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Write From... History Review

After using these books for a couple of months my son was so smitten with them I confess we picked up another one from Currclick during a sale they recently had. My boy was excited to have more stories to choose from. I figure any kinda writing curriculum that can excite my reluctant writer is top notch!

Review by +Kendra Cooke of Aussie Pumpkin Patch:

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Spring inspiration from +Michelle Cannon's #Homeschool  Showcase! #ihsnet  
Homeschool Showcase #136: Let's Get Outdoors!

This edition is much smaller. Everyone is outdoors enjoying the warmer weather, I assume. The few submissions that appear in this edition have a lot to do with outdoors, as a matter of fact. 

Visit the post to see...

- A rock unit study
- A 6-week lesson plan for learning about plants
- A roundup of resources about sports, P.E. and physical fitness.
- A living history field trip in Florida. 

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Curriculum Choice

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It's the last day to enter to win these wonderful baskets from +iHomeschool Network!
We've got a whole load of giveaways just for you today! 

Our Favorite Things - Gift Baskets for Mother's Day

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Browse this wonderful selection of living literature +Cindy West has put together to enhance Bible study time!
For years, we've used #LivingLiterature to enhance our Bible study time!  I've written a little bit about how to do this and put together a mega list of great books for you.  Not a moment is wasted when you're spending time in the Word or talking about how life relates to His Word!
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We read one from the list this morning!  :)
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Have you heard of this wonderful resource? 
The Ultimate Naturalist's Library from The Handbook of Nature Study (Don't miss the special discount code - good through 4/30!)
+Barb McCoy makes it easy to enrich your homeschool with nature study. She offers all you need in one spot for one price! Can you believe this bargain? 12 ebooks, 36 newsletters and so much more! 

Find out more here:
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What an awesome resource!
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Raddish Kitchen Science Box review - with a GIVEAWAY!

The Raddish Kitchen Science Box is all about bringing science into the kitchen. What’s a mom to do if cooking just isn’t her strength? How can she add cooking to her homeschool? And what about a busy mom who has little time for planning or adding kitchen time to her homeschooling, it seems such a supplemental subject to her and she never has time to add it....
Find out how Stephanie and her family have been enjoying Raddish Science Box!

review by +Stephanie Harrington

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This looks like so much fun! 
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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing #Homeschool  Curriculum
With convention season upon us, curriculum choices abound! Just how DO you choose curriculum that is a good fit for your family?

Sometimes choosing curriculum is the basic, overwhelming task facing families each academic year. This guide comes alongside you, offering many resources. This homeschool advice is gathered from our archives here at Curriculum Choice, from the wisdom of our team of review authors and from fellow homeschoolers around the web.

Get your guide here:

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Dear Sir/madam.
I deeply concern about the communist propaganda being appeared into the education, obviously, they Red flag to be imposed by some communists or innocent education officials, that provokes the victim, likely the Melbourne High with a show: miss Saigon.


In the old days, the pirate used the black flag and inside had the white skull being two crossing bones, the pirate flag became the most threat into the ocean, in this period, the boat, ship being obsessed when seeing the black flag. Likely the red flag is the common symbol of communist, the sign of human right abuses. The most world massacre since Karl Marx wrote his communism's theory, then Lenin applied into the society. The communist movement has spread worldwide from the so called the Revolution October 1917. The victim of communist estimates more than 100 million people killed and billion lost freedom. Despite the communist's cradle Soviet Union and the Eastern communist Bloc collapsed in decade 1990's, but the communist's threat is not over yet, there are still remaining the communist regime in China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos and Cuba, actually the communist rebels name Maoist have presented in Nepal, Philippine, India, some nations of South America…they are the terrorists than Al Qaeda.
The most Vietnamese refugee around the world are the Vietcong's victim, they escaped from its country to find freedom and democracy. The victim really don't want to see signs linked to the communist regime, likely the Jewish hate the symbol of Nazi and Hitler picture.
The Melbourne High School creates the victim's sorrow by the red flag appears at the show title Miss Saigon. The Vietnamese people have been suffering so much sorrow throughout the history, since Ho Chi Minh imposed the communist pattern into Vietnam society: the landlord reform after 1954 at North that cost more than 200,000 lives. After Vietcong claimed the unpredicted victory, there were 800,000 member of ARVN, public servant imprisoned, the worst treat killed more than 165,000 by starvation, execution, torture, labor force, illness with medical and multiple million Vietnamese fled from its country. The wounds have never sealed, those deeply insert into the Vietnamese people mind and remain forever. There is just Ho Chi Minh, a great Vietcong leader, who brought the red flag into Vietnam, he killed 1,700,000 people, it based on the Polska, a Poland media released on May 3, 2013 about the list of 13 most massacre in 20th century.
The red flag causes bloodshed, inhumane and killing as Mr. Nguyen Ho, a high communist ranking, 56 years membership told after occupied Saigon in on April 30, 1975:" their houses we occupy-Their wives, we take and their children we enslave". The most Vietnamese overseas are the communist's victim, they want find the peacefully new life into the adopted country likely Australia, unfortunately the Vietcong espionage agent or some pro-communist ( the false refugee) plus the innocent western people, they use the red flag to provoke Vietnamese people and dig up the sorrow.
In Vietnam war's period, the innocent Western people congregated into the so-called Anti-war, pro-communist movement, they raised the protests against South Vietnam and Allies, they have misled long time public and lie propaganda, the toxic has been remaining into the western country. But they have to know after taking over South Vietnam 1975, Mr. Le Duan, General Secretary of Vietnam communist party said:" we fought against the Empire American for greats Master Soviet Union and China", recently, Vietcong set up the Le Duan's temple and his speech being at the entrance gate.
The Vietnamese overseas want to heal the mental health, but somewhere as the Melbourne High School provokes by the show Miss Saigon, that means the school tortures the mind of Vietcong's victim. In 2011, Texas University hung the red flag and they faced the strongly reaction from Vietnamese resident and outside US, I wrote letter to Texas University, and later on, Mr. Tom Gaze, vice chancellor replied and he confessed the misunderstanding, then he removed the red flag.
I believe the head master and staff of Melbourne High School recognize the deep sorrow of Vietnamese people, particularly the parent, children, they feel so hurt while seeing the red flag there. I would like your school removes the terrible flag and replace by yellow one, a symbol of freedom and democracy of Vietnamese, that has the long history since 1948.
Thank very much.
Yours faithfully.
Hoa Minh Truong.
( author of 3 books: the dark journey, good evening Vietnam & from laborer to author)

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Curriculum Choice

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A wonderful Rod and Staff preschool curriculum giveaway from +Christin Slade 
Today I'm giving away a Preschool Curriculum series by Rod & Staff Publishers. It's a great series, teaching the details of holding a pencil properly and working neatly. Important skills to teach early on so you're not undoing sloppy work later.
#ihsnet   #homeschooling  
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