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PSA: Unified HTC One GSM Build

Starting with tonight's nightly, and moving forward, we will be building 1 HTC One GSM device instead of 3 separate ones. 

m7ul, m7att, m7tmo are all rolled into a new 'm7' build

On that same note, with this change there will no longer be m7ul, m7att, m7tmo individual builds. 

The old repo's are still available and buildable, but all new changes will be reflected in the linked repository. 
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you can do the same with jfltexx, tmo, and att
Separate profiles all in one package,is that right?
+Neo Wong all three devices have the same build, it is a waste of time maintaining three separate builds which are identical. 

its not three packages, but one package that was universal among the three devices
Pretty jealous to see the HTC One getting some loving. Can't wait for the Note 3 to get some much needed attention. 
+Vedant Mathur The package contains common components of the 3 devices and separate ones in different folders,i seem to have seen some examples before.
+Neo Wong I doubt, I haven't seen it yet, but I doubt. You can install an m7ul ROM on an m7att or an m7tmo no problem. Their components are identical, as is their software. Just a different logo on the back
Won't it work on Sprint HTC One? 
Thank the good lord. This is a glorious change.
+Rafael Lopez yes, but we have Sprint here. My HTCONE is unlocked though so I have been able to use it internationally on GSM, but sounds like this build won't work on Sprint. Thanks 
Do we have any latest bug free version for Samsung galaxy s4 i9500? Unofficial also fine, but needed a stable version. 
David G
+Raja Sekhar Not sure how that ties into the m7....

On that note, when does Burger King close?
when a rom for alcatel one touch idol 6030A
+Jason Urena not possible due to the device trees. Every varient ends up needing their own boot image.
What about note N7000, waiting badly
Notice how it's international people that have no clue about CM's #1 rule.
David G
I'm still waiting on Burger King's hours, personally. 
+Vedant Mathur Wouldn't I get assert script errors trying to flash a jfltexx or jflteatt ROM on jfltetmo
+Robert Cross I never got anything and the ROM worked perfectly. I tried TW, AOSP, and GE ROMs and it worked without a hitch

Stay away from jfltevzw and jfltespr Roms, they are CDMA
Fan Boy
hw abt I9100, I9300, I9500 
everything it's ok for me...but..we don't have a manteiner for htc one, in all the builds...there are no changes device specific but only for system
ETA on world peace? When CM is done working on all devices, can they start on world peace? 
Add HTC ONE mini to your list please.
When do you guys release a Nightly version of Cyanogenmod 11 for the Xperia Z1?
Will GSM t0 devices get the same treatment?
What about cm11 sgs 2 ? Thank you guys ...
+Robert Cross You won't get assert errors. Instead of the script checking if it's, for example, a tmo device, it will instead check if its any of the 3. The check doesn't do much. You can even remove the assert lines yourself if you want to flash a tmo version on an at&t, for example.
+Vedant Mathur I'm confused over this right from the start. So basically all builds are exactly the same?
FINALLY. I never saw the point of having separate builds when they could all be flashed just the same. I've never even used an m7tmo build on my T-Mobile HTC One.
+Shaun Lim yes. The m7ul, m7att, and m7tmo were identical builds. To save time, and storage space, they decided to make it into one generic build named m7.

The same applies to the jfltexx, jflteatt, jfltetmo. Many other devices as well
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