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Cy, what does it say about us that we don't even enter into the conversation in this article? In some ways, being the scrappy underdog has its advantages. What do you think?
You are absolutely right that it DOES have it's advantages. Turns out that with many blogs and media outlets, if you are not in NYC or LA, then you are NOBODY! Then again, B&N is 10 times bigger than us.

The media has never really given us our due IMHO, but then again, we aren't a topic of the doom and gloom "The Bookstore is dead and gone" crowd so much either. As a company, we don't tend to seek the spotlight, but instead we stick to our knitting and do our best to make a great experience for our customers. I jokingly say that we are the public company that wants to be private :-)

Seems like the companies that are spending a lot of time and energy trying to convince folks (the media, the markets etc) that they are _______ (whatever - fill in the blank) are often times blowing the proverbial smoke. We speak by our actions (ie performance).
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