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HDR Mode for (almost) Everyone!

Yesterday, we merged in functionality to enable 'HDR' mode for all folks using the stock CM 10.1 camera.[1] As with the stock HDR functions available on the Nexus 4, our HDR mode captures multiple pictures, and then renders them together to form one HDR image.

For our implementation, we take 3 pictures (1 at minimal exposure, 1 at neutral, and 1 at maximum exposure) then using some fancy algorithms, render one image. 

However, unlike the Nexus 4, the camera hardware in your phones all vary, and can produce some oddities when using this software rendering. As such, if you choose to use the new HDR functionality, you should know the following:

# Images are extremely sensitive to movement and vibration, you should use a tripod or stand whenever possible
# Action shots and moving subjects will most likely render poorly on lesser camera hardware, especially those with slow shutters.
# As we are essentially averaging 3 images to form 1 image, the longer it takes your camera to capture all 3 images, the higher the chance for oddities in the rendered picture. 
# When enabled, we delete the 3 'intermediate' pictures, you will only be left with the final composite. 

With all that said, if your camera has Zero Shutter Lag (ZSL), a decent sensor and optics, then this mode should work well for the majority of mid-high end recent devices. [2]

Many thanks to +Guillaume Lesniak for his three month effort to bring this capability to CyanogenMod. 

[1] If you replace CM's gallery/camera via addon packages and downloads, then you won't see the CM implemented features. 
[2] There is currently an Out of Memory error that can trigger on older devices (example Aries based devices, ie i9000). This is being worked on.

Edited for spelling
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I already downloaded 02/19 nightly. Works perfectly
Get your backups ready and update your nightly! This sounds awesome!
Because of this missing feature I did not use CM on SGS3, It will change. Thanks!
Awesome! Keep such features coming...
Great! I will soon see more amateur HDR photos in my stream! 
+Victor Borosean have you replaced the stock camera app with CM's? If you have flashed gapps, which I assume you have, then it replaces the CM camera with that of Google. 
Keep up the great work!! You guys are awesome! Really. 
For those who aren't seeing the HDR functionality, check /system/apps and see if you have gallerygoogle.apk instead of gallery2.apk. If so, delete gallerygoogle.apk and then reflash the nightly ROM. This should fix your problem and allow you to use HDR :) +Victor Borosean 
+Jonathan Molina It is in the changelog for the 2/19 nightly for the CDMA GN Toro.

+Rounak Jain I have flashed the gapps found on Cyanogen's wiki page - Does this change my camera to Google's?  If so, how do I get CM's back?  I have to flash a gapps package with my ROM, so I'm a bit confused.
Also, where do you see the option for an HDR image?  Is it in the Settings menu of the Camera?
Doesen't work for me on my SGS2 with 02/19 nightly.
It takes the three pictures and when it want to render the final image the gallery (and camera) are closed. Then I have the three different pictures but no final one.

But it's great that you implemented a "HDR-mode" like that. :)
The more you post abput cm10.1 the more I wanna flash it to my gnexus
+Timo Jäckel This is due to the OutOfMemory error quoted in the post - which I just fixed a few minutes ago ;-) It should be in the coming nightlies if everything goes fine.
well.. i deleted the gallery apk from the system/app and reflashed just the cm.  and now works! but it is very blurry :( yet!!!!
Is it infeasible to register the captured images during preprocessing, in order to alleviate the blurriness? It obviously wouldn't work well for large orientation changes or moving objects in scene, but it may fix most of the camera shake caused problems.
+Guillaume Lesniak I mean to align the 3 captured images before combining them with the HDR process. 

I mean I am not familiar with how it is currently implemented in CM, so you already may have such a step, as I think it would typically be included in HDR applications.
Same Problem as +Timo Jäckel on sgs2, takes 3 pictures while rendering the final image it says gallery has stopped
N7000 Wi-Fi not working... Back to nightly day before
Please fix the much too "warm" pictures on the HTC one x (endeavoru) 
+CyanogenMod thanks for the help. Do you solve it Wirth the next nightlys? When yes i wait.
You guys are awesome. Awesome features, awesome support, awesome ROM the besteht i ever had
Any chance of allowing the saving of pictures to the external SD card with the Captivate?
+Cem Aksoylar Ah, I see what you mean. I have been looking at edge-matching algorithm, this is something that I'd love to implement, but I'm lacking the free time to look at this closer for now. But it may happen someday :)
Is photosphere still only for Nexus phones? 
if you want proper HDR get a DSLR
And if you haven't budgeted for a DSLR, or if you just want to mess around with HDR for free, knowing beforehand that it is a software implementation and likely far from perfect, then by all means just use this. :)  
+Paul Tyrrell  this is proper HDR, it's the same process, it's like saying if you want a computer get a desktop and not a latop

It would be nice to have unprocessed ones and mess in nik software 
the big issue stop me from using cm is that, my 64G sdcard is recognize as external sd card. and my internal sd card is so size limited. there is no way to way to swap. can cm team help to disable the "internal sdcard" nonsense please? 
That's my point, you can get a decent entry level DSLR for the same price if not cheaper way cheaper actually, or buy a really great app for a couple of buck like I did almost 2 year ago for my iPhone 4 which takes 3 pics and they're actually great, so I saved my money and bought a Nikon D800
Matthew Hanley, I'd never say that about a desktop v's a laptop
and yes NIK software ROCKS!!!!!
It's pretty much what you've just said in another context 
Did this make it into the Experimental Monthly code freeze? I'm running January's M1, and the Camera is a rather disappointing change from the nightlies.
+Paul Tyrrell I don't think I am understanding you. You once paid a couple of bucks for an app that takes "great" HDR photos, but you say that the rest of us must buy DSLR cameras to get "proper" HDR photos. Is it not conceivable that the seemingly capable CyanogenMod developers could provide decent HDR photo processing for free, even though you once paid for the same thing?  
how are u PS hoe old are u because i am 12
After updating, there are camera icons on the main lock screen. They appear after the new camera app is run. Closing app or swiping it out does not remove the three icons at the bottom of the screen. This does not seem to effect functionality but does not look correct. 
Well I guess I will free some space by uninstalling the 2 other camera apps that I use for this purpose, but what about an option to save in external SDCard!
On my vzw S3 there is no difference in the HDR shot versus the normal shot. This may be because the exposure compensation doesn't work - shots with + or - EVs are the same as shots with no EV compensation. How do I fix that?

Also, is the photosphere coming to the vzw S3 anytime soon ?
I think its been broken on my GT- I9100 2/19 nightly...when i open barcode scanner it jumping the screen like hell...and on hdr mode its taking more than 3 pictures,no rendered image on gallery all shots are appearing there finally force closing
Support to store camera images on the SD Card would be nice too :)
+Guillaume Lesniak I tested this on my GSM GNex; is it normal behaviour for the camera to focus between each of the three shots seperately? This seems to dramatically increase your chances of having the subject/camera position change.

Also, am I right in assuming you can have either the google gallery apk which features photosphere, or the CM gallery apk which has CM enhancements, but no way of putting photosphere into the CM gallery? shame to gain one feature, and lose another.

Very impressive work, thanks for your effort.
I'm curious about the camera refocusing in between shots too. Works well on the AT&T One X propped up. All I need now is a GorillaPod. Many thanks, Guillaume.
Where is the option ? I can't find it on my camera on galaxy nexus running 2/19
+nelson ocando gapps includes stock google camera, so the CM camera is not installed. to install it, use root explorer to remove/backup googlegallery.apk and then reflash the CM zip file, it will then put gallery2.apk in /system/app/ which includes the HDR mod.
Awesome, can't wait to get it on my Galaxy Nexus. Could you guys get us Photosphere too? -Pleeeeeease?
That's great and all for those who will use it and I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but if you can do all that, wouldn't it be REALLY easy to add a "Save to External SD" option?
CM 10.1 with TMobile WiFi calling... please :-)
Works pretty well, great job guys! 
It's been since the SGS2 that I have CM7, is it available for my at&t variant SGS3? Thanks everyone!
Hey ever since I updated to 4.2.2 my Apollo app won't work. Any suggestions? 
+Nick Terry Wipe data for Apollo. I find it corrupts itself sometimes and needs the data for the app wiped. It's not like it stores anything you can't get back. There's only like 5 options in Apollo.
Extremely shaky, could not take even one stable photo yet. I know it's a work in progress and thanks for your awesome work as always.
WiFi Tethering doesn't work anymore after this update. I'm using sgs3 int
Works way to slow on my Galaxy Note i717. It takes a picture like once every 1.5 seconds.
Can't find HDR on Galaxy Nexus. Is it available for it?
Can anyone confirm for maguro comp.?
If cm team really fix sgs3 touch to focus bug, hell yeah I'm gonna ditch stock Samsung android. Lol
+Adrián Berriel It should be. It's on everything now. Even my Nexus 7 has it, and it's a front facing piece of crap.
OMG! I am the biggest google fanboy ever and cannot wait for these bad boys!!!
thank you CyanogenMod! but on GNEX photsphere has gone by replacing gallerygoogle.apk. please do include both, photosphere and hdr! 

and all the others on GNEX: READ THE FUCKING THREAD!!!
+Jörg Steinlechner It has been explained multiple times before. PhotoSphere requires proprietary code only available in the closed-source version of Gallery/Camera as well as a proprietary lib. To include both features in the same app is therefor not realistically doable. Technically you can have both versions of Gallery installed. The issues is you will get two identical-looking icons for both Gallery and Camera.
Too bad, my i9001 won't likely have it due to low ram
In my i9100G it stops the app when is rendering :(
Skyrockets shutter speed is too slow for this to be a daily usable feature but like stated in the post' its great for a tripod
Really Need OTG support for nexus 4.
Any direction of how to install on Note 2 rooted?
+Saurabh Rahurkar Agree with you--this feature is so fantastic but the problem is that on at least vzw and att models of the S3 the camera is not able to change exposure so you just get 3 copies of the exactly same image merged into 1. Hope this might bring some attention to this issue: 
Still didn't work on N7000/ 20/FEB nightly.
Anyways, CM is soooo smooth. I love it :-)
Love CID as well.
Nexus with 4.2.2, where do a find a .apk? Tnx!
No HDR mode on GNex. Cyanogenmod 10.1 20130219 Nightly =(
Could s.B. build a .apk? Or are there other good reasons, why i should erase my custom 4.2.2 on Nexus?
The focus is lost when trying to capture the second and third photo. Is that just my Nexus S?
What about photosphere? :D Anyway, great work guys!
d2tmo does not work well with it. Even the slightest movement causes a blurry "ghost" effect. Tried it propped up without movement, no discernible improvement over normal. Reading above...exposure never changes
Just updated to 1-21 toro vrz Samsung galaxy nexus. No HDR pops up. Help? 
Please add Miracast Support into CM10.1.
This is one of the nicest Feature in Stock-rom but need it in cm10.1.
where is the comparability list. i have a Samsung charge. Please assist.
Posted at 4:20 yesterday   <//////////////////////> ~ ~ ~ 
+Edoardo Ferrara Dentice Da errore della galleria se la risoluzione delle foto è 8MP, se metti 3MP funziona. Penso sistemino questo bug, anche perché nel changelog c'è scritto che è stata inserita per 1/2, quindi non completamente :)

PS: anche io ho l'S2
Omar I
on my galaxy s3 it takes 3 pictures and renders it together successfully  Except the picture is a blurred mesh of all the pictures. 
this still needs alot of work. 
Omar I
everyone who cant see the hdr option. when u hold the on screen and menu pops up its right above that circle. 
other camera apps like camera360 not working properly..Is this due to the update or improperly installed version of cyanogenmod?
For some reason I can't get it on my VZW Gnex
+Zach White See the post 10 above yours.  Pushing the .apk to system\app is what finally worked on my VZW Gnex.
+Daryl Martin Thanks, it worked on my GSM Galaxy Nexus. Although pictures are super blurry. If we can get HDR down, I won't have to keep my Galaxy nexus. HDR was my only big feature that made me buy my Nexus 4.
I like it but it kills my Picassa photo Gallery sync. How do I get it back
My GS3 camera app crashes when i'm using flash during take photos :(
+Tom LaPorta+Chris Spearman wrote this: For those who aren't seeing the HDR functionality, check /system/apps and see if you have gallerygoogle.apk instead of gallery2.apk. If so, delete gallerygoogle.apk and then reflash the nightly ROM. This should fix your problem and allow you to use HDR :) 
Chris solution worked out great. Thx Chrus and CM team. keep up the awesome work ^^
I like the HDR ability, but on my toro I'd like to see the option to turn it on and off. Unless I'm missing something...
now you may choose, using HDR or using the sphere. lol. since i havent had HDR in my galaxynexus, im choosing HDR for now. Its just my curiousity of how the feature will work. Anyway, good job, Cyanogen team.
Hi EveryOne...since the last update...with the camera in photo mode doesn't want to focus anymore and it's a big big problem...any solutions?
After update to 20130222 nightlies on sgs2 camera unable to focus 
I can confirm that the fix listed above for removing the gallerygoogle.apk and reflashing the ROM works. I like that HDR is now an option, but the camera takes the 3 bracketed photos so slowly, it's nearly impossible to keep the camera still enough to get a good shot. Keep working on it guys, its a good start!
+Jon Hoglund that's why they recommend this:

# Images are extremely sensitive to movement and vibration, you should use a tripod or stand whenever possible 
+Anarion Daeva you should give it a try, but weary. I flashed to CM10.1 and my battery life was dreadful but I wasn't on the latest nightly.
Here ( ) is a Gapps package that has the stock Google camera with Picasa sync and photosphere and the CM camera in your app drawer. There is no need to compromise. :-)
Could we just do a temp fix where there's a link for photosphere in the CM 10.1 camera app that links to the stock google camera with photosphere that's hidden until you click on that link? Perhaps you could even make a photosphere link just in the app drawer that takes you directly to the stock camera app's photosphere function... just a thought.
+Alexander S. Kunz , how about the T-Mobile Galaxy S2?  I did not read every line in your provided link, but did not notice it say anything about GS2, or even T989 (T-Mobile GS2).

I'm still hoping to eventually switch to using CMod, but the Wifi calling is so very very nice.  I've been looking at using GrooveIP and GV Phone to "replicate" this feature using Tasker and one of those programs.  When switching to WIFI, I would "forward" my cell number to my Google Voice number.  Then use one of those to collect the calls.

Issues I have to overcome:
What do I do if I lose ALL cell service before switching to WIFI?  It doesn't look like T-Mobile lets one set the call forwarding over IP. 

experiments with Google Voice over Groove IP are quite positive, except a few times I have been on the end of tremendous SIP-like lag.  This MIGHT have been my router.  Using the new router, I have not experienced this.  I have also NOT experienced this with the T-Mobile built in WIFI Calling by itself.  If I forward my GVoice to my cell number, then collect the call over T-Mobile's WIFI calling, MOST of the time, this will add too much lag to make the call feel natural.  If I collect the call over cell service itself, this is perfectly fine.
I have not tested GV Phone yet.

With this, I would be running the Cellular modem - searching for signal (HUGE power drain).  If I were to make this "switch" to wifi calling mode, I would need to ensure that I could turn OFF the cell modem so that only the wifi is on.  Depending on what ROM I have put on my phone, this is an option using Secure Settings.  I have not tested this with Cyanogen Mod since V7 - which was not officially supported at the time I tried it, so this might exist now in the 10.1+ release.

Long story short, I am still of the mind to try this, since I get 1000 voice minutes.  I tend to use 300 minutes/month total (~20-30 actual cell the rest on T-Mobile Wifi calling).  So, burning through minutes using call forwarding is not an issue.
on my nexus 7 10.1.0-RC4 update i can't turn off HDR mode pls can someone help?!
Will the new focal work if i replace my current gallery with new gallery ? I'm currently using 10.1.2 stable on Nexus 4 and want new camera in it. Can anyone please upload new gallery ?
 PLLLZZZ!!! Did you working on cyanogenmod 10.1 for Newman N2/Xtreamer Joyz??? Thanks!
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