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Star Wars is weird sometimes

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love this

new Google Plus layout, in my face! love it.

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Google+ is all about communities for me, now.

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Im in love with this new google+ android app!

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A good read. Some nice quote-ables:

"This is the problem I’ve always had with OWS—that it was a movement that came to earth as Christ himself, here to save us, to make the history of struggle, and the ongoing social justice work in this country by marginalized communities, irrelevant, and then to take the moral high ground and act as if we were the face of THEIR oppression when we took issue with their tactics."


"These incidents show that the OWS movement, while creating new opportunities to change the unjust world we live in, is, in many ways, the beloved child of our racist, sexist, intolerant capitalist society.

"As marginalized people in this country rise, new forms of oppression are at work – those who have not experienced systemic oppression are claiming it anyway, turning social justice on its head and diluting the messages and movements that have been our hearts and souls."

I like to post these to remind myself that I'm not being crazy when I note many of my issues with the OWS movement. Thoughts are welcome.

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It's annoying when anything calls itself the "ultimate guide" to anything, but this does have both good information and perspective. With Facebook, I always say, stay dynamic, stay interesting, stay honest, get people involved, and don't be spammy. I should write a blog about those points...I should get a blog....
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