4.2, Quick Settings and Toggles...

Oh my.

So, as we mentioned in our 4.2 staging post, the inclusion of Quick Settings (QS) in AOSP source means that we need to revisit our implementation of the much loved CM notification widgets. 

We believe its commonly agreed that the 'stock' functionality of the QS is less than ideal, they currently behave as 'shortcuts' and not toggles. 

Linked to this post is one potential solution, but not the complete one. Ideally, we'd like to please everyone, but that's not possible. With that, the current discussion of the toggles is to make 4 use cases available. 

1) Make stock QS functionality identical to CM functionality (single click toggle, long press to open settings page), and fully customize-able
2) #1 and allow for CM notification widgets in QS panel (linked post) 
3) #1 and allow for CM notification widgets in Notification panel (CM 7/9/10 functionality)
4) #1 and.... this one's a secret, but we are sure you'll like it

Once we are fully merged to 4.2, the CM UX team will work on the 4 items above, but note in each use case, #1 will be incorporated. 
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