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Customy - Extensions for Magento eCommerce
We develop extensions that effectively complement the basic functionality of Magento.
We develop extensions that effectively complement the basic functionality of Magento.

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This extension will be shortly available at our store for pre-order. Early birds will get it only for $30.

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We develop extensions that effectively complement the basic functionality of Magento.

- 100% Open Source
- Bug Free Lifetime Guarantee
- 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
- 6 Months Free Support
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As it is known Magento allows to manage the products inventory. Together with this one can order by default only those products that are in stock. Herewith there is a possibility to order even those products that are out of stock (backorders), namely when their number (stock) is either 0 or lower than a minimal quantity (Qty for Item's Status to Become Out of Stock attribute). 

In order to make out of stock products orders possible it is necessary to state that for such products backorders are allowed, namely the number of products in stock can be negative.

The problem that arises in such a case is that customers see that a product is out of stock (in case that availability is displayed in attribute settings for the product) but at the same time there is the Add to Cart  button both on category page and the product page.Not all customers pay attention to the fact that the product is out of stock while making an order which can result in an unpleasant situation when a product is not shipped on time and a customer's expectations are not fulfilled.

One of the solutions for such a situation can be changing the Add to Cart button to the Pre-order button.

If you wish to display Pre-Order button instead of Add to Cart when the product quantity is 0, here's how to do it.

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It is known that for many customers the main factor for making an order is the possibility to have a discount. It is enough to state both a product's retail price and its special price to make a customer happy.

Unfortunately this approach doesn't work well with all customers, as people want to know not only how much they will pay for a certain product but the percentage of the discount they will receive as well. One of the main principles that determines the work of deal sites such as Groupon is to offer various products and services with a discount of 40% and higher. In this case a psychological factor works and it is not important what the initial cost of a product was but the amount of the discount that a customer gains.

If you wish to show product discount percent next to product price or somewhere on a product page, here's how you do it.
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