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Another article about Americans giving up their citizenship.
Note: I have no intention or desire to give up my US citizenship but, repeatedly, when I bring up the fact that other American expats do so because of how badly the US government treats its expats, pe...
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Oh man, I thought the Polish tax system is a joke... but I can't believe that in the USA it is even worse.
I am grimly amused that (at least when I looked just now) the comment thread on that Business Week article is pretty unanimous in its sentiment.
Regarding the note at the top of this post, have you previously written anything up about your reasons for intending to keep your US citizenship or, more broadly, about the benefits and drawbacks of either keeping or renouncing it?
+Dave Sherohman No, I haven't, but for those who just find that one post, it wouldn't matter as I'd still get the "traitor" rants.
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