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Obduction VR became an instant classic for us and many others, and will no doubt be looked back on as a hugely important title in the early history of VR. The game, developed by Cyan Inc, is the spiritual successor to their iconic 90s game Myst, which involved exploring a mysterious and immersive steampunk world
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+Cyan​ Please relese the game for Android and IOS for free! 
+Jonas Jerner Not going to happen. It isn't a mobile-friendly game. You're not going to be able to play it on your ipad or nexxus or whatever. It is a hardware intensive, multi hour, complex game; not some throw away time waster full of microtransactions
+Jonas Jerner I don't understand. Leaving aside all the problems with the limited capabilities of mobile (i.e. no phone has 8GB of RAM), why would a company give away a game like this for free? 
So, lemme get this straight... you want Cyan, who is an independent studio, with under 20 people there, to take the complex exploration game they made using $1.3M Kickstartered dollars, convert it from the high-end Unreal 4 engine to a mobile game using some api, and then load it up with advertisements and microtransactions so they can 'give it away for free' to phone and tablet users.

blink. blink.

bursts out laughing

Yeah, no.
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