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Call Statistics CM 10.1

One of the best parts of being a Community ROM and the Android community in general is seeing all of the interesting ideas folks from the other camps come up with, then adding improvements on top. 

Today's feature idea originates from sethyx of the +Android Open Kang Project. His idea was to make the call log screen more useful, providing statistics and filtering criteria. You can see his version here ( 

With their blessing, our own Danny Baumann took the idea, streamlined the code a bit, fixed some bugs, tweaked the layout, improved support for lower-res devices (hdpi), and 19 patches later we have just merged the functionality in CM this morning. 

The option is available from the local menu in the Phone application (except from the Dialer Fragment).

# Call-type filter can be selected in the actionbar.
# If all call types are selected the incoming/outgoing rates show up in blue/green respectively.
# Tapping on an item starts a new activity that shows all call types with
details for the given contact or number.

Patches 1-18:
Patch 19:

Look for it in the next round of nightlies.
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Do you know if +AOKP will take your revised code and put it back into their ROMs?
Would make picking my Orange magic numbers so much easier! 
Where can ppl submit feature requests or suggestions ??
I don't see it.. hum, merged, or yet to be..? or just new Phone apk?
+Kevin Wu "have just merged the functionality in CM this morning" "Look for it in the next round of nightlies."

I'm confused by your confusion...
Looks like I'm updating tonight. Nice feature. Props given. 
+Abhisek Devkota, mind if I steal your quote, "I'm confused by your confusion..."?  This is great and can be used in so many situations.
People still use their phones to actually call people? I can't remember the last time I did that! Nice feature though.
Is there any intent to include the Paranoid Android feature that you can tell certain apps your large-screen phone or phablet is a tablet and certain apps it is a phone?
Nice collaboration! Pretty please, add nav ring targets!
I think he needs new friends.  These people look like they are straight out of Minecraft. :P
pixelated japanese porn... :D

nice addition btw... :)
thank you..
Better late than never. Although its not innovative it is much needed and great to use and long over due. 
CM rocks! Can't wait to see stable release for mako
Holy shit these comments went south fast.
andy o
+Abhisek Devkota Is there something planned to get basic controls (back, home) when in expanded desktop mode? I don't mean something as sophisticated as Paranoid's "Pie", but maybe something like AOKP's options in the power menu?
+andy oka Pie maybe, power menu unlikely. 

That said, the original designed use case for Expanded Desktop was not meant for navigation, it was meant for fullscreen apps. 
andy o
+Abhisek Devkota I'm mainly using it on the Nexus 7 to compensate for the crappy Kindle app which wastes a lot of space. I really don't mind anything simple or complicated, but if you guys are even considering something like Pie that's awesome. 
Who the hell is still using his phone for calls? :D
Sorry for of topic. But I saw in the changelog that you have added the ability to connect Xbox 360 controller. How do I do that? :)
Wow, like that feature. Great work folks! And yesterday I just got aware of the maximized lockscreen widgets feature in CM. This is also awesome ... really appreciate your engagement and hard work!
Nice. Hating the way the pie looks, though.
+Abhisek Devkota I see that, thanks!

Since we're talking about tweaks to the phone app. Do you think it would be possible that, when an unknown number calls, the phone app does a search (e.g. a Maps search) and instead of just displaying the number also displays the name of the place?

The data is there, and I've long fantasized of the phone app making use of it instead of I having to do it manually every time someone not in my phonebook calls.
+David Prieto unless I am mistaken, it already does a lookup (via the call) to tell you the City/State if available. 

As for tie-in of Maps/White Pages, etc, that is unlikely to be coded in as it is dependent on third party apps. If there is a free api (without limits) to achieve such a goal, it's possible, but otherwise, no. 
Let's see if google will use it on their next android release :]
+Abhisek Devkota are you guys planning on expanding "expanded desktop" (no pun intended) with PIE? Or is it a PA only thing?

Ignore the question. I saw the same question asked a few comments above. Sorry. :(
I really wish i could root my Verizon GS3!!!!!
I wish I could make better chocolate chip cookies, which also has nothing at all to do with this post.
you should merge with AOKP and make an awesome ROM :) 
Cyanogen mod doesnt need aokp to be awesome
That call log is awesome. Makes me want to root my phone again just to see it in action. 
+Joseph Hartley I answered that above already ;-p

Abhisek Devkota 4:33 PM
+andy oka Pie maybe, power menu unlikely. 

That said, the original designed use case for Expanded Desktop was not meant for navigation, it was meant for fullscreen apps.
Any way that is matter of how they were made
Rob M.
What I meant to say was, I'd invite you to visit to DL an applicable ROM for your device ;-D
Rob M.
+Mark Joseph Navarro no...seriously it depends on what device you have and if they build a ROM for it...
would love that feature, though i'm pretty sure i know who would be up top ;)

nice but i dont understand
Thanks .I have understood now.

The greatest and most reliable ROMS across a multitude of devices!
Sorry if asked before but I am driving. Can't seem to find this option
Excellent. Now I can invoice my girlfriend accordingly.
I'm sure some people would find this to be an overkill. So it would nice if there is an option in the dialer settings to switch between the normal mode and advanced mode :)
I like the Minecraft camera you used, very pixelly. XD
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