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4.2, Quick Settings and Toggles...

Oh my.

So, as we mentioned in our 4.2 staging post, the inclusion of Quick Settings (QS) in AOSP source means that we need to revisit our implementation of the much loved CM notification widgets. 

We believe its commonly agreed that the 'stock' functionality of the QS is less than ideal, they currently behave as 'shortcuts' and not toggles. 

Linked to this post is one potential solution, but not the complete one. Ideally, we'd like to please everyone, but that's not possible. With that, the current discussion of the toggles is to make 4 use cases available. 

1) Make stock QS functionality identical to CM functionality (single click toggle, long press to open settings page), and fully customize-able
2) #1 and allow for CM notification widgets in QS panel (linked post) 
3) #1 and allow for CM notification widgets in Notification panel (CM 7/9/10 functionality)
4) #1 and.... this one's a secret, but we are sure you'll like it

Once we are fully merged to 4.2, the CM UX team will work on the 4 items above, but note in each use case, #1 will be incorporated. 
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Ah! I didn't even know about the long-press on each toggle to bring the settings page, nice one! :D
J Agnew
Thanks for being open and letting us in on the plans. 
I do like that AOSP's QS have lots of room for many easy-to-hit settings. Can't wait to see what comes out of this!
#1 is good enough for me, but Google's iplementation is not good at all!
There is a rom in XDA has this feature, Quick Toggle beta.
I love all options, personally I want the aosp quick settings with single tap on/off and long press enter settings. Can't wait for cm10.1!!!!!
+Robert Demery Agreed. The dual notification shade is a total abortion, especially on N7. #3 seems to be the best idea, with an option to totally disable the QS shade.
Tim Box
I like the dual screen but want option 1 from your list
+Robert Demery +Kyle Hawkins we've heard that, and I thought about adding an option to disable QS altogether, but honestly, exclusion of an AOSP feature is not something I'm a fan of. I'd rather we make things better than resort to axing upstream features. 
+Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith I thought the same thing lol As I was reading that I was thinking "That's a current feature?!" I've been using CM for years and never knew that was possible!

+Nick Hoadley since I found that in AOKP it's my absolute favorite implementation of this. I love being able to hide/show them with a single tap and long press to go to settings.
+Abhisek Devkota The CM widgets are so much better, I wish CM could find some way to get them merged upstream, maybe in time for KLP?
+Abhisek Devkota That's why it should be an option. TBH, I don't think "Because it's upstream" should be a reason to keep a poorly-implemented feature.
I'd definitely like 1) but 4) looks interesting too :)
#1. No need to have toggles in both places. Just add the functionality to what is already there.
+Kyle Hawkins not reason to keep it or abandon it really, but keeping it is in line with our vision. CM's vision since CM9 has been to make our enhancements seemless with AOSP, the more stock they appear, the better. In that respect, we recognize there are shortfalls in the stock version and prefer to fix them, instead of doing away with them. 
We are still in the design stage on the toggles - don't worry, whatever we come up with will be usable, customizable, user selectable and sexy.
The #1 option is so much more ideal. I thought that's how Google was going to implement, but I was wrong. +CyanogenMod has spoiled me!
+Abhisek Devkota I do appreciate that, but in this one specific case I feel like the functionality was already there (CM notification toggles) and when Google added it to AOSP, they created a less efficient version and unfamiliar version of it. The usability is very akward, and at the end of the day, you don't gain anything by using Google's bastardization of it. That's why I agree, they should be fixed, and made to work like CM, but I personally would also like to see an option of having it how it's worked fine for years. Thats just my $0.02 though, and I'll live with and love whatever we get.
Still wondering why Google 'messed up' QS in the first place...
Number 2 defiantly! ;) Half the reason that everyone likes an update is for the visuals. So with the new 4.2 QS visuals but Cyanogenmod functionality? :)
+CyanogenMod that feels a bit redundant honestly. But android is all about choice, so why not! 
I'd use #3. I like the toggles the way they are in CM10.0.
#1 sounds nice.. #2 and #3 seem redundant with QS page. Now the only thing left is #4, which I think would be the default for CM10.1 since they're confident that we'll like it :)
Paolo P
imho #1 is a must, #2 is useless/redundant, #3 is easy to develop i think, #4 let's see
make the QS Toggles and customize-able and thats it!
Number 1 and potentially 4 being I don't know what it is...But definitely go with stock even if ugly as all black friday.
I LOVE number one.
With the QS page being quick toggles I could care less about having the old one. 
The thing I would love would for it to be like MIUI. If you don't have a notification, a pull-down automatically goes to the QS page, or you can swipe back and forth between the two pages instead of having to a press a button.
Honestly though, so they all include number one (the one that I want because I really like how the QS page looks) the others don't even really matter to me, except possibly number four.
Number 1 and potentially 4 being I don't know what it is...But definitely go with stock even if ugly as all black friday.
Fascinated about chose it's #4 :)
#1 feels like MIUI but with stock Android QS icons, keep 'em coming! :D
I hate the default browser, double post on refresh. :/
I would prefer number 1, but the CM-team will do it well... just as always.
#1 would definitely my preference.  I was a little disappointed it didn't work like toggles w/ a long press for settings when I first tried it out.
Either 1 or 4? Don't put the old widgets anywhere because they don't fit anymore!
I have a question:
The CM10.1 will be full wipe if I come from CM10.0.x?
I have the reply:

I would like it where they leave the AOSP QS alone except for making them actually work as toggles and make a long press take them to settings. Whichever choice has that is what I's like to see.
+Abhisek Devkota then I would like that one sorry I didn't pay close enough attention. I reread and yup #1 is good.
Watch #4 be the entire settings app within the tray
#3 gets my vote, unless #4 happens to be better. The QS functionality is kinda lame. It's better than AOSP 4.1, but it's still not anywhere near ideal. The CM notification widgets are the biggest thing I miss day to day going with stock.
I like the way cm10 has it now.. If it ain't broke DONT fix it. 
I'd say keep the option of having either one of them, or both would be the best to cater all of the users' needs.
#3 and #4 are the obvious choices.
Thanks for telling me about the long press to open setting in CM10. I had no idea about that! 
I can't comment on #4 obviously, but it seems #1 would be the best way to go. I like CM because it seems to keep things as close to stock as possible while expanding functionality. Don't stray too far from the path
#1 would be ideal... anything beyond that is just icing.
Your G+ posts are greatly appreciated, that is all :)
Juan B
NICE! So looking forward. Thanks
Thanks for the update
Keep up the great work
#4 = make this all configurable so that everybody will enjoy this feature the way they want? ;-)
What +CyanogenMod is famous for is its adherenece to AOSP. If you sway too far from it, you might end up being another Samsung HTC or Lg.
I like #2. I'm currently using a mod on the 4.2 quick settings on toro and it's a short press for toggle, long press for settings.  To add other ones might be helpful but honestly it's working great for me so far.  IMO better and more informative than the old CM notification widget
Excellent. I can't for the life of me figure why Google didn't make them toggles. Seems like a lot of work to just go halfway. Anyway, glad to hear CM will be "fixing" this
I just found out about this long press on the toggles! I wonder what other little features are hidden in CM that I dont know about.
waiting for #4, now #3 looks the best IMHO
#2 sounds good, but most importantly, I am so glad that you guys are working on 4.2. This is the reason I will never go back to stock even though Samsung (using GS3) has some interesting features.
#3 with the option to hide QS altogether.
#MIUI got me sticked to their sometimes not perfect ROMs mainly because of this.
Nexus One btw.
I think #1 is the way it should have been implemented to begin with. CM notification widgets are way more useful
I like option 1 but I would be lying if option 4 wasn't intriguing...
1 sounds sufficient, I am sure you guys will get it with 4!
Number 4 and number 1 sound great, can't wait!
What I really like is the way it's done with the nexus 10, if you pull down the notification bar on the right side of the display  the qs is displayed and if you pull down on the left side you get notifications.
That makes accessing the the quick settings a lot faster and there wouldn't be a need for the cm toggles in the notification bar.
I vote for option 1. Much cleaner than the others. Fix Google's mistake by making them toggles. 
Hel M
Is an NFC toggle going to be added to the toggles anytime soon? And would it be possible to make the brightness toggles a checkbox select like brightness is now? Cos I'd like to toggle 30 sec/1 min/5 min/never. Keep up the good work!
I'm glad it offers choice instead of waging a war on the two options.
cool pic       :)                  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think the most logical way of doing it would be #1, but I'm also concerned about how comfortable will the gesture to access the QS panel be on a phone, as I've only tested it on my N7, so it would be nice to still have the choice to access the toggles in the notification bar. I'm really curious about #4...
Paul W.
I'd be happy with just #1
I'd say make those things real toggles nota shortcuts and make them customizable. That would be enought for everyone while keep the same original visual style.
where do i have to click 3 times to get into settings? , 2 would be enough surely ?
make those shortcuts to toggles replacing the functionality and keep pure aosp taste..
#1 sounds fine, so does #3... No idea what #4 is so can't comment.
#3. With the other options, it's kinda silly that we need to tap an extra button or use two fingers just to get to our toggles. Should be less steps, not more. 
I have to say, there should be options. I personally want to be able to switch to what CM10 has, the 4.2 ones seem like somewhat of an afterthought. Besides that, I don't want it to take even longer to get to the flashlight toggle, right now its a power button press and drag down then hit the toggle, I would love to be able to just throw it on the lock screen. Point is, it shouldn't take longer to access the same functions.
We all like #4 despite not knowing what it is!
Hope you guys don't forget about the Nexus S for your 10.1 release. Please don't abandon us like Google did. :(
I want it the old way. Google's implementation is so absurd... So #3 I think?

I'd prefer to turn off Google's QS for good so that Clear Notifications button will be where it is now.
I don't want to wait anymore.
I think the best choice is the first one, the second and third are unnecesary imho.
#4 = #1 and add customisable extra toggle buttons, in the style of the stock toggles? :)
Offtopic: Didn't know that a long press will open the settings page in CM. Thanks for that hint :)
you guys are just awesome!!
I think #3 is the best. some toggles in notification panel an a biger selection of toggles in QS panal and i'd like to see stepless brightness control 
Thanks a ton CM team. Small donation i could give - on the way!!!
I don't know how easy this would be to implement, but I'd like a choice of stock or aosp or maybe even both. Either way, can't wait and love your work :)
+Hel M I'm not sure it makes sense to add an NFC toggle since having it on will use almost no power. It's only turned on when the screen is on and the phone is unlocked and even then it draws very little power.

+David van Tonder What was #5 and #6? Did I miss some internal discussion? :)
i really like the first option you mentioned. but I'm pretty curious about the 4th one, looking forward to its unvailing ;)
CM QS > 4.2 QS I prefer the row at the top as opposed to an extra click
I also like the Nexus 7 version. Pull down left side of the Bar -> Notifications, pull down right side of the bar -> QS.
#1 with a dash of 4 :) please,in that process if you manage to include nfc toggle capability,some of us would be greatful :)
+Björn Lundén well I dont see that being a convincing reason to not have a toggling capability. Heck device rotating takes even lesser power,works only on screen unlock :)

Its all about the ease :)
It's gotta be 3. The current set up is much nicer than stock 4.2.
+Akash Ramani As I see it, the reason for adding a toggle is either because it's something you might want to toggle often (like rotation) or because it draws power or poses a security risk and you want to turn it off when not using it. NFC doesn't really fit any of those categories in my mind.

With that said, I wouldn't vote it down if it was submitted and others in the team liked it. I just don't think it is very useful to toggle it and that's probably why it was never added.
I am hoping CM will keep the look of them (showing signal strength and battery), but make them actual toggles. I think Google may have had a good idea putting them on a seperate screen since I have 8 or 9 toggles that I want easy access to, but scrolling across the notification centre just doesn't seen like as good of an implementation. 
I'd vote #3 with the option to disable AOSP shade entirely. Their implementation is not as good as CM.
"but note in each use case, #1 will be incorporated"
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