Call Statistics CM 10.1

One of the best parts of being a Community ROM and the Android community in general is seeing all of the interesting ideas folks from the other camps come up with, then adding improvements on top. 

Today's feature idea originates from sethyx of the +Android Open Kang Project. His idea was to make the call log screen more useful, providing statistics and filtering criteria. You can see his version here ( 

With their blessing, our own Danny Baumann took the idea, streamlined the code a bit, fixed some bugs, tweaked the layout, improved support for lower-res devices (hdpi), and 19 patches later we have just merged the functionality in CM this morning. 

The option is available from the local menu in the Phone application (except from the Dialer Fragment).

# Call-type filter can be selected in the actionbar.
# If all call types are selected the incoming/outgoing rates show up in blue/green respectively.
# Tapping on an item starts a new activity that shows all call types with
details for the given contact or number.

Patches 1-18:
Patch 19:

Look for it in the next round of nightlies.
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