Status Update: Exynos

Following through on our promised status reports, today’s will encompass the Exynos platform, specifically Exynos 4. 

To get ahead of any misunderstanding, we will start by saying we are not dropping support of the Exynos 4 devices.

That said, to those keeping an eye out for a CM 10.1 general release for Exynos 4 devices, there won’t be one. Supporting this family of devices beyond CM 9.1 (ICS) has proven difficult to accomplish, with various issues surfacing from the binaries and sources we have to work with. 

However, we are not going to be giving up on this platform, especially given that the i9100 and i9300 are in the top 3 of our user base (according to; we know many of you are counting on us for support. Our maintainers thus far have done an admirable job getting these devices to work well in their current nightly form. There are still plenty of issues left to be resolved, and they aren't the type of issues that will be solved in days or weeks. It is because of those issues that a general release has been withheld. 

Until such time that the remaining issues can be nailed down, the Exynos 4 devices will remain as ‘nightly only’ status. You will continue to receive the latest bug fixes, security fixes and features, but given the incomplete nature of the the platform, bug reports will not be accepted.

A specific list of Exynos 4 devices that are receiving nightlies are:
Exynos 4210 - i9100, n7000, i777
Exynos 4412 - i9300, n7100, all t0lte variants, n80xx

For those savvy users noting that the OdroidU2 is Exynos 4, and supported, you are correct. But given that device is more akin to a reference board and not a phone, it does not share the issues of the rest of the platform. 

Finally, just a note that Exynos 3 and Exynos 5 devices are not impacted by the information above. The Nexus S allows for a solid Exynos 3 base, and the Nexus 10 for the Exynos 5 base. We have an i9500 in hand and will be working towards bringing the Exynos 5 Octo platform up to release quality as well. 
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