian cyanogenmod users would be pleased to see these cities added.
Love it, but calendar events won't show on my Nexus 4 when you wake the phone unless you swipe the widget to the side and then swipe it back.

EDIT: Oh I see. You have to swipe down on the widget to expand it to full screen to see the events. Any way to set it to show full screen by default? Would like to be able to just wake the phone and see events without having to swipe.
Would love what Kevin suggested, atleast to be able to see that there are calendar events available, and then maybe swipe down to see more details. But atleast to see that something is coming up soon.
+Lalit Mali Thanks, that did it. I turned it off again because then it requires two touches to unlock... one to minimize again and one to unlock. I guess it's a screen size/layout limitation. On my Nexus 7, the calendar events show when the widget is not maximized.
cLock shows calendar events on my Nexus 7 without maximizing. It would be great if it would do the same on the Nexus 4. There appears to be enough room. It's just a matter of layout. I hope there are options to tweak this in the future.
+Kevin Thom You can reduce the DPI to any lower DPI you want, for example 240, and the widget will appear as maximized without maximizing it (like the tablets).
I'm afraid I can't find the place where to change the town to show the weather... it only asks me about the clock, any ideas how to change the Town to show accurate weather ??? Many thanks
+Paglam Kelsang Its all there in the screenshots above. Just check 'use custom location' and select your location
Thanks for your reply Lalit Mail. I have noticed that when I go to the system etc, the Clock widget isn't there! but it shows up on my home screen, VERY ODD. This is not the only strange thing after I upgraded to ice cream sandwich, I have also 'lost' my file manager and can't view any documents... I think I have to go to a form to ask about this... 

Do you have any ideas of how to sort out the clock widget not showing up???

Many thanks
+Paglam Kelsang 
lol *Mali
I guess you are using an old CM 10/10.1 in which there was no file manager and no Chronus, just basic clock.
What CM version are u using? And what's your device?
Last night I updated from the nightly build to the last stable version and everything is fine. Only the weather widget can't find my location...

I tried manual location:
Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofiya, Bulgaria

no results ...

Help me get the weather part of the widget working ?
Same here - nightly updated, cLock cannot see manual weather location, the same which was working before. And another thing, it doesnt refresh weather info in selected interval. I have set 30 minutes, and even after 10 hours, it is still not refreshed. Manual refresh also not working. I tried to delete cLock cache data and settings, now it show in weather section "No Data - tap to refresh", which is doing nothing.
I hope they will release an updated/fixed version of this soon as a standalone package.

I LOVE the new clock !! Great work !
Andy S
Any updates for accuweather option for broken lockscreen Y-weather?
From xda thread: "Yahoo shutdown one of its APIs last night. The weather can't be fixed until the app uses the new API. For the moment nobody is getting any weather."
Thanks for info. I was going to reflash CM because I thoutgh weather crashed after theme changed.
I didnt know that, sorry, I have CM10.1, just replaced stock apk with one downloaded from xda and all was working as expected.
I have a Android 4.0.4 can I use that link that you pasted here?
Andy S
So is there any chance for CM10.1 roms be ever fixed or better given an accuweather provider option?
I dont understand? CM 10.1 are fixed. Fix with this app is not possible for CM 10 without .1.
Andy S
I missed the howto for patching existing ROM. I don't want to reinstall my full of data/apps ROM. Is there one?
just download apk file from xda forum, and with some root explorer replace stock one. I mean overwrite, or delete original and copy new one into the same directory. Then remove widget and put it again and weather is fixed.
I used ES file manager, browsed to /system/app/ and there is LockClock.apk. Deleted it and uploaded new one from xda forum.
running CM10.1 Nightly 4/21 on my Nook Tablet and every time I boot my Pattern Lock is by-passed and the home screen shows up with cLock has stopped error...any thoughts? 

Just install the APP and thought it was great ... but I think it would be great if you could choose the application and / or Widget to launch when the clock is touched (and not only open the default system clock). I mean if I want another watch or alarm a specific application is opened to choose it to my liking.

That undoubtedly increase the popularity of the application and its functionality would be indisputable

Recién instale la APP y me pareció genial… pero creo que sería fantástico que se pudiera elegir la aplicación y/o Widget a lanzar cuando se toca el reloj (y no solamente abrir el reloj del sistema por default). Es decir si yo quiero que se abra otro reloj ó una determinada aplicación de alarmas poder elegirla a mi gusto. 

Eso sin lugar a dudas incrementaría la popularidad de la aplicación y su funcionalidad sería indiscutible
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