HDR Mode for (almost) Everyone!

Yesterday, we merged in functionality to enable 'HDR' mode for all folks using the stock CM 10.1 camera.[1] As with the stock HDR functions available on the Nexus 4, our HDR mode captures multiple pictures, and then renders them together to form one HDR image.

For our implementation, we take 3 pictures (1 at minimal exposure, 1 at neutral, and 1 at maximum exposure) then using some fancy algorithms, render one image. 

However, unlike the Nexus 4, the camera hardware in your phones all vary, and can produce some oddities when using this software rendering. As such, if you choose to use the new HDR functionality, you should know the following:

# Images are extremely sensitive to movement and vibration, you should use a tripod or stand whenever possible
# Action shots and moving subjects will most likely render poorly on lesser camera hardware, especially those with slow shutters.
# As we are essentially averaging 3 images to form 1 image, the longer it takes your camera to capture all 3 images, the higher the chance for oddities in the rendered picture. 
# When enabled, we delete the 3 'intermediate' pictures, you will only be left with the final composite. 

With all that said, if your camera has Zero Shutter Lag (ZSL), a decent sensor and optics, then this mode should work well for the majority of mid-high end recent devices. [2]

Many thanks to +Guillaume Lesniak for his three month effort to bring this capability to CyanogenMod. 

[1] If you replace CM's gallery/camera via addon packages and downloads, then you won't see the CM implemented features. 
[2] There is currently an Out of Memory error that can trigger on older devices (example Aries based devices, ie i9000). This is being worked on.

Edited for spelling
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