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One more thought on Star Trek: Discovery and I'll shut up.

What Disco is doing that no other series before it has done as well is to show us that Starfleet's huge strength, what makes the exploration/military arm of the Federation so effective, is that while they are a uniformed body, they aren't all that interested in conformity of thought.

Starfleet is a machine that runs because they attract and keep extraordinary people. There are more geniuses and savants and wonders in every ship's crew than most societies get in a generation. Not just the point of view ships, but every ship, down to the medical transports.

And the engine that makes that machine work is the Federation's post-scarcity 'focus on letting people be their best selves' approach that the other societies of the galaxy don't embrace. It's cool stuff. And still radical after all these years, but so integrated into our own, real world society that we have cultural blinders to just how politically charged a socialist collectivist society with a focus on personal growth is in this particular fictional universe.

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Well, I have a big freakin' complaint about Star Trek: Discovery this season, after watching the first episode.


I can't binge watch it. And that sucks.

Because that first episode was amazing!

Also, I want that engineer to stick around, in all her grumpy, trap happy, Frankensteinian glory.

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Is this is the point where we're supposed to do the whole 'infinite forgiveness' thing and ignore the fact that she's getting ready to run for President?

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This is not going to work out without a wildly historically illiterate judge.

The Pinkertons are a huge part of American history, in terms of being a strong-arm group of thugs who acted as a quasi-governmental goon squad in the 19th and early 20th centuries. They are ingrained in the story of the frontier era of the United States, the labor movement and a hell of a lot more.

You can't just say, 'You can't mention us without paying us' when your company is literally a part of history.

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And of course, the U.S. isn't going to do a damned thing about it. Not even investigate or complain.

Interesting stats.

After the earlier signal flare for future contact, here is what happened:

Pluspora: I added 14 people to the 3 who had already added me, for a total of 17

Dreamwidth: I added 8 people for a total of 8.

Pillowfort: I added 3 people for a total of 15.

Facebook: I added 2 people for a total of 83. (Which is deceptive, because of that 83, only about 10 write anything I care to see on a given day, but it's the de facto town square these days.)

Interestingly, Pluspora seems to be in the lead in terms of former G+ user engagement, though Pillowfort is surprisingly close for a service that charges to get in the door.

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AOC's social media game is astoundingly good. It's too early to see if she's going to be good, bad or a non-starter at her new job, but damned if she doesn't work Twitter like only a net-native generation person can.

Minor and petty 21st century peeve:

For Grod's sake, if you're going to do a Twitch stream from your bedroom (which is a bad idea to begin with), make your goddamned bed! You have company over!

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Hey, DC is finally marketing a line at teenagers again. Which is good!

The line-up is nuts. Amethyst of Gemworld! Conner, Cassie, Bart and Tim! Jenny Hex (why has nobody done this before?) and Teen Lantern! (Seriously, why has nobody done this before, either?)

Obviously I am not the target demographic, but just as obviously, I'm going to give it a shot. I'm just going to keep my opinions to myself, if I don't like it, because hey, this one isn't for us old farts.

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The more I read about Stargirl, the more excited I get. Because given who they are casting and the roles they are giving those actors, this is looking more and more like the whole JSA is going to be on the screen and have some significant screen time.

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