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Let the themes begin

Edit: Also available in Green
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O2 Samsung GT-I9100 (last used May, 2012)
This item is not compatible with your device.

(cm9 nightly)
Omjizzle, i cant wait until this carries over to my unofficial build for Nook Tablet. I really want some holo blue status bar buttons!
Downloaded and installed it looks great on my Epic 4G.
Urgh, stop bragging all of you :P
Works on O2-UK, Sensation. OpenSensation. Good going!
It doesn't change the color on the shutdown menu and notification drawer where the wifi, 4g, GPS toggle widgets are, but still great basic sample theme. My wife will love the color. Great work!
Works perfect -dinc CM9 Unofficial
Power menu tis not themed even after reboot and I think because theming power menu fonctionality is not merged yet,anyway great Work keep It Up!
Not so fan of purple but works great on My HP touchpad CM9 nightly
+Ricardo Cerqueira u have to make it manually for each color, right? Is it possible to implement an app to select the color and export as a theme? it would be even nicer.
people wouldn't ask for
colors (like me, my school yellow) :) great work
Is the theme manager incorporated into the CM9 nightlies for E4gt?
Wish the purple theme was more indigo.
Play Store says that it's not compatible with my galaxysmtd. This is because I changed the lcd density to 183. please fix :)
YOU fix it then, Philipp. LCD density related Market problems are your problem. The market thinks you own an incompatible device.
Yes I know but my device is compatible. So I think it would be better to change it in the App that anyone who has the same Problem and maybe don't know why can use the Theme too. Just a hint ;)
The themes are openSource ? send me examlpe code plz :D
Philipp, seriously... don't mess with LCD density and then ask them to fix it. That is ridiculous. 
If I want to download it, I will decompile the Play Store, remove the density check and recompile it. BUT is everyone able to do this? I don't think so. So it just was a hint to the developer. It would be sad if anyone can't use this just because of density problems. He only have to change the manifest file (add "<supports-screens android:anyDensity="true"/>"). The app is working fine on every density. The Play Store just think it won't work because of an wrong manifest file. (same problem with the Facebook App :D) btw I said "Please Fix" not "Fix it!!"
+Ricardo Cerqueira volume sliders remain stock ics blue after theme change to either the green or purple. GT-I9000 CM9 build 20120508
will the lockscreen be themeable in CM9, or is it still exactly the same engine like in CM7?
and what about the shutdown menu?

already using your purple theme :D

thanks again for your awsome work!
Market says my device as incompatible as well. GT-i9000 with latest nightly (20120508). I have been flashing every single update ever since pawitps build5 or so; maybe I have some issues due to that?

Oh, and why does the notification drawer orientation toggler look like an iPhone? This is really inappropriate! :)

Update: works with 20120510
Would love to see the Elegance theme ported over to CM9 for the SG2....
will this work on mdpi? I'm getting the "not compatible" message in the play store (that may be because my device really isn't compatible, I just wanted to check)
Ok for starters I'm on AOKP not cm9... despite the fact I have the theme manager it still says not compatible device
Holo white theme, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez
ics needs to get a bit lighter ;D
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