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I think I figured out a way to force update the Galaxy Nexus.  This worked for me and I am currently updating my Verizon GN to 4.0.4 build IMM76K.  See images.
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Yep, I found this too and it worked for me. Now everything works the way I wanted it too. Its funny because I've see these steps before and didn't believe they would really work but, it works! Thanks for posting.
First things I notice are that the screen rotation is faster for sure, and the keyboard is more responsive. Awesome! I hope the WiFi/3g/4g hand offs are better.. will test later.
So what did you do?  Clear the data here?  This doesn't clear your data from Gmail/Gcal does it??
No. Even if it did, your data/email is safe in the cloud.
Clear the data in "Google services framework". Then, check for updates as you normally would. You will notice that after you clear the data, it states that the last time it checked for an update was some time in 1969. This data is reset when your phone checks next time.
+Joel McLaughlin , I had to do it a few times in a row before it prompted me to upgrade. Trust it works, I've had a few friends do it and so far it has worked for all of us. (3 people I know in total just this morning)
+Curt Corwin I've tested the Wi-Fi 4G handoff and it works fine. Much better then before and yes the keyboard is much more responsive.
GOT IT! I knew someone would figure this one out!  Thanks guys!
Got it to work on my first try. Thanks so much! Screen rotation is much more fluid. 
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