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Curtis Mayers (Anu6is)
Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes
Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes


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Cyanide & Happiness just gets better and better!
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Let's see what comes of this...
LINE-UP for the KK Release

Our newest addition +Francisco Franco, Kernel, Optimizations, Code (GUI, pet-projects, ...)

The previous core development team
+Curtis Mayers , Code, community support
+Yamil Ghazi , Code 
+Tina Krebina, Design
+Arz Bhatia, Design
+Bidyut Mukherjee, Public relations, organisation
+Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo, Code, Apps
+Aaron Gascoigne, Code, Optimization
+Paul Henschel, Code, Design
+Tom Kruzze, Gapps support

Porters, guys that help out or learn
Eugene San , Code
+Sfera Dev  , Ports, Code
+Carlo Savignano , Ports, Code
+Ricky Salinas , Ports, Code
Toni P, Ports, Code
Jon Block, Ports, Git, Code
+Evan Anderson , Ports, Code
+Andre Saddler , Ports, Code

This will be our roadmap- KK will be make or break.

We will end that old model where developers are positioned on X devices to produce low quality roms. It does not matter how good you are and how many bootloaders you have cracked - there will always be things outside your scope. Therefore the entire PA family will support single devices, all our combined skills will come together for something truly awesome. Ports will still exist and we will continue to help out, create branches for that, etc., but official PA will be on a couple of devices that we announce later. Nexus 5 will be one of them of course. Currently supported devices have nothing to fear - we'll place it into capable hands, don't worry.

We will re-do PA from scratch, which means all the knowledge that has accumulated, everything that we'd do different, we'll implement again. The focus is on modular design and clean features. Features must be polished and integrated, 100% stable and fast - we will go through various iterations as usual (PIE1/2/3, Hybrid1/2..., etc.) until each and every of our submissions is perfected.

There will be new features as well in 2014, things that will have similar impact as Hybrid, Pie or Halo. Most of them are just ideas and concepts, we're not entirely sure where to start but that can be figured out.

We will reduce kanging to a minimum. We never did that much but even essential things like Cyanogens Quicktoggles fall out. Instead we will write them again, but in Googly way. There is not a chance  that Matias Duarte would approve of any of these features the way they are now. Our goal is to stay closer to stock, things must be nice to look at, simple, uncluttered and easy to modify (like not having to sift through hundreds of system settings to add a silly toggle). Other essential things that have that polish we can kang if there's demand.

Another thing that is of great importance to us is steering this thing away from the hacky rom scene. Unix types, Crackflashers, welcome, but we want normal Android users as well, those that enjoy stock but want more without having to study commandline tools, reading endless how-tos from dubious sources. We've already begun writing the updater, but this will go further, quite possibly a rom installer for PA beginners. Tutorials on how to flash, more support overall for things like radio, etc.
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PA 3.99 Change Log
JWR66Y Merged
HALO bug fixes/minor tweaks
Volume Panel reboot bug fix
MMS wake screen defaulted to false (turn on via - Messages/settings/Screen on for new SMS)
Launch floating notifications from notification panel (long click)
Other generic bug fixes

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Do you see what I see? :D

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Custom made UCCW widgets
HALO weather -  (weather icons by Chameleon weather)
PIE Control "icons"

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My first UCCW project...
HALO & PIE (paranoid android)

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Will have to settle with this today, until I find some more unique wallpapers

Clock -
Icons -
Wallpaper 3 colors
Wallpaper (option 1) -
Wallpaper (option 2) -
Wallpaper (option 3) -

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Wallpaper -
Icons (2 sets) - Tiny Black Icon Pack & Tiny White Icon Pack (Play Store)
weather - Eye in the Sky
Clock (UCCW required) - (thanks to +Byron Cotuc )
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