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"We need to cut the budget to save America! Yeah, we're going to kill thousands of people and cut more than 20 million people off from any kind of healthcare, but these are hard times. Hard. Times."

"Oh, also, us Congress-critters need a $30,000 a year raise to go with the $175,000 we already get. And the best health and benefits package available, of course. And a 100 day work year."

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Oh man, in a perfect world this movie would be made. In this world, however, 'Soviet Superman' is a hard, hard sell. :p

By the way Red Son is amazing. One of my favorite Elseworlds stories of all time.

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This is a kick-ass game by a kick-ass guy and well worth a look.

Also, it has my first (but hopefully not last) professional RPG credit so I'm pretty happy about that, even if my offering is a bit goofy compared to some of the other stuff I've seen by amazing authors in the Sell Out With Me book.

Come on and Sell Out with Me

The Misspent Youth: Sell Out with Me Kickstarter has begun, and I’m asking you to pledge to it.

Misspent Youth is a tabletop RPG about friendship, standing up to bullies, and changing the world. You play teenagers who’re the only ones who can stop a dystopian Authority from destroying everything you hold dear.

This Kickstarter will fund a new print-run of the core Misspent Youth rules, with the inclusion of 5 example settings to show you different ways you can play the game. I made a few small editing fixes, but the game design remains unchanged.

Additionally, I’m funding a brand-new supplement, Misspent Youth: Sell Out with Me. I got a my friends together to contribute to a bunch of new settings and rules hacks. There are 18 more worlds (complete with The Authority, the Dystopia it controls, and the Youthful Offenders—the only ones who can save the world) from a wide variety of genres. There’s space, fascistic politicians, fantasy, the real world, sexy worlds, traditional settings given the MY juice, and a couple that just defy all labels.

Plus there’re two hacks of the game: There’s Outrageous Youth, where the game is spun so you’re a noble band contending against wicked rivals, inspired by Jem and the Holograms or Josie and the Pussycats. Plus there’s Youth is Wasted on the Young, a game where Youthful Offenders come out of retirement as bitter Old Fucks, once again the only ones who can save a world, a world they once saved which has now gone back to shit.

The list of contributors on this thing is sick. Here’re the authors and designers:

+Caitlynn Belle, +Whitney Beltrán & +Ajit George (writing together), +Misha B, +Judd Karlman, +Kimberley Lam, +Daniel Levine, +Kira Magrann, +Matthew McFarland, +Michael Miller, +Quinn Murphy, +Hannah Shaffer, +Joshua Newman, +Dev Purkayastha, +Alex Roberts, +Jared Sorensen, +Daniel Swensen, +Curt Thompson, +Rachel E.S. Walton, +Bill White, and +Gregor Vuga

And the artists:

+Christianne Benedict, +Nyra Drakae, +Alex Mayo, Jennifer Rodgers, +Evan Rowland, +Ernanda Souza, Rick Troula, and +Jabari Weathers.

If this sounds cool to you, then come to Kickstarter and Sell Out with Me!

While doing my first write-up (for fun, basically) of a 40s inspired alt-world setting, this sprang, pretty much fully formed, into my head and I had to use it.

DeForest vs Bogart Estate & Warner Brothers, Inc

This landmark case was finally decided in a split decision at the Supreme Court level in 2020 and has fundamentally defined the rights and lack thereof for the undead.

It started in 2000, when an ambitious, up and coming junior executive, pouring through paperwork from the golden age of Hollywood for fun. He discovered that Humphrey Bogart died 'owing' Warner Brothers another movie. He also had a husband who was a necromancer who had raised celebrity ghosts for parties and private events in the past.

In short order, Warner Brothers and the Bogart estate worked out a deal where the estate provided personal items that would allow necromancers hired by the studio to raise the actor's ghost from the dead (perhaps it was a lucky thing the remains did not allow for a zombie raising). The studio quickly announced an all-new 'Bogie flick'; The Specter and the Angel set to start filming that spring.

Immediately, a wealthy (if unlikely) alliance of classic film buffs, religious organizations and the Screen Actor's Guild went looking for a way to fight what they saw as a dangerous, morally bankrupt and exploitative business model. Finding a sympathetic relative of the late actor, one Eugenia DeForrest, they brought suit against the Bogart Estate and the studio for everything from grave robbing to taking advantage of a person who literally couldn't say no.

The studio won the first hearing of the case, lost on appeal, lost again on the California state Supreme Court level and finally, in a dramatic turn of events that had the Supreme Court justices actually watching a necromancer raising the spirit in question, decided that ghosts were not people and that their heirs and estate had the right to do what they wished in regards to postmortem employment, as long as they weren't violating any laws about selling human body parts.

It is expected that the case is going to have far-ranging consequences, not just in the entertainment industry, but across the arts and sciences.

It should be noted that a trade in human remains of the famous and talented has already started, along with a movement to hide the bodies of deceased celebrities and artists.

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Wellllll, as much as I was interested in a more youthful take artistically, what the hell do you think is going to happen when you decide to start throwing away a Lawrence Kasdan Star Wars script and going improv?

Disney didn't pay him just to put his name in the credits.

At least six books across various genres I've read this month:

"Oh, here is a huge drama-fest that could be resolved with a minute-long conversation which, for some inexplicable reason that is totally not the author being a lazy-ass hack, we will fail to have for at least three quarters of the book."

"Oh, and there will be dramatic scenes where we see and hear more stuff about each other, take it absolutely the wrong way, and run off to pout rather than speak to each other."

Look, writers, I'm going to offer you the same advice that my fairy godfather gave me back when I was a baby gay:

"If you can't talk about it, you shouldn't be doing it."

That bit of advice has stood me in good stead in everything from sex to careers to not being a criminal. And it should be a lesson that your protagonists have learned. Because Jesus H Christ, blushing virgins and rampaging divas with communications issues are boring as hell.

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One of these days, I will have the money to publish a tabletop RPG setting with all the artwork informed by Tamara de Lempicka's amazing body of work.

It also would make a hell of a tarot.

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Of course, until we get confirmation, we can't be sure if this is scientific fact or just (ahem) slick marketing.

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I haven't been reading this series but I love this cover so much that I feel like I should start. The 'Vulcan Gothic novel cover by way of Edward Lucie Smith Deco' just hits all my 'I want to know more!' buttons.

Also, Uhura as Jane Eyre is kind of brilliant.


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My day thus far. Only a couple of hours to go.

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