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Just in time for something new

As most of the community frantically press the F5 key's on their machines, waiting (impatiently) to throw their money at +LG Mobile and +Google, we thought we'd join in the fun. 

Last night we initiated the process of tagging and branching our source code for the CM 10 "stable" release. Why is stable in quotes? Because that word does a disservice to the M-series and is misleading at worst. The word stable works great when discussing kernels, but calling this release 'stable' implies that the M-series builds were not 'stable', which is far from the truth. So think of this as stable, release, LTS, or M3; you pick. Regardless, we want your bug reports; we can't fix what we don't know is broken. (And yes, you do have to follow the template, or your issue will be ignored). 

So, with those semantics and topics discussed, the CM 10.0 releases are already hitting and more are queued on our Jenkins build manager

What's next?

Android 4.2 is getting the OTA treatment from the powers that be. We eagerly await the source to hit the AOSP repos. When it does, we will begin the task of defining what is new, what has changed, and what CM features should stay (or go). We already anticipate removing the CM enhancements to the Clock app (Google made their own), and enhancing the Quick Settings (most likely not porting over the Notification Power Widgets). However, these assessments are preliminary, and won't be finalized until MR1, or whatever tag is used, has the source to go with it. 

Edit: Oh and yes, before its asked, 4.2 will be CM 10.1 (not CM11). 
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great stuff! thanks for the work!
Fantastic.  Can't wait to sample the fruits of CM10.1's labour
Nice :-) thank you for your hard work! You give my LG NITRO a new life... 
Eagerly waiting for that,tks a lot for your dedication...
awesome thanks so much for the awesome work! 
Excellent. I'm looking forward to it
Need moar devz on the Optimus Geez, crack teh bootloader!
I haz chromebook so I just mash the actual refresh button ... #NoFKeys
Sam M
cool donation on the way!!
Just when Stable builds are made available, CM 10.1 is right around the corner. "Stable", in quotes, fell into the blind spot :D
throwing their money at google absolutly sums it up :D
Wow, I am installing cm10 stable on my Galaxy Nexus GSM (Maguro) right now. Thanks for your incredible job!
So when 4.2 hits the AOSP repos, how much time we have to wait to get the first nightlies based on 4.2? :)
Downloading cm10 stable for d2vzw now.Thanks for all the amazing work!
Can't wait! You're doing a great job!
installing on maguro right now! thanks!

oh and please don't remove the notifications toggles. i haven't heard great things about the quick settings...
Really appreciate your hard work, thank you! 
Rob M.
Nightlies = stable for me 

Re: the f5 key, there's a plug-in for that :-D
Gene T
Why the launcher still has no options in choosing scroll effects like in cm9? I miss the 'tablet' scroll effect :-( 
Awesome! Running stable now on my SCH-I535. Thank You!
Devidamente instalado no meu Skyrocket. Show de bola!
OK, I know I can find this on my own.  But I'd like to show my gratitude for all this hard work and seeing some guidance of how to do so here, I'm hoping, will encourage others.  Where do I donate?
Thanks for all the hard work.
Anyone know if we're going to see CM10 on the original Droid RAZR? ... haven't seen anything listed yet. 
awesome thanks for the update!
Sad now... Notification bar power widgets are the single greatest UI improvement in CM10. I'm to the point now where I can do the CM10 widgets blind. (Extremely useful for brightness settings in sunny conditions.)

"Quick Settings" look interesting, but I'm betting the extra step to get to them makes them greatly inferior. Doesn't really look like a fully sufficient replacement. If this feature dies, are we supposed to duplicate this with a lock-screen power widget?
+Pedro Valente , if I translated what you said correctly, CM10 stable works for the Skyrocket?

Edit: n/m, answered my own question. There is a stable version...woot!
Can't wait for CM10.1. My galaxysmtd is excited! ;)
+Sean Crago maybe the cm team can make the quick settings available by double swiping down the notification bar. Would be much easier to access. If the shortcuts get converted to toggles we would be able to change settings more easily and comfortable... 
Is the Epic MTD the Epic 4G Touch?  Just want to make sure before I flash...
Feature Recommendation: Have an option to have the new Quick Settings be pulled up by one of three ways: 1) Pull down bar, then press the button. 2) Pull down bar, then pull down again. 3) Tablet style, left is notifications, right is quick settings.
cm10.1 excited for the new features
Another Feature Recommendation: Allow any widget to be acessed via the lock screen. Running 4.2 on my Nexus 7 shows that this is not the case
Thanks for this info guys. I'm a huge fan of this series but haven't been able to use one of these ROMS as a daily driver as yet for my GS3 so hopefully when the "stable" release comes out it will be good enough to run daily.

I am also highly anticipating the 4.2 release and what you guys are gonna do next!
+Martin Wohlert The first rule of CyanogenMod is you don't about about ETAs, the second rule of CyanogenMod is you don't ask about ETAs :)
The Nightlies have been great. Was surprised (in a good way) to see CM10 "stable" dropped this morning without having seen release candidates. Love it!
Please keep a option for the cm implementation of the power widget. 
Eager to hear what you decide on quick settings as the CM and AOSP 4.2 implementations have significant differences
Awesome! I just upgraded my sprint HTC Evo LTE (Jewel) and it is working better than ever :)
Thank you for the CM10 release for the Verizon Galaxy S3!
Hmm, there is no crespo or crespo4g yet? Was it decided that CM will not do stable builds for crespo anymore?
+Manuel Picado Herrera Yep, team Hacksung is waiting for the source code on 4.1 for i1900, but they said there is a small chance of that fixing most of the bugs, because most of the bugs are cause by closed-sourced hardware.
Where are the builds for 2011 Sony Ericsson Xperia lineup?
+Shawn Mosher - Thanks! Apparently the E4GT isn't available yet then. Can't seem to locate it on the list...
So damn, there is a "stable" CM10 for the Epic 4G but not the Epic 4G Touch?  Crap...
Will the int i9300 get these M-version?
And still no i9300 version. Damn you, Samsung. They should release this freaking documentation at last.
...and now as usual, can't wait for CM 10.1 :)
still no ROM for the HTC Sensation, when is this going to be addressed
Can't wait for CM 10.1! 4.2 is great, but I miss some of the things CM 10 added to my Nexus 7.
I'm seriously considering trying my own build for the first time right now...any hints for how I would go about merging the new 4.2 source with the current CM code?This would be for the hercules #dontwannawait  
Still no M version for i777 and media scanner is still broken. Fingers crossed?
Does this mean simply tapp support will be added to cm10 soon? I remember the previous reasoning was that the code was moving to quickly or something.
I installed CM10 on my vzw s3 a couple of days ago.  This gave me a chance to use the cm updater.  Worked flawlessly.  Great work guys.
No more devices? What about the stable release for HTC Sensation? 
Great News, thanks for all ;)
thanks, but when it comes out for the samsung galaxy s2 intl?
Cool - any update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi+3G?
no stable for i9100 because samsung didn't release jb sources yet
Great news! Anyone working on Vision/Desire Z/G2?
waiting anxiously to run on my sgs3... It'd be great if u guys would make one for the Galaxy Tab 10.1
you guys rock ... captivate, blazing along on JB .... fantastic!
Is the Galaxy Note one Supported for the stable version?
Another request for support of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (the Google IO 2011 devices)
Thnx good job but really u should support the sensation
Great, my old Galaxy-S now runs even faster and smoother ... no more need to buy Nexus4 asap ;-)
+Lazarus Xavier  That's not a bug. There are three more ways. Open the app "Google", press the search button at the top, or, if you have a device with on screen buttons, hold the home button and swipe up. You can't swipe up from the app drawer icon in AOSP.
After seeing the Nexus 7 OTA, I still would choose the more elegant CM10 approach (notification bar widgets over "quick settings") but it does look similarly easy to knock out blind, with the new Nexus 7 split notification bar. Only slightly harder to use, if massively larger and comparably inefficient.
Hey - great work and all. Before I flash, can anyone tell me if the car-dock mode thing is fixed in this build? (i.e. standard Samsung JB has a bug where if an S3 is in the car dock it refuses to charge or enter dock mode). THANKS!
im currently running the nightly version of CM10 on my Galaxy S2, would i get a notification in my phone when the CM10 STABLE versioin is available for it?
I am using LG Optimus One ( LGP500). I rooted my mobile. When I flashed it with some wierd ROM and rebooted, it is not booting again. Even the USB drivers not detect this device. So not able to flash/repair again. Any help to come out of this issue? Thanks...
Thanks for that great Service to all of you guys...
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