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I ... am reconsidering my stance on Asian fantasy. Um, purely coincidentally, of course.

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H/T to Jaye for finding this awesome thread (and the journal that goes with it).

A surgeon with a poet's eye for details. Also, totally into the dudes, I'm thinking.

I'm all wracked up with joint pain today and ready to fight.

All the below are true. If you think otherwise, you're objectively wrong.

The Star Wars prequels were actually pretty good. Not great, but okay.

The original Star Wars movies were actually pretty good. Not great, but okay.

Rogue One was a prequel. AND the best Star Wars movie to date.

D&D 4th edition was actually pretty damned good at being what it was. It was just too different for the aging D&D crowd to get onboard with.

RPG games that explore traumas are rarely done well. And even the ones that are done well are rarely fun. This includes a lot of modern LARP.

Playing games that aren't fun is like being a masochist. I respect your right to treat your body and mind how you will. I just don't want to get splattered by your self-flagellation.

The idea that you don't have to be friends with your gaming group is weird and I'd go as far as to say a little foolish. Relaxation time is precious. Why waste it on people you don't like or love? You know what all the really great gaming stories have in common? They all happened to people in a gaming group where everybody loved and trusted each other enough to let the magic happen.

Whenever somebody tells you that a video game is 'way better with friends', what they are saying is that you have to bring your own fun, because the game lacks that enjoyment inherently.

Most genre shows are basically soap operas with some aliens or zombies or whatever thrown in. Humans like stories about other humans facing human challenges. A lot of us like those stories better when they happen between special effects scenes or kung fu battles.

There is actually TOO MUCH good genre stuff on TV right now. Some shows that should be flourishing aren't because the market is glutted. In ten years, when it's all sports dramas and law shows, we're going be streaming the hell out of Luke Cage and Cloak and Dagger and Wynonna Earp and regretting missing them the first time around and the fact that they didn't get more seasons.

Youtube 'critics' are, with a few exceptions, absolute shit. Creating is hard. Informed critique is hard. Putting up a video about 'Everything wrong with X' and spending a half hour treating your personal biases like artistic 'truth' is easy. It is also amazingly destructive. And almost always wrong.

Being budget conscious, I waited until the Black Friday sales to get a replacement tablet (well, tablet and ereader next week). This has been the longest period in my life, after the age of three, when I didn't read a new book of some kind.

It genuinely sucks. Not doing this again. :p

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It's a bad day to be a shitlord in tabletop gaming, apparently.

Please allow me to get the grave dancing out of my system.
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I think it's a fine line sometimes between being an ethical nerd and being the kind of person who actively sucks the joy out of a room by finding some reason, no matter how nebulous, to try to make other people feel bad about liking what they like. The proverbial moon-faced assassin of joy.

I know I've crossed the line more than once, even recently, and had to clean up after myself.

The rule I try to apply is this:

"Am I going to be helping people or just hurting feelings with this?"

For a practical examples:

Taking the new White Wolf to task for their fuck up du jour, usually a good thing. Because you know dog-whistling for neo-Nazis and trivializing the mass murder of gay people are pretty shitty things that actively hurt people. Calling them out serves a purpose and is important.

Deciding to throw a hissy fit about a media figure and creator being widely eulogized and missed because you dug up a second or third hand account that he might of have sexually harassed somebody at some point? Doesn't help. You have no idea if that's true, don't have the person it may have happened to to confirming it and generally, the only thing you're doing is making yourself feel superior at the expense of others.

Don't be that person.


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Heh. A 'man of the people' who has never once, in his entire life, shopped for his own groceries or picked up something in a convenience store, apparently.

And now a totally meaningless pet peeve:

If you absolutely must use a ring light in your YouTube videos, get a damned diffuser. Without it, you get creepy replicant eyes straight out of Blade Runner and I'm worried that some grizzled dude in a trench coat is going to chase you off screen.

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Hey folks, I know a lot of these flow through social media, but Isaac's not kidding. Getting sick in America is ... horrifying. Especially when it's a fight like the one he's facing. Insurance is a help, but it doesn't cover everything. And the logistics of being seriously ill are damned tough.

Whatever help people can give is appreciated.

The hospital bills are starting to show up, and that brings it home more than ever that the help people have donated through the GoFundMe page my family set up is really going to be what helps my family survive financially through this whole ordeal.

If it's possible for you to donate and assist, you have my eternal gratitude, because I honestly don't know what we would've done otherwise. If you've already donated, THANK YOU AGAIN, and if you could perhaps reshare this link for others to see, that would be amazingly helpful as well.

As the old Bartles & James wine cooler ads used to say, "thank you for your support."

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Well, there's no way corporations would abuse this technology to make sure they had data on every moment of an employee's life available to use against them or sell to other corporations.

I mean, that would be totally unethical, so obviously companies wouldn't do tha....

Ow. I think I sprained my sarcasm gland.
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