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Focal x CM10.2
Focal now available in CyanogenMod 10.2!

Focal has been pushed to the official CyanogenMod repositories, and is now available automatically in CyanogenMod 10.2 builds!

.. It is technically possible to build it for CM-10.1, but we're not officially supporting that as CM-10.1 is now under maintenance mode thanks to the quick progress we're all doing with CM-10.2.

.. It is still considered as unstable: We haven't removed stock camera yet until we're sure Focal is 100% stable. Keep in mind that our tests were limited, as well as the number of devices we tested the app on, so bugs are to be expected. We are aware of ALL THE BUGS so please don't report any until further notice.

.. No plans to publish on Play Store for now, as it would be too much work to maintain.

.. I won't give any support at all to unofficial builds, and/or not running on CyanogenMod.

Have fun!
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indeed good news, great work CM team
Help!!! I love this rom but where is the GSM Galaxy Nexus (maguro) vershion? Still dont see 10.2 update! 
Amir Na
Will it work on nexus 4 stock ROM? Rooted...
Amir Na
Stock 4.3 that is..
+Bogomil Petrov 10.2 still isn't finished but you can check out the xda forums for an unofficial build for the galaxy nexus :)
Kudos. Running into build errors with mako but nothing that I'm worried about. Thank you CM!!!
Yaniv C
That's great, just one thing. I'm using the S3(Int) , i am to get the cm 10.2 treat last Thnx to Samsung's Exynos and have to still use cm 10.1.
That means i won't be able to use Focal until cm 10.2 is available for S3(Int) ?
+Marcus Nailor Thanks for the info! I am happy that we who are living 2 years in the past with these phones are not forgotten! Thank you! 
+Amir Na read the post. It clearly says that it works in CM 10.2 and anything else won't be supported 
It's funny that the +CyanogenMod team produces so many great addition to stock android while delivering cutting edge software. great job! Now just waiting for official 10.2 for my devices :)
Your tests were limited but you're aware of all the bugs? That's impressive, if not impossible.
man i was hoping to use it on tonight 10.1 nightly. Oh well I understand why and cm 10.2 is already getting to the point where nighties are decently reliable and bug free. 
Nice job guys. Really powering through the builds. Excited to try 10.2 on my s4.
+Bill Puckering it's possible.

You can test the camera with 10 different phones, all of them running the same CM version and see that one does not do X thing correctly while other does, making it a bug, but yet it still is a limited amount of tests.

Bugs for a camera app?

"this does not show up just after touching that"

that will happen on a nexus 4 and on a galaxy s, so, yeah, they can be found even if it was only tested on a short ammount of devices
Don't suppose anyone has already extracted the APK ? 
+Harith Abdullah hahahaha!! nichts für ungut aber lern erstmal deutsch und dann übersetze ich es dir xD
:( now I've got to wait for 10.2 on galaxy s4, cant wait! 
Awesome! I can't wait for the 10.2 nightly builds to start rolling off Jenkins on REDACTED...
Rob M.
...a the future.
I'm sure focal relies on some libs so Idk if you can just install the apk.
I could be wrong... 
where can i get CM 10.2 for mako from? 
+Harith Abdullah Focal, also die neue Kamera app, ist jetzt in CM10.2. Aber wenn du es ausbropieren willst musst du dir eine unoffizielle rom auf xda suchen da es noch viele feheler hat.Welches handy hast du?
+Aaron Shirzadi  there is but its a unoficial build and as far as I understand there´s a oficial build now
Would be great to see it as a standalone apk since cm 10.2 isnt coming soon for n7100 (i suppose)
+Jobran Mansour I think its gonna be a standalone apk because it says in the post that there are no plans to put it on the playstore for now
+Aryan Nazary yes retarded questions.. but "stupid people"? cmon dont read it then
Man... I JUST started a build like an hour ago. Types:
make clobber
repo sync
. build/envsetup
brunch toro
+Aryan Nazary c'mon mate. This ain't xda. Anyone can post or ask whatever the hell he wants to. That's the benefit here. I feel like you do, but I just ignore it. 
CM 10.2 isn't yet available for Endeavoru, isn't it?
Developers who think they're aware of "ALL THE BUGS" are invariably wrong.
+Carlin Brown I set up a jenkins server this weekend. Now I just click a build button :)
Just had a chance to play with a fresh build. Kudos to Guillaume and Cyanogenmod!  Focal is loaded with great/handy features and when stable will be a hard camera to beat. One of my favorites is the ability to force exposure to a specific area of the shot.
Will the stock camera app still be available after Focal is fully working? 
Greg W
I'm so excited for 10.2 you guys are awesome!
:( there does not seem to be a 10.2 nightly for the SGS2 (i9100) a little nemesis love would be nice
I9100 10.2 is available as experimental build on XDA...
So you're going to remove stock camera at some point, huh? :( Shame, I guess I have to look for another ROM then.
Can't wait until it's ready! I'd flash it if I had a spare device, but all I've got is my GS3 and I need something stable on that. You have all my support and congrats though! 
Fails to build on CM 10.1, don't know why, seems to be errors in external/Focal
You have my phone samsung galaxy young y GT-s5360 update sowftwer
+Dabu Xian you can always use the old camera. If it would be gone some day, just take the apk of it from the last version it was in and move it to /system/app

Did this CM10.2 release to mako build ?
Lu Long
If maintenance is too hard, to push it into the play store, does it mean I cannot compile and deploy it?
Still waiting on updates to the grouper for CM 10.2 Then I'll try and build
Cherry-picked Focal for my 10.1 build, but don't see it anywhere? Didn't get any build errors either. I only seem to have stock Gallery/Camera? Does it only work on certain devices or something? I'm building for Jewel.

EDIT: Nevermind, I see what happened. I got it now :-). 
my nexus 4 had gotten the 4.3OTA but i like CM better
As an i9100 owner, I would like to apologize for all the dicks. Keep up the great work, guys.
I'm so excited for this to come true, thanks you guys keep it up, we'll wait for your excellent work patient 
Some on had extract it into apk.. Installed in my stock 4.3 and it works 
+Akash Ramani Basically just means they won't support it. Because it is open source you can do whatever you want on your own.
With this replacement will there be an option for those with Nexus devices to keep the stock Photosphere implementation or is it a case of one or the other?
How exactly do you built cyanogenmod 10.2 and not 10.1?
That's great. What happened with the privat guard that Steve Kondik was working on? Has it been already pushed to the CM repositories?
Jason M
I hope this camera won't allow recording in portrait mode.
I personally prefer to have both camera apps. Please don't remove when Focal becomes staple. 
Can't wait to get the first nightly for my maguro. Running official 4.3 at the moment. Speed is impressive but I'm missing all my cm features. Will donate again on the first nightly! You are Android!
Sorry for asking here, I didn't see any answer yet in the comments, but is it possible to flash a CM10.2 nightly over a 10.1 install without erasing all apps and datas? Thanks for everything, great job as usual!
Where can we check if there are new builds of cm 10.2?
cam is what holding me back from flashing cm on my s4, stock shots are way better
This is brill news! I have been pulling my hair out with my oneX and photoshere etc Huge thanks..
focalpicsphere + magurocm10.1... = 81°c
but still the best camapp ever
Sahil M
Anyone think we can get CM 10.2 on the s3 at&t and other s3's. Because CM code review says they got the s3 to boot. 
Please make a custom rom for my LG Optimus L5 ii (E450).
cyanogenmod i know Toroplus has been having issues.  Is there anyone on your time that can try to get Data working.  Cant wait to get of it!  Congrats on 10.2 and the new camera apk. 
#namesis  I can't wait 4.3 for i9300, thanks a lot for bring it to us
+alin stanescu no the g300 doesn't have official cm support but Dazzazo has worked his ass off to get cm10.1 working. Head over to for more info
please make or suggest a Custom jb rom for my optimus L5 ii
there is no official 4.3 builds for toro
What I still want to:

set storage folder itself, for example: set in SD-Card/Pictures

file format itself, for example: - hhmmss.jpeg

or even better - "GPS location" - hhmmss.jpeg

Thank you, you're doing a good job
Will PicSphere snap pictures automatically like PhotoSphere? Personally, I like the stock Camera app and I don't see why CM should start changing this. I went back to stock because I can't take PhotoSphere with stock Camera...
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