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Google+ Survey Questions

So rumors started flying recently about the death of Google+.  I totally disagree with the rumors, but I have found it interesting that I received a survey from Google just two days ago that dealt specifically with Google+  Some of the questions even asked what I would think if I could not access G+ anymore.     

Some have asked for some more information on the survey (I assume so as to help prove I didn't just make it up, which is good journalism.  So here are some additional details of the survey....

The survey was sent to me by Mike Brzozowski from Google.  I got the survey because I signed up for the Google User Experience Research Studies list. 

Most of the questions were multiple choice, although there were three open ended.  Here they are:

In the past 30 days, how often have you used these apps or services?
Twitter, Gmail, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Google Play, YouTube

How satisfied are you with these apps or services?
Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Play, Twitter

Overall, how satisfied are you with Google+?

What do you use Google+ for?

Who do you connect with on Google+?

Which parts of Google+ do you use?

If you were no longer able to use Google+, how many others would notice?

How likely are you to recommend Google+ to a friend?

If you were no longer able to use Google+, what would be the impact on you?

How well do you understand how to use Google+?

On which devices do you access Google+?

Which most closely describes how you access Google+?

The following three questions were open ended....

How would you describe Google+ to a friend?
What do you like best about Google+?
What do you find frustrating or unappealing about Google+?

Would you be interested in participating in a user research interview?

There were a few demographic type questions at the end as well.  
The survey link is still live, but I don't want to share it publicly as I am not sure Google would want everyone filling it out. I am sure they choose certain people for some sort of sampling purpose and would not want to ruin that.  I also still have the email that was originally sent to me asking me to fill out the survey.
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True, and I did sign up for this a long time ago. Although I don't believe you could sign up for any particular topic (at least I don't recall).  Either way, the timing of this survey is most interesting.  I would just assume with a new leader at the helm for G+ a survey would definitely be a good place to help get the feet wet (even if the new leader has been within the G+ area for some time now.
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You don't need a content strategy
This is so true, especially considering the people that usually create content strategies know nothing about creating content.  They only know that they need content.  I've never been a fan of a huge formalized content strategy.   Good content creators will create content without the need of a formal content strategy.

You shouldn’t hire “experts,” nor should you hire a bunch of clones.
Amen.  Finding people with a humble attitude to constantly improve and help others should be the focus on hiring content creators.  In my opinion, you should always look internally first though.  Most companies would be totally surprised how who might end up being their best content creators within their own organization.  And once you find a good one, certainly don't expect all of your future content creators to be exactly like them.  In fact, they should probably be very different.  

Overall a great article by +Shannon Johnson
What it takes to be successful in content marketing isn't always what you imagine...
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Curtis Jacob

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A good SEO “expert” will look beyond drawing high volumes of traffic to a client’s website and instead focus on gaining the right traffic and converting that traffic into customers.

A great SEO expert will go one step further....

Find out what that extra step is in my latest +Click Rain blog post.
Getting a lot of visits doesn’t mean much if you can’t convert any of those visits into customers.
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Curtis Jacob

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AdBirds by AdWords!  A lot of cool work went into this one, including specific text for each bird.  
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Curtis Jacob

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I'd like to give special congratulations to +Chris Prendergast on becoming a certified web analyst.
Exciting news for our own +Chris Prendergast as he joins a very elite group of web analysts. Congrats, Chris! ‪#‎staynerdy‬
Click Rain's own Chris Prendergast is now a Certified Web Analyst.
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Is it wrong to reshare your own posts once everyone else finally starts to realize what you said would happen a couple months ago?

So when the FCC says they are going to "try again" for "Net Neutrality", BEWARE!
...Google should have thought through the consequences of supporting net-neutrality rules.

So the common narrative was that we were all in trouble when a recent court ruling shot down "Net Neutrality" as devised by the FCC.  I am finally glad to see a few people starting to catch on to the fact this whole thing could really be tied to SOPA.

I don't believe the FCC was ever truly looking out for the common man with their knowingly unconstitutional version of Net Neutrality.  Meanwhile, the ruling by the court went well beyond shooting down the FCC's horribly written "Net Neutrality" regulations.  In a sense it gave the FCC the "freedom" to start doing the exact opposite.  And one of those things would be instituting SOPA.  

So when the FCC says they are going to "try again" for "Net Neutrality", BEWARE!  Like most things coming out of Washington, ulterior motives are most likely in play.  "Net Neutrality" as envisioned by the FCC is a "Fairness Doctrine" for the Internet with the rules dictated by corporatists and progressives.
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Ha! I love this list from +Michael Brenner on 29 Signs Your Business Is Not Ready for #ContentMarketing 

The companies doing it right know that it requires a culture change.
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Curtis Jacob

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Do you post vacation photos while out of town? +Sarah Rhea Werner  shared with +KELOLAND TV why you should think twice before doing so.
Nowadays, being so transparent on social media might not necessarily be a good thing.
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Curtis Jacob

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Where else can you have a weather report of a high of 71 with a 100% chance of snow? Meanwhile, having tornadoes and blizzards just a few miles apart? South Dakota of course. Meanwhile, here in NW Iowa we get hit with some nasty winds trimming our trees while waiting on our snow. It was almost exactly one year ago today we got hit with a nasty couple of ice storms.
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Curtis Jacob

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So Hasbro has decided to put GI Joe onto the Amazon Kindle Worlds service.  Great Idea.  Of course there are always rules with these kinds of things and the rules for GI Joe are mostly what you would think (ie. no illegal stuff, no sex stuff, etc.), but there is one rather interesting rule (#15) that could only apply to a Rhode Island based Hasbro property such as GI Joe.   15) The character, Snake Eyes, shall never be depicted or described as a fan of the New York Yankees.
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