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Life's a journey, be sure to pack your toothbrush
Life's a journey, be sure to pack your toothbrush

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Hey all, wanted to see if this a problem with my phone or the app.  I've tried to use it twice going for a bike ride, once before the update that added more activities and today.  Each time I turned on detection and high accuracy and both times it did not detect anything except the walking from my office to my bike and back.

Google's MyTracks is what I used before Fit but I've been using Fit for a while now to track walking without any problems.

I have a Samsung S3.

Hey G+, I've been struggling with this so thought I'd see if anyone else has done it.  I'm trying to get local playlist in Google Play Music.  I have .M3U files in the same folder as my music but the app doesn't see them, these are the same playlists I have uploaded to the service.

The only time I can see my playlists through the app is if I Downloaded Only off.

I'm concerned if I have Downloaded Only off that I'll have data charges listening to music I have locally on my phone.

Thanks in advance!

Hello all. I was asked to join this community because I've been experiencing some problems with TuneIn Pro. I'm running version 13.1 and from what I see in the community it looks like there is no newer version that has been released. Is this true? If not please tell me where I can find the download so I can get on the Beta version.

Thank you

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I read about this project on CNET yesterday and I can't stop thinking about it!  What a great idea for all those used phones we all have sitting around!  These guys need to get funded and make this project a reality.

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I saw this earlier today and had to find it again! I don't recall ever rocking this hard in band! Check our the kid in front in the red shirt!
Who says a marching band can't head bang with the best of 'em?

Check out the coolest marching band ever, covering "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine. Now, THAT'S a marching band I would have wanted to be in!

Were you in marching band in high school? College? What was your most rockin' song?

I know today everyone's talking about the new Amazon hotness but I'm wondering if someone can help me unroot my 1st gen Kindle fire? It currently has TWRP on it and it doesn't boot to anything but that. I've tried many of the XDA posts but seem to always run into something that's not covered in them.

I believe I've submitted this to the feedback page before but maybe it will get some traction here.  It would be nice to have a custom snooze option.  15 minutes it often too short and 1 hour is more than often too long.  What if there was a custom button where you could select 30 or 45 minutes, possibly even input your own time.  I can also see an option of until... where you could specify a time of day, say at until 5 pm.  At the very least a selection box where you could choose more than 15 minutes and less than an hour be a useful option.


Hope someone can help me.  I rooted my Fire 1st gen and put on CM.  The wife got a Nexus 7 2nd gen for Christmas so I planned to put the Fire back to factory.  I followed instructions from a few sites but I'm unable to re-flash the Fire ROM from Amazon., it actually fails during the flash from process.  I'm running TWRP for the boot management.  Any tips from anyone would be appreciated.

I'm finding more and more times where is would be nice to have similar Gmail integration on my Android phone as I do in the browser with Chrome. The ability to set a quick task from an email thread would be wonderful on my phone.

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Good article.  I love reading about things that have a much larger impact but are almost local to me.  I live in Colorado Springs and work for Sanmina Corporation, another Google customer.
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