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Wife texts husband on a cold winters morning: "Windows frozen." Husband texts back: "Pour some Luke warm water over it." Wife texts back: "Computer completely fuc#*d now.
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+Curtis Edenfield As a kid, my mother always told me:
"Eat every carrot and pea on your plate" - wise advice
What I heard:
"Eat every carrot, and pee on your plate" - not the wisest interpretation on my part....
Not sure who's fault that is...
...I'm thinking the wife wanted a new computer!
(meanwhile ... ... at places without Boot Disks... .... ;)
Well if the computer is near the"Frozen Window" and she accidentally gets hot water on it, it's not her fault for accidentally getting hot water on the computer it's the person who put the computer there.Plus what would you do with a window that's been shut close to keep the house warm when its freezing?
my wife keeps my laptop on ice pack, when ever she is on Netflix.
WOW some body must have still been sleep lol
Ha ha! +James Karaganis, I wonder when someone see
+Sreenath V Yeah ... Netflix can be a bit of a processor hog, although I don't know if's the CPU or the GPU that's taking the heat. I can watch videos on my old Thinkpad using MPlayer as long as I want, but if I'm running Netflix I have to have a fan blow air into the intake.
Yeah... As it was discussed here earlier, 50% of people are below average smartness... no wonder, no wonder....
This Was Really Funny : )
Jon Kim
Windows 7 still sucks & now they will try a brand new OS Windows 8. Full Apple OS emulation started. Apple OS wins! iPad 3 beats Windows 7.
Computet illiterate?
That is VERY funny lmao...
Also like a man, incomplete directions - 
Apostrophes people. It saves lives.
Fact 1. Apple stole Windows from Xerox before Xerox registered the patent. Didn't pay a cent for it.
Fact 2. Apples don't "Just work", the need to be looked after. Try using one in a Citrix environment.
Fact 3. Apples ARE prone to Viruses and Malware (including some very nasty ones that have been written specifically for Apple operating systems).
of course the female would be the one to pour water on the computer. way to promote stereotypes.
Curtis, for the lighter side of life?
haha thats funny. i have blonde in my hair...and its true....blondes arent bright AT ALL! the only thing "bright" about them is their hair color haha
Even though I havent watched the video yet the comments could be better....lets see
Funny, my ipad3 has been crashing and yes it is stock and not jail broken. I've 3 full restores. Apple store is the next stop.

It is nice of Apple to give me some of the comforts of Windows.
Jim hi
Lol that's good
Lmao! This is just too funny!
wakakakaakak .... there u goes...
Sounds like my house.. I say what I mean, he responds with by what he hears.. two totally different things.. and things are then broken..
Husband text back: "It's okay hun, it was only Vista."
Wife texts husband on a winter night: "Apple's Frozen." Husband texts: "Take it to the Genius Bar." Wife texts back: "Ok. I'll just give it a shot!".
Using 'Windows' requires below average smartness? I understand you need even less smartness to use Apple products! They are so easy to use and are designed so that you don't have to think too much :) Just consume, which don't need much thinking what?
I Agree With You Carlie
Explaining something fully: Will save you from a Liquefied Laptop, followed by looking like a twat!
This would qualify as the "for worse" part of that marriage contract.
Wha ha ha ha "it" miscommunications. Whoa it's crazy!
It's time to switch to Linux!
Are you serious? Wonder how many more things she has broken.
Liquid Cooling??...LOL
haha wonder if it works for wifi too.... btw bet the husband wasn't expecting that response :D
No wonder it is better to have a Mac. At least you may not believe your wife will not ask how to defrost any frozen burger. Just in case, please make sure you film the Mac in microwave.
It put a smile on my face funny.....><
Ian, that is stupid damn yankee, We know if Windows Freeze we are more educated than to say that.
Windows somehow finally end up in a Crash, :-)
Both r recieving different transmission
What if she used Mac? -Honey, Apple frozen. -Put it in microwave
hahahaha! what a...i have no words for that. lol!
+Jane Flowers Yeah... As it was discussed here earlier, 50% of people are below average smartness... no wonder, no wonder....

Actually, it's below the median value, not the average.
+tianna sanders Perhaps not so dumb. Now she gets a new computer and gets to berate her husband for giving her incorrect instructions. Win-win for her.
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