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The hosting provider of both sites (MDDHosting) has had an important outage during the last hours. This is a quite exceptional circumstance as far as their uptime is really good and always fix any issue very quickly. They are working hard to get everything back to normal ASAP. The only thing that I can do is waiting and trusting their professionalism. Sorry about that.

UPDATE: even though their attitude seems excellent, as usual, and I understand that problems happen even under the best conditions, it is taking certainly too long (the whole process: finding out the problems and fixing them). They have an excellent track record since I am with them some years ago and I am not considering to move somewhere else or to change my opinion about them; but this doesn't look good and I will certainly ask for more information about the exact problems. I cannot refrain myself from thinking that this is the result of various non-ideal (perhaps even bad) decisions whose main motivation was growing in size/reducing costs/earning more or perhaps just over-confidence/bad planning/bad understanding. I am happy with everything for as long as the results are fine. Today's events might indicate that this isn't the case, even that there might be some more serious issues under the hood. Hopefully, I am wrong and/or they will learn and remember what is the main reason for their success (small but quality-oriented and dependable). Otherwise, I might have to start thinking about looking for alternatives. I will never take punctual problems/errors seriously, mainly when there is a good attitude and not much could have been done to avoid them. Although I am not so understanding with bad decisions/policies, mainly when taken for bad, short-sighted reasons. Logically, I am still less understanding with dishonesty or those not taking full responsibility for their actions. Anyway, hopefully I will remember today just as an exceptionally bad day.

UPDATE2: still not back to normal, but I already know the reasons for the problems/huge delay. My previous assumption was kind of right (bad planning, crystalised in actual problems via an unfortunate event). Curiously, I participated in a discussion in Slashdot over 1 year ago when pretty much the same problem(s) happened to My first impression is that these are pretty bad news because of denoting a lack of care of (very relevant) technical aspects. On the other hand, I think that these guys have an excellent attitude, feel really bad about all this and have got the best possible framework to get high-quality learning (= very tough conditions; their last 15 hours have been a true nightmare). So, for the time being, everything is fine with me. I see all this as a one-time thing from which they will learn a lot.

UPDATE3: still down, over 24h already. The ironical thing is that I have tons of backups (remember, kids: backup a lot, regularly and test the recovery process! My computer might break, my secondary computer might break too, all my external drives might get corrupted, my sites might be inaccessible, some of my cloud accounts might be destroyed and I might still keep all my data intact :)) and all what I need is to access my servers, but apparently (still not sure) I have to wait for the slow transfer of all this data. In fact, has a huge database (mostly because of the web domain ranking) which might take quite long to be restored. I do update that database regularly (currently, every 3 days, it takes around 30-40 minutes), but my internet connection is quite fast and even the algorithm of the script I use is pretty optimised (a MySQL total import would take much longer). Quite bad situation, undoubtedly. Something which could (and should) have been avoided. But well... I reinsist in my previous ideas of this being a 1 time thing (I will certainly not be understanding with a second similar episode), liking the overall attitude of these guys and trusting that they will learn a lot from all this.

UPDATE4: everything is back to normal!! Finally!! Over 48h later! I have never had to tolerate something similar to that with any other hosting provider ever!! And even though I want to continue with MDDHosting and my opinion about them is quite good (I mean... this episode has somehow affected it; but time should heal this tiny wound)! Why is this the case might someone wonder? There might even be some people having the (tremendously-wrong) impression about me that I am not understanding with errors. What is the magic, the trick explaining such apparently-impossible behaviour might wonder some individuals (rarely wanting to properly understand)? Being professional, honest, committed to deliver the best, accepting their own errors, trying to systematically learn/improve, etc. Basically, what I deliver and expect from anyone else, but what rarely find anywhere. This is the magic that makes me being understanding with what, a priori, could even be seen as gross incompetence. Everyone makes mistakes, even big ones. Some people learn from them and grow even stronger, others see them as a problem which they make even worse through a bad management (lies, not assuming responsibility, not wanting to change, etc.). From all what I have seen until today (including their behaviour during this crisis), I think that these guys belong to that first group and that's why I don't see a big deal here. The beauty of the context: what might be horrible when done by some people might be acceptable done by others, even by being completely fair and objective.
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As clearly stated in my Slashdot profile (, including most of my kind-of-work-related-but-more-personal stuff, and I quote:

"I am Alvaro Carballo Garcia (40, male), a mechanical engineer remotely-working as a programmer, a Spaniard working in English since long ago. I am the sole author of anything (anywhere, anytime) done by Custom Solvers 2.0 or varocarbas. I have two sites: (main) and (R&D).

Most of my online activity is part of my work, to help potential clients know about my skills and personality. I might chat about anything for whatever reason, but not looking for friends or similar (I am into women).

I am objective, honest, straightforward and fair. I am very patient when required. I don't care much about appearances. I never post anonymously. I don't feel hate, but despise fanaticism or group-thinking. I consider everyone identical and behave accordingly. I feel responsible for all my actions and expect the same from everyone else. Atheist. Unbuyable. Never had money and never minded it. No fan of politics, but leftist. Easily misinterpretable, but always ready to talk."

Also current signature to all my posts there is quite descriptive: "Custom Solvers 2.0 = Alvaro Carballo Garcia = varocarbas."

Any idea, expectation, (mis)interpretation, assumption, hope, etc. targeting me, my company or activity and going even slightly against any of the ideas in that pretty detailed summary is wrong. You might have misunderstood a joke or not got my sarcasm right (don't worry, I am clearly explaining all my non-evident online texts since some time ago); or you might have misinterpreted my (old) over-understanding, flexible, expecting-a-lot-from-everyone, I-thought-that-was-generous attitude; or you might have liked something I said/did and assumed that we share other things, even though this isn't the case; I am also a person who has been systematically learning, improving, evolving for many years and perhaps you met me when my attitude or expectations were different than now. No matter the reason, the result would be exactly the same: all these ideas would be completely wrong.

I perfectly understand that my whole internet presence, even some of the outputs of my current ideas might sound very weird to quite a few people. But I don't care and this is the reality which anyone expecting to deal with me has to accept. This is precisely the reason why I eventually write a bit peculiar posts like this one: avoiding ridiculous behaviours (provoked by my attitude?!) whose only possible outcome is being ignored or worse. Nothing to interpret/doubt and lots of ways to validate/extend all the aforementioned ideas (e.g., any of my two sites, my profiles anywhere or directly contacting me).

Lastly, I want to re-(re-,re-,re-)highlight that my main goal since quite a few years ago at the professional level has been precisely to accomplish an as neutral and non-technical-stuff-dependent position as possible. Therefore, writing things like this one is pretty much the opposite to what I would ever like to do. But it is slightly better than having to deal with nonsensical expectations from completely unaware people. This is like a warning, a bit of help if you wish, to avoid everyone losing. Or, in other words, if you want exactly what I want, you would be welcome, otherwise you should better go somewhere else. In any case and although I don't want to harm (the feelings of) anyone, my position will always be much easier and, logically, I am not responsible for the understanding problems, misinterpretations or even self-esteem issue of anyone else.

Remember that I write all the relevant updates in the RSS feeds of ( and, my two sites and some of my online profiles like this one. Anyone interested will always be able to quickly/easily know about any relevant change in any aspect of my activity/expectations.
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varocarbas -> my personal nickname since quite a few years ago. It is a short-form of my name and my first family name (alVARO CARBAllo + S). I am the sole author of anything done anywhere and at any point by this nickname.

Custom Solvers 2.0 -> the commercial name which I am using in this, my second self-employment attempt. I am the sole author of everything related to it too. Any future change on this front (no plans) will be clearly announced everywhere.

Before Custom Solvers 2.0 was born (end of 2015), my commercial name was Custom Solvers (trendingIT during the first years). Back then, it wasn't always just me, although I did most of the work too. In any case and just for simplicity, let's stick to the present and to Custom Solvers 2.0/varocarbas.

To know more about my evolution as a self-employed programmer, take a look at the corresponding pages in my main website: (ES:

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La mayor parte de mi actividad online (auto promoción) está en inglés porque ese es el idioma que uso en el trabajo (= mi vida últimamente). No sólo es el idioma que he usado de manera primaria para comunicarme con prácticamente todos mis clientes, sino también cuando programo o realizo otras tareas relacionadas (aprendizaje/mejora en algún frente o investigación online).

Todas las páginas de mi sitio web principal ( tienen versiones tanto en inglés como en español. Lógicamente, tampoco hay ningún problema en comunicarse conmigo (= Álvaro Carballo García, la única persona que lidia con todo lo que se refiere a Custom Solvers 2.0 o varocarbas) en español.

En la medida que espero que mis potenciales clientes se interesen por algo de mi ingente actividad online (además de haberme costado bastante esfuerzo/tiempo y estar muy orgulloso de ella, da una buena idea de lo único que debería importarles: mi conocimiento, actitud en el trabajo, etc.), cierto conocimiento de inglés sí que parece necesario. Por lo menos, debería hacerse el pequeño esfuerzo de buscar algún traductor online y entender adecuadamente lo que importa de verdad aquí (pista: no son ni gráficos de colores bonitos ni estrellitas ni escalas arbitrarias ni similar).
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Even though my activity, priorities, etc. are systematically evolving, the following list of sources (ordered from more to less important) should remain unaltered:
1. Directly contacting me (the fewer guesses and the more questions, the better).
2. Contents of any of my two sites, and
3. My profiles in other domains expressly linked from any of my two sites (e.g., in their about pages), ordered as follows:
3.1. Technical/programming resources.
3.2. English resources.
3.3. Newer resources.
3.4. Location-independent resources.

Common features:
- I (Alvaro Carballo Garcia, the guy in the picture currently associated with this profile) am their sole author, unless expressly said otherwise.
- They agree with my defining principles ( and expectations (
- Their purpose is to help me find appealing projects/people. Eventually, I might also defend what I consider more important (e.g., technical correction, fanaticism-free attitudes, objectivity, etc.).

Problems with anything of this? Feel free to ask me. Although perhaps you should first wonder whether this is your place and you are welcome here.
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I am exclusively interested in getting involved in situations where objective (technical) correctness is the major concern. I am not willing to tolerate even the slightest form of arbitrariness/stupidity. As a remote worker, I expect my location to not be relevant for any project/contract.

I am eminently interested in dealing with honest, fair, clear, respectful/self-aware and (programming) knowledgeable people. I might ignore the knowledge aspect if the given project/conditions/people are in a position to ensure objectivity/fairness to prevail.

Money (lots of it) is much less relevant to me than proper conditions as described above. In any case, I do see the given rate/payment as a fairness measure, a reasonable compensation for my work.

I am not in hurry neither willing to bargain on any of the aforementioned relevant-to-me issues. I will be as patient as required to find everyone-winning situations where my knowledge, expertise and values can be properly maximised. The longer I will have to wait, the more knowledge I will have, the bigger will be my self-promotional resources and the higher will be my expectations/price (also my debts, but my expenses/needs are low and I can afford to wait for quite long time).
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All my public online activity (i.e., anything done by varocarbas or Custom Solvers 2.0 anywhere and at any point) has one single purpose: promoting my technical skills, work discipline, even my attitude and expectations as a way to help me find compatible-with-me clients/working conditions. All of it has always fully applied and will continue applying my defining principles (

Since Custom Solvers 2.0 was born, my public activity has never generated any kind of monetary income, but this might change in the future. One thing is sure: any future gain will be 100% compatible with my work attitude/expectations/principles (e.g., advertisement has nothing to do with me).

I will always be the sole author of everything unless expressly stated otherwise, what hasn't happened even once since Custom Solvers 2.0 was born.

As clearly stated in the copyright pages of both and, all my public activity may be considered public domain since 12-Mar-2015.
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Remember that I am not creating new R&D projects as I used to do ( anymore, but keep regularly updating this site with my more technical, R&D-flavoured activity.

Examples of these new resources are the web domain ranking (, the explanations about the codes of the FlexibleParser parts ( and miscellaneous data sets generated by some of my other online activity (,, and
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Remember that I write about any relevant issues affecting my professional/online activity in the RSS feeds of

- (English).
- (Spanish).
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Thanks to this API (, you can easily get a good idea about the (string) unit parsing capabilities of UnitParser.

Please, bear in mind that this API isn't meant to be used as a primary/in-production resource. To know more about its intended purpose, take a look at the corresponding ResearchGate post (
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