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Curt Bennett
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Your friendly neighbourhood geek

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Watching the Lost Girl season 2 premiere at Shoeless Joe's (1189 King St W, Toronto) with some awesome ladies and a husband who was dragged there. :)


Toyota Prius = Pontiac Aztek but shorter and hybrid-y


There are too many judges on TV today, but I'm glad the ones that are aren't in legitimate courtrooms.

Loving the cowbell in the new Red Hot Chili Peppers song. #IGotAFever

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The geek in me just lit up like a Christmas tree.

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Happy Canada Day everybody! If you haven't already seen it, check out this fun video, Canadian Please by Andrew Gunadie and Julia Bentley.

Just sent a feature suggestion to Google: Allow us to pick a colour for each circle we create, and display a circle of that colour next to each person's name in the stream so in the all-circles stream we can see at a glance what circle they belong to. It would even work if you put someone into multiple circles. What do you guys think?
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