Introducing Chronus, the new CyanogenMod 10.1 Clock, Weather and Calendar Home and Lock screen widget.

As a result of some initial confusion over the use of the name 'Lock Clock' for the new CyanogenMod 10.1 Clock widget, specifically users not realizing that it can be used as a Home screen widget as well, it was decided to rename the widget to Chronus, the Latinized name for Chronos, the God of Time.  

To configure the widget, look under Settings, System.  Users are able to configure the Clock display as well as enable and configure both the Weather and Calendar panels.

Once configured, the widget can be added to the either one or both of the Home and Lock screens like any other widget.  Please note that the configuration is universal - it applies to all instances of the widget. 

The widget displays information based on both its configuration as well as its size.

On the Home screen, be sure to resize it to fit all the content.

On Phones, Lock screen widgets start in a 'minimized' state when the screen turns on.  To view the the full widget, 'maximize' it by swiping down.  This is how Lock screen widgets work on Android 4.2.  We are looking into ways of altering this behaviour without negatively affecting the user experience.

On Tablets, Lock screen widgets show in the 'maximized' state by default. 

Chronus will make its way into the nightlies starting today.  It is still a bit of a work in progress with minor bugs to fix and more features to add.

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