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Thank You Sony Mobile!

Many thanks to Oskar Anderö ( from Sony's Xperia team for stepping in and helping out our FreeXperia team members. This kind of direct intervention is an amazing indicator of how we can work with OEMs to get things done to benefit the community. 
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My personal phone is a Samsung i9100, but last week picked up a fantastic little XPERIA tipo for my Dad for Christmas. What a pleasure heading over to to unlock the bootloader before installing FXP CM10 on it. Thanks Sony ( and team FXP &  +CyanogenMod )
Has anyone here Experience in installing CyanogenMod on a Xperia Arc S?
Can you tell me, when will be 10.1 for sgs2 or sgs3 realesed? Sorry for my stupid, cant`t find any info. (your Russian fan)
+Rodrigo Coacci LG does an amazing job helping us out and are a large part of the reason CM supports so many LG devices. Frankly, their actions are under-appreciated.
if only Samsung would act the same :(
So... after all these years of boycotting Sony... they're going to make me like them again, aren't they? Well, maybe just the mobile unit.... the PS unit is still evil...
Convince them to unlock the Xperia T's bootloader. Please!
+Abhisek Devkota I understand that LG do provide support including giving developer devices to CM. However, LG is and will be under-appreciated because of their general delayed updates, and locked bootloaders on some devices.
That's awesome. Other vendors should learn from this and start help the community efforts. In the end it is a win win process. Congrats to CM and Sony for this.
Has anybody tried installing CM10 on Xperia Neov? Any link with bug free CM10
If only +HTC could do the same... It will help developers of the Desire S port
+Lazarus Xavier The Sony Mobile folks are actually really proud of their shift of focus to openness and takes it quite seriously.
You really should like them :)
Actually had a meeting with a couple of representatives of theirs today and they get the importance of supporting the geekier users.
+Mahfooz Hasan and Sony devices have the same restriction due to Carrier issues. It's just a bit unfair to call out LG over some of the other OEMs ;)
You know what would have been better?  Releasing the audio lib code.  Then we could have fixed it on our own, instead of being reliant on Sony to continue supporting and pushing out updates.  Don't get me wrong, this is much better support of the CM community than most other manufacturers, but this is NOT a contribution to the open-source community.
If only they come up with a better line of phones. Unlocked please
+Rick White  these are proprietary and property of ST Ericsson would rather wait for them to take it out or take what Sony gave?
Read the post at least.

+Nazim Amin well what kernels does fxp use? I think its 3.0 whats your point?
Sony used 3.0 on 2012 and above officially .
+Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani they use 2.6 kernels :| for 2011 devices :\ FXP builds for all legacy & current devices at least from 2011's - 2012's
+Lazarus Xavier The Sony people boycotted has very little to do with the Sony Mobile team mentioned here apart from name. This is the team that was previously SonyEricsson and they have been one of the largest committers to AOSP all the way back to 1.6.
+Saiful Islam yes, I'm aware. I was pointing out that the items +Mahfooz Hasan were pointing out (namely "locked bootloaders on some devices") is in large part an aspect of Carrier enforced restrictions (ie Verizon). Internationally sold devices seem to have far less restrictions on that front. 
+Abhisek Devkota and +Mahfooz Hasan, not only LG updates are very delayed (just look at Optimus 2x), they also make very poor implementations (again, look at Optimus 2x ICS). I simply gave up using Chrome because it's tooooo slow on stock ICS (European v30a). Surprisingly (or not!) CM10 nightlies were awesome if not for the hw bugs. And c'mon its a dual core 1Ghz with Nvidia Tegra phone!   ICS should not be a problem for it.
"And c'mon its a dual core 1Ghz with Nvidia Tegra phone"

+Rodrigo Coacci incidentally, tegra 2 is in large part the reason for so many of those issues. Imho that chip should not have been implemented on non-tablet devices, or anything outside of Honeycomb. 
+Nexus and +Samsung Mobile USA are the two manufacture that releases new shits all the time :D If not we can still easily port latest CM on those devices because of the new libs,kernel they come with :) You see, Samsung S from 2011 runs latest CM 10.1 without any issues (almost). 
Great to hear that, CM9 runs great on my Xperia U, can't wait for sound issues to be fixed :]
+Abhisek Devkota but then why did CM10 nigthlies work so smoothly (again aside from call bugs and stuff like that)? Chrome had no issues. If it was really Tegra 2 to blame, CM10 nightlies (which came from SU660 ICS sources!) should have been worse than official O2x ICS shouldn't it? 
+Abhisek Devkota +Saiful Islam A lot of the negative opinions of LG stem from the Optimus 2X/G2x. The software side of it was pretty horrible (although nVidia are partly to blame), developers found it difficult to work with including Ricardo Cerqueira. 
This is so great! Props to Sony Mobile, I surely will look for Sony's offers, when buying my next Android Phone!
More companies need to step up and do what Sony is doing.
This is good, but it would've been a lot better if Sony had released the specs to allow for an Open Source driver instead of contributing a binary blob.
If only Samsung could follow suit
That sounds great. If Sony cooperates more with open source programmers, my next phone will be a Sony. 
+Rodrigo Coacci I'm not saying their software isnt without faults, CM isnt perfect either. On both sides, we've made comprimises to work with the T2 platform (namely sticking to older kernels) and issues with the RIL. But the common denominator is the chipset. 
+Eric Hopper its progress at the least. And their DASH initiative shows that they see the potential in that approach as well. 
Good on you +Sony Xperia!  Don't manufactures (* cough +Samsung Mobile) know that we are more likely to buy their phones if they let/help us tinker with it?  I mean, are they so determined that we must use their ROMs (and so stingy with their code) that they would rather lose out on device sale in the long run.    I for one will never buy another Exynos device again.
Evan --
You'd think that, wouldn't you?  But then again, if phone manufacturers listen to aftermarket developers, maybe there wouldn't be a need to make aftermarket firmware.  Meh.  
I'm glad that manufacturers are willing to allow redistribution of binary blobs, but binary-only blobs are still a detriment to open source projects, AOSP included.  I would much prefer that they make the entirety of their firmware sources available.

Broadcom and Qualcomm have both gotten slightly better about this, but not consistently so. 
Too bad my Xperia Sola got bricked :*(
Yeah.  Sony Mobile has been working HARD to fight their parent company's negative image.  I had a lot of concerns about Sony Mobile once Ericsson's share got bought out, but it seems like the mothership realizes the team has a winning recipe (While Sony's  marketshare globally isn't so hot - they're way ahead of any other Japanese manufacturer.)  Plus Sony recently went through a major reorg and it seems like Kaz realizes that treating your customers like crap is bad for business.

Sony Mobile in 2012 just never ceases to amaze me, and there is even more awesomeness going on behind the scenes.

And yeah, LG has given Ricardo support by providing him (I believe) every LG device marketed in Europe and answering technical questions.  Even just a few answers to specific questions can save a MASSIVE amount of time.  I don't know how many times I would've been saved days of work by "yeah we added one extra member to that struct".

As to this still being a blob - Third-party proprietary IP is a bitch.  Most manufacturers use that as an excuse not to do ANYTHING, but documenting interfaces (deltas in the header file) or making the blob more compatible (Sony's approach here) are valid options I wish more manufacturers would pursue.  Obviously, full source (see DASH) is ideal, but when it can't be done, a blob with clean interfaces is much better than a blob with mangled interfaces and zero documentation.
This is why I love the android community
Congrats, +Sony Xperia, all Android fans appreciate the way you're helping 3rd party roms. My next phone will be a Nexus or a Xperia. :)
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I'm selling my S3 to get a Xperia... So I can finally feel smoothness of vanilla android 
I got a htc touch pro T7272 and I need help installing it an where to go to do so etc ... please , kind regads joao 
What would benefit the community would be Google hiring ROM devs
I wonder when all the hardware manufacturers will realize that supporting projects like this id actually in their best (financial) interest. Supporting the hacker community just means that more people will buy your hardware, which is a win for all involved.
its good that someone helps them alot are needing it badly :D
Excellent news, hopefully we'll see move of the same over time. :)
Ryan R.
Xperia T on CM currently have audio problem also, hopefully Sony can give a hand again.
Nice to see manufacturers helping; source is always better than binaries tho....
How are Sony phones with Cyanogenmod? Looking to pick up a new phone and haven't really considered Sony.
TS Yew
+Denver Lobo Sony phones have great hardware, build quality, and many are well supported. However, if you buy a sony phone with the intention of using any custom ROM, make sure to avoid buying a carrier-subsidized model due to the locked bootloader. There used to be a third party method of unlocking the bootloader, but Sony went out of their way to kill it. Sony only supports bootloader unlocking on unlocked, unbranded models - that means buying a carrier-subsidized handset and then entering a sim unlock code won't do anything for the bootloader.

of course, in most places this option is quite expensive, so if your budget only allows for a contract subsidized model then sony should be avoided.
Very cool maybe time for a sony phone.  Open is better just wish all manufactures would do this.
Sigh.. .I've given up wasting time on hacking phones. For me its an iPhone or a Nexus. Anything else is crazy time wasting nonsense.
My next phone will be Xperia V!
Vote with your dollars. Bought an Xperia as a gift this week in support of their contributions to AOSP. And dat screen... 
+TS Yew Thanks! Any phone you'd recommend?  Doing a little research and the Xperia T seems to be the latest offering. I will be buying my phone off contract. Was thinking about the Nexus 4 but, it's really hard to get a hold of where I am.
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