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This should be a official mascot! :)
we need a room with ICS for SGS2 please!
yeah, and we need a update with ICS for htc hero gsm (cm 9), please.. You are the best!!!!
Hero isn't likely to happen. Don't hold your breathe on that one.
That's true, it's an old phone, but who knows maybe it happen.
I like Cid more than ugly default android mascot.
ICS on 30 year old hardware? It will be interesting.
Can you ship some to Brazil? You guys have a lot of fans around here.
+Neil Deadman but i dont have de premium version and i prefer a Estable Version i dont trust in other rooms just in Cyanogen i dont know why
Now that is a cool skateboarding logo... Tell me you guys at least get a cut of the profits and consider it ordered.
Chill out, +Jani Ronkainen, it is a volunteer project - it will be ready when it's ready! Why not join in and help the developers?
+1 ... this post is about t-shirts anyways.
Why does it take you so long to release an update for Xperia Arc???
Damn ! Indeed this should be THE logo :) cute and yet very appropriate ,no?
Rob M.
Still waiting for my t-shirt.  Time to send a message... email message :-)
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