Just in time for something new

As most of the community frantically press the F5 key's on their machines, waiting (impatiently) to throw their money at +LG Mobile and +Google, we thought we'd join in the fun. 

Last night we initiated the process of tagging and branching our source code for the CM 10 "stable" release. Why is stable in quotes? Because that word does a disservice to the M-series and is misleading at worst. The word stable works great when discussing kernels, but calling this release 'stable' implies that the M-series builds were not 'stable', which is far from the truth. So think of this as stable, release, LTS, or M3; you pick. Regardless, we want your bug reports https://code.google.com/p/cyanogenmod/issues/list; we can't fix what we don't know is broken. (And yes, you do have to follow the template, or your issue will be ignored). 

So, with those semantics and topics discussed, the CM 10.0 releases are already hitting get.cm and more are queued on our Jenkins build manager

What's next?

Android 4.2 is getting the OTA treatment from the powers that be. We eagerly await the source to hit the AOSP repos. When it does, we will begin the task of defining what is new, what has changed, and what CM features should stay (or go). We already anticipate removing the CM enhancements to the Clock app (Google made their own), and enhancing the Quick Settings (most likely not porting over the Notification Power Widgets). However, these assessments are preliminary, and won't be finalized until MR1, or whatever tag is used, has the source to go with it. 

Edit: Oh and yes, before its asked, 4.2 will be CM 10.1 (not CM11). 
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