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Status Update: Exynos

Following through on our promised status reports, today’s will encompass the Exynos platform, specifically Exynos 4. 

To get ahead of any misunderstanding, we will start by saying we are not dropping support of the Exynos 4 devices.

That said, to those keeping an eye out for a CM 10.1 general release for Exynos 4 devices, there won’t be one. Supporting this family of devices beyond CM 9.1 (ICS) has proven difficult to accomplish, with various issues surfacing from the binaries and sources we have to work with. 

However, we are not going to be giving up on this platform, especially given that the i9100 and i9300 are in the top 3 of our user base (according to; we know many of you are counting on us for support. Our maintainers thus far have done an admirable job getting these devices to work well in their current nightly form. There are still plenty of issues left to be resolved, and they aren't the type of issues that will be solved in days or weeks. It is because of those issues that a general release has been withheld. 

Until such time that the remaining issues can be nailed down, the Exynos 4 devices will remain as ‘nightly only’ status. You will continue to receive the latest bug fixes, security fixes and features, but given the incomplete nature of the the platform, bug reports will not be accepted.

A specific list of Exynos 4 devices that are receiving nightlies are:
Exynos 4210 - i9100, n7000, i777
Exynos 4412 - i9300, n7100, all t0lte variants, n80xx

For those savvy users noting that the OdroidU2 is Exynos 4, and supported, you are correct. But given that device is more akin to a reference board and not a phone, it does not share the issues of the rest of the platform. 

Finally, just a note that Exynos 3 and Exynos 5 devices are not impacted by the information above. The Nexus S allows for a solid Exynos 3 base, and the Nexus 10 for the Exynos 5 base. We have an i9500 in hand and will be working towards bringing the Exynos 5 Octo platform up to release quality as well. 
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Lupus Dei
Thank you so much Cm team! 
What about 10.1.0 For Exynos 4412 Devices ?? Specifically n7100 .. Just getting desperate about it  
All I can say is thank you, I'm a i9100 user :)
Google should have released a exynos 4 nexus
John Kirk
This organization is nearing perfection. As a complete community effort it rivals some professional start-ups in terms of public presence and user accountability. All you need is a marketing team to push the product into the hands of OEMs and it will be golden.
+Abhisek Devkota They Didnt mention about 10.1.0 all they said is they still support them so i am thinking its for 10.1 what they are talking about :| ..
Thanks for letting us know what is going on. I admit I have been disappointed that the i9100 has not received a stable release in a while.
Thank you CM! What should I do with my I 9300 without you guys? Thank you for your hard work and for not giving up! I hope CM will continue bringing builds for those devices also when new Android Versions are published :)
+Karmeet Anand "That said, to those keeping an eye out for a CM 10.1 general release for Exynos 4 devices, there won’t be one." First sentence of third paragraph
I hate my Samsung Galaxy i9300, i hate Exynos processors, I HATE SAMSUNG! NO MORE SAMSUNG!!!!!!  :( 

Edited: I forgot to say... Thanks for your hard work!!
Ahmm ok Thx for clearing ma doubt Srsly Sry for the pain :p 
Yaniv C
Great news that you guys keep supporting the S3! TY. 
So it's good that there are nexus devices created by Samsung
Some more specific technical details from one of the Exynos4 maintainers (the main post is intended for a less technical audience):

The Insignal reference source for the Exynos4 platform depends on Mali libraries provided by Insignal, and is currently for ICS.  (The Hardkernel reference source is nearly identical to Insignal's.)  These are Mali r2p4, which have memory leak issues that are extremely severe with 4.1/4.2 on 4210 devices and minor on 4412 devices.  The way most users use "reference board devices attached to a TV" such as the odroid happens to also reduce the severity of this issue.  (One of the biggest triggers of the leak is usage of the notifications pulldown - critical on phones, frequently used on tablets, less so on TV devices.)

Specifically, the Insignal/Hardkernel reference sources still allocate many graphics buffers from a special "FIMC1" memory pool (a technique Samsung handsets and tablets used for Gingerbread and possibly Honeycomb, but not on any shipped handset or tablet for ICS).  As a result, only the Insignal/Hardkernel Mali EGL binaries support this method.  This method is incompatible with the binary camera HALs used on handsets and tablets (odroid uses USB cameras that have far less interdependence with the graphics subsystem).  We've replaced the 4210 camera HAL with an opensource one, but as mentioned above, the Mali r2p4 libraries that are required to work with FIMC1 pool usage cause severe memory leak issues on 4210 devices.  Every attempt so far to replace the camera HAL on 4412 devices has been a spectacular failure.

More in a later comment.
Thanks cm team, f**k samsung.
To each their own. 
Why not get rid of the FIMC1 memory pool requirement?  That's what has been done on handsets and tablets.  This allows usage of binary camera HALs, and other Mali EGL libraries that were shipped by Samsung on handsets/tablets.  Unfortunately, every r3p0/r3p1 EGL library that exists for Samsung handsets/tablets so far has been from a leak (as opposed to an official release) that led to major graphics glitches with r3p0 and stability issues with many games (including Ingress), and less severe glitches with r3p1 Mali libraries.

Also, Insignal's hwcomposer is heavily dependent on FIMC1 memory allocations, and effectively provides only vsync passthrough when ION memory (compatible with Samsung handset/tablet EGL/camera binaries) is used.  This causes video playback artifacts with some applications.  (Netflix 720x480 - but the Netflix ratelimiter hasn't allowed that for months, NHK World Live TV is a consistently reproducible case, but other cases occasionally surface.)

More detail in another comment.
Yaniv C
Thnx again CM-Team for not giving up! 
Netflix also requires special workarounds on 4.2 Exynos4 devices.  The odroid maintainers were comfortable with shipping CM using these workarounds, the handset/tablet maintainers were not comfortable with marking CM10.1 as stable when dependent on either of the workaround approaches required.  (An Xposed module that I wrote and is available at, or the Odroid workaround at and )

I personally consider a requirement for either of these workarounds (either of which could break if Netflix changes their app) to fundamentally render a device ineligible for a "stable" release.  The odroid maintainer obviously disagrees.
I just read all of +Andrew Dodds comments and I'm still none the wiser as to what makes my N7000 (and exynos4 in general) such a problem device. Can someone break it down for me in layman's terms? 
One last little ray of hope:

Insignal recently released updated reference source code.  So far this source code is incomplete (no gralloc source code or binaries, not even the necessary gralloc_priv.h to properly build the sources, and also no Mali EGL binaries compatible with the new source.)  If Insignal releases the rest of this incomplete source drop, there is a possibility of the Exynos4 handsets/tablets receiving a stable release.

Also, as a warning:  Right now, for a variety of reasons, the current Exynos4 maintainer team is focusing on other devices, our Exynos4 devices are near the bottom of all of our priority lists.

Could new maintainers come on board?  Sure, but in my personal opinion (I do not speak officially on behalf of CM here, and technically have not for any of my comments on this post) unlikely - it would've happened by now.  The current maintainer team has been quite open about their exhaustion.

Could something change that reinvigorates the existing team?  Sure, but again, HIGHLY unlikely at this point in my personal opinion.

I will say this:  I personally have no intention of working on CM on Exynos4 devices past 10.1 unless something major changes.
+Nathaniel Chattoo The short of it is:  For devices that share a platform with a Nexus device, TI OMAP, and Qualcomm devices (even ones not common with a Nexus), we have excellent reference source that is frequently updated and usually not too far from what manufacturers ship.


to (old)
and (newer but incomplete)
Ahh, I see what you mean +Andrew Dodd. So my next question is; why hasn't Samsung provided enough info? I remember seeing something about "proprietary tech" but aren't they bound under the OHA/AOSP to release the source fully? Or am I crossing wires?
Despite the issues, the cm team has my i9300 running as smoothly as I could hope for. I really appreciate the hard work and will happily use my device until upgrade time when my choices will be more informed, thanks to this.
Let's wait for the complete source drop from Insignal. This is the best that could happen.
CM team, great job! You guys rocks! ! ! ! 
I sold my i9100 because of this nonsense and Samsung is now on my perma-banned list alongside the Brick (a furniture retailer in Canada) and the Holiday Inn Express in Nisku, Alberta.
That settles it. Never buying exynos based device in future. I have decent ROMs for my note 2, but I can feel my heart ache after reading this.

Thanks for your hard work. 
As long as cyanogenmod nightlies are more usable than 'stable' official i can stay with nightlies :-)

Many thanks for the great job.
The Nightlies working very well. Of course there can be problems but most of the time they work fine. For me it's enough. 
I see zero issues currently on my note 2. No idea what is considered an outstanding issue but it must be pretty minor. 
Thanks cm team. I go back to stock Android on my i9300 after i realized HDMI wont work. But my P5110 is a happy cm10.1 user. Really hope to switch back to cm on my i9300 soon. #cmrocks
Thanks CM team. I9100 user from Brazil. Without your hard work my phone would be useless.
Haven't heard  mention of Verizon S4's yet?
Kann man die stable Version von sgs2 skyrocket auch für das sgs2 i9100 flashen
+Samsung Mobile sucks big donkey balls. As far as I'm concerned I will never get an Exynos based device again. The US variants of the Galaxy S3 are a completely different story.
Thanks cm team! I appreciate your hard work.

My first samsung and... never more. I'll come back to sony.
Thanks a lot CM team i hope support soon our I9500
No more Exynos based devices.. Touchwiz is pure crap and they don't give the sources to developers to have a decent a decent Custom Rom..

And a big thanks to the CM team for all your hard work! 
lucky enough,i never own any galaxy phone,only nexus.and lucky enough i have a odroid board exynos based,but this problem isn't at it,there are the sources for that
Changing platform next phone
+Jason Zhu Think I might also too much fragmentation on android between carriers and google and makers of the phones it's a joke
And then they said CyanogenMod is abandoning Samsung 
Damn you Samsung Korea!!!
And CM team, specially all Exynos 4 Maintainers: Daniel, Andrew, Guillaume and Espen, I can't thank you enought!
+Lashek powell If you want support for the Optimus G and you want hard work put into it, do it yourself. All the resources are there.
Who is Insignal? Are they an organisation in their own right or just the name of where the source code is stored?
I was about to get an I9500, but after reading this, I think I'm gonna get the I9505, The HTC One or I'm gonna just wait for the Note 3 with Snapdragon 800, because I need CM on my phone, CM just rocks! Thank you guys for all you hard work, you make my day every day!
I'm waiting for the next nexus devices I think. No point in arguing with the price to performance ratio you get with going full on google nexus
Thanks Cyanogenmod for the continued support of SGS2.

Maybe that day I should have went for Galaxy Nexus instead of SGS2.
I'm not an Exynos device owner but, I've got say: you guys are awesome in your support of a platform that the manufacturer seems hellbound to keep total control of. It's heartwarming to see that you monitor the stats of your user base.
I didn't think about it, the next Nexus is the answer
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks so much CM team because support soon for i9500.
+Jagdeep Gill Insignal develops Exynos based reference boards for Samsung. They put the different components together and the software to make it work. Insignal releases boards and the software for their reference platform which in some/most cases doesn't completely match the architecture of the phones that Samsung Mobile builds.

Samsung LSI (the chip company) is under no obligation to release their proprietary bits as per the Android license, Samsung Mobile is only required to release kernel sources and not their blobs (binaries) to make the platform work, and Insignal is most likely forced under the terms of their Exynos 4 platform contract, not to release the proprietary technology that they have access to.

Meaning that Insignal is releasing what they can, Samsung LSI is releasing what they want, Samsung Mobile is releasing what they have to, or what a group of lawyers thought it was smart to release back when they signed their agreement. That means that at Samsung HQ there is nobody with a brain to sort this out.

So, for those who read this far, just avoid this entire soap opera and get something that is not Exynos based.
I am waiting patiently, keep up the good work!
+Clément Guérin Not too much use - our problem isn't the kernel, it's the HALs in between the kernel and the rest of Android.  For example, whatever trick Samsung used to keep r2p4 Mali from leaking memory with 4.1/4.2 is some super-duper-uber-secret.

+Jagdeep Gill Unlike Qualcomm who publishes their reference source at CodeAurora (which is always ahead of any OEM baseline), Samsung seems to farm out the task of publishing their reference source to a separate company (which is perpetually months out of date)...  Also, unlike Qualcomm where almost any OEM release can be traced back to a CodeAurora release tag without too much difficulty, Samsung Mobile's device releases have major architectural differences from the reference source.

As an example, when I was working on bringing up the Find5, we had some issues with audio.  I knew which CAF base Oppo started from based on their kernel - I looked at the audio HAL from the matching CAF tag and found my answer to why it didn't work with CM's audio-caf in about an hour.
Many thanks for the info, keeping my fingers crossed. Appreciate the cm 10.1 updates for the gs 2. Kind regards to ALL the team! 
My t0ltetmo runs just fine on Nightlies... Thanks gang.
+Andrew Dodd just thank you and thanks to all the Teamhacksung Team, but as a former Exynos 4 user I will say only this to all the guys hoping for a miracle here... Just MOVE to a more DEV friendly platform, or at least to one that is not le Dev's Hell!
Thanks for the upcoming i9500 releases. You guys are awesome!
So, there'll be no hope for N5100 too, right? What a shame since it got awesome pen and awesome sound quality...
thanks for adding support for 9500, there are many desperate users out there waiting for this news, a big thanks on behalf of them :)
"We have an i9500 in hand and will be working towards bringing the Exynos 5 Octo platform up to release quality as well." - that actually made my day.
I9500 was the only version available in India. Bought it and then noticed the lack of CM-developer interest on it as compared to I9505. No device purchase in the last 4 years had made me this sad...
Thanks a lot CM team... :)
Sad and happy in the same time. N7100 user
I understand these devices have been a HUGE headache for the Cyanogen mod team, and team Hacksung more specifically so I'm extremely thankful to hear you guys are still at it. Thank you sooooooooo much for all your effort!
The i9300 is a great device and cm runs great on it. Issues are being fixed with time, specifically the camera :-) 
10x a lot for your hard work and efforts. I love my i9100 because of your releases ;) I hope to have in the near run 10.1.0 as well ;)
I'm running stock unrooted jelly Bean for the gs2 i777. Does anyone know of a way to root and install clockworkmod recovery? I can't seem to find anything yet. 
you guys rocks!!!! really supported my i9100 for long time.... thanx for all ur hardwork!!
Now I have moved on to nexus 4!!!
Wow what did i just read....
Thanks CM team...I almost lost hope of getting CM for my i9500..

Thanks for the update... hopefully the i9300 (International Version) will enjoy a stable CM10.1 at some point....
so if I'm not I right in saying that we can not only thank the amazing +CyanogenMod team, but we can also thank Google for developing and then being kind enough to release all their sources on the octa core platform? This is the best news I've gotten since buying my i9500 a couple weeks ago!!! and then immediately getting the scare of my life when people made it sound like the i9500 was never gonna get CM Love! I was getting ready to hand my i9500 over to my wife already.Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!
You guys rock, knowing that you will still deliver nightlies for my n7100 is good news for now. I have flashed a lot of TW Roms and CM10.1 various times. Everytime I leave I miss it and come back a month or so later. I must say the current nightly I have works a treat and the battery life is excellent which was a gripe I had with some of them so this one is here to stay........... For now. Being a flashaholic I'm sure I will get the itch to flash once again but damn this is the best rom I've had the pleasure of using on all the devices I've owned. 
I had to downgrade to CM9 because I need a stable ROM and hate HATE how obtrusive touchwiz is... Most recently I was offered a really cheap S4, my answer was: Samsung never again.
Thanks for the support to the Exynos 5!
I love CyanogenMod! :)
I've been on Nightlies since 2011. For my daily use, my i9100 still works like a charm. Thanks CM team.
We need a "CyanogenMod friendly" badge to identify those devices that are worth buying [if one want CM on it *] !


[edit] *or at least don't want the (crappy/bloat)ware usually found on it...
That's a shame. CM kept my SGN7000 going. Now I'm left no good alternatives..
and ? +Francisco Felis

I mean Cyanogen is more of a user friendly initiative than a developpers trap...

(don't take it offensive i did not really understand what is your point ;-) )
I have always liked Samsung phones. I have owned an SGS, an SGS2 and now a Galaxy Note. I am however very uncomfortable with Samsung's super slow upgrade cycles (4.1 was released a week ago for my region), so CM is more or less a given. But the nightly builds for the Galaxy Note are not stable enough for daily use.

It saddens me to know that there will probably never bee any stable CM releases for my Note :-(

I guess that my next phone will not be a Samsung. 
Not being able to afford an upgrade of my galaxy s i9000 (hard times in Greece), i am immensely grateful to you guys for continuing your support.

I am more than happy to report that my phone is now (3 years after i purchased it) by far in its most useable state ever.
.. And that's why im ditching my Note II, despite how it fits my general needs and spec preference. I did donate several times though JUST because you persisted in your work on this, even when Samsung just spits in our face.
Giving away to developpers usually mean there is good reasons to think that they'll not adopt it by themself...for some good reasons. ;-)
After enjoying years of GB, ICS and JB flavored goodness on my Samsung Galaxy S (i9000 - the first one), I was thinking to moving to Sony Xperia - but the fact that Exynos is still supported and has hope, I may go for the international Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9500)...
Thanks for the great work, although for now I am on Slimbean, but then, that also has its roots from CM!!
How does the CM10.1 nightly compare to CM9 (ICS) (I'm still running with a one year old CM9 nighlty) on i9300 ?
Are the nightly stable enough? I read the XDA forums and it feels like nothing is working properly??

PS: Thanks for all the hard work Team Hacksung.
I'm using nightlies on my i9100 since forever, even when I could use some stable build I was lured by some features on the unstable version. But I wonder what i9100 owner is missing from CM10.1? My phone right now is stabler that it was with the former TouchWiz.
Using nightlies to n7000, just better than Samsung ROM, and waiting stable to 2014. Keep my Note living in pass with Android.
Man... Galaxy Ace (COOPER) is top 4!!!!!
My cooper rocks!
Wohoo... Right when I lost hope for CM10.1 for my i9500
I have a s2 and it is my last samsung phone. No more samsung. 
Congratulations to cm team for providing me with a nightly which is much more usable than any touch wiz bloat rom... N7000 user 
Thank you so much for supporting the I9500. In middle eastern and Asian countries we have troubles getting hands on a I9505. Frankly, I was losing hope on I9500. This helps a lot, thank you developers. 
As an owner of S2 and Note 2 I'm really sad. In particular I love the light and slim S2. My next phone will be not a Samsung for sure.
so... among all the builds and nightlies, which one is the most stable?
Yes, they are working on it for I9500. It's there in the final paragraph. 
I'm never buying and exynos processor phone again! Ever! Damn you, Samsung!
I can't believe the best device is left out!
I request you guys to please add MTK platform based devices like Micromax A116 Canvas HD and many other devices which is quite popular in india having really gr8 user base. These devices are really capable to handly multitasking and high end gaming but due to there raw OS design the users cant utilize there hardware.
+Chris Storer The nightlies have restarted for that device with that goal in mind. It won't get a 10.1, but it will be a candidate for 10.1.1 or 10.2
+Ankush Jain The MTK chipset is even more poorly documented than the Exynos4 platform mentioned here.

Although there has been a recent development that might have promise for MTK, thanks to an OEM that wants an upcoming MTK-based device supported.  I need to talk with the rest of the team and put them in contact with that OEM for further discussion.
Keep rockin' guys, you're awesome. Can't wait for a stable i9300 release
+Pietro Passarini Right now it is HIGHLY unlikely any of the Exynos4 maintainers are going to invest in additional devices based on that platform.
Thank you for your hard work and for the status info. I have an i9100 and I doubt that I will buy another Samsung phone ever again.
Thank you CM Team. Me and my brother is using I9300 and my girlfriend uses I9100. :)
I don't know if my comement does have place here, but I'd like to ask if there is a way to sign a petition for Samsung to liberate the exynos code for our galaxy devices. I have read that something similar was done last year, but I think that now we are more users with an exynos device
Thanks for the wonderful news! Its not exactly easy to switch phones every year, and some mistakes like buying an i9300 Ex4 device tend to stick around for a while (heh) so hopefully by the time Samsung decides to give up on issuing updates for the S3, we'll have CM to see us through.
well i'm getting a nexus 4 in august.screw guys have done an amazing job on the i9300 and i'm thankful for it.sick of getting used to crapwiz.

Thanks alot team hacksung! appreciate it ;) 
I think exynos 4 is lagging behind due to non availability of kernel source code 
I think exynos 4 is lagging behind due to non availability of kernel source code 
+ILIYAS NAGARWALA No.  Not the kernel, the HALs in between the kernel and the rest of the system.  That said, Samsung is pretty bad at releasing kernel source that matches what is running on a device, which results in angry maintainers.  I was not a happy camper when I was told that the UEALGB build for GT-N8013 (preinstalled on every unit sold in the USA for the first month after launch) was a leak and thus Samsung was not obligated to provide kernel source that matched it.

+Gabriel Mariano García Trejo That's been tried before.  Samsung made major promises at last year's Big Android BBQ, and instead just released a slightly regurgitated variation of what was already available, which was at that point around 12 months out of date.
+Zameer Mahomed I disagree with others on the team that the N10 will be that useful.  5250 and 5410 have completely different GPUs and likely many other architectural differences.  Someone's working on it, if anyone can succeed when flying solo, it is them, but - they're still only one person and the odds are against them.  For the Exynos4 team, there were usually at least three or four core maintainers at any given time, plus quite a few external contributions.  For example, the disaster that was CPU frequency control in ICS required a combined effort of 3-4 kernel developers (with only one of them being on the CM team) to figure out.  Most of those people have also gone to other devices.

For Chainfire's stuff, at least the Exynos4 team has tried to cooperate with him in the past.  I gave him the data needed to support MO on the N80xx series.  However for TriangleAway, it sounds like Samsung added new protections that are going to make it extremely difficult if not impossible on the I9500.

+Chris Storer This is an Exynos status post, not an HTC Fireball one.  I really don't want to have to mute this post because of spam...
Feedback: This post encouraged me to install CM10.1 on my i9300.. and its GREAT ! No issues at all.
(Well i have some battery drain but that appeared in my previous rom as well (cm9))
CM10.1 I9300 released a snapshot build today :) Running excellent on my phone. Thank you CM team! 
"test" was renamed to "snapshot" - just an experimental for an unmerged patch.
+Andrew Dodd By reading "I disagree with others on the team that the N10 will be that useful.  5250 and 5410 have completely different GPUs and likely many other architectural differences.  Someone's working on it, if anyone can succeed when flying solo, it is them, but - they're still only one person and the odds are against them. "
I feel the chances of getting CM on i9500 are very thin and rare :(
Cyanogen is not dropping the support for exynos 5 but the priority is last which means that we may never be able to see a CM rom for i9500, Samsung exynos on the ban list now as long as they don't show some developers love :-[ I miss CM on this beast.
Cyanogen has opened a tracking system where the updates can be tracked for i9500
I'm still running 7.2 on the S2 (Exynos 4210). What are the major issues for this phone with 10.1? I'm having trouble finding some sort of list of at least the major issues. That's all I need to know if I decide to upgrade.
CM9 is without a doubt in a better state than CM7.x on 4210 devices.  10.1 - Some games crash, playback of some video formats is corrupted (NHK World Live TV used to be the best example, but this doesn't have issues since they changed streaming format), general maintainer burnout leading to overall lack of maintenance.
My friends. I am the owner of SGS I9500 Exynos Octa ... I'm really looking forward to Cyanogenmod for my phone. In case of the beginning work to create firmware CM for Octa - I'm ready to be the beta tester of your firmware.
Thank you. 
For what it's worth, thank you for the continued support of the Exynos 4 devices. Is there anything we can do to help at this stage?
Is it possible at least to put some M snapshots, or the latest 10.1 nightly for i9300 on the server?

I moved to 10.2 nightly and lots of things don't work very well, but I can't find a way to go back. 10.1 experimentals don't work, so the only alternative seems to be going back all the way to 9.1 !!!!!
Cm10.2 Stable for i9300 is out.. So are all the issues nailed down? And are we going in direction of receiving a stable KitKat?
+Ashish Soni No, exynos4 devices were marked as stable against the maintaners' wishes.  They still have lots of weird issues, but as a corporate entity, CM has to cook the numbers to look good for investors.  Exynos4 devices were marked as stable simply because they had lots of users.  (And this reason is one of the reasons why many of the exynos4 maintainers are no longer with the project, including myself.)
Thanks for speaking on behalf a team you are no longer part of. Muck raising at its finest. 
we need cyanogenmod 11 on exynos note 3 :(((
Any chances for Exynos 5 Octa support? Maybe with the new kernel 3.10?
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