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It's Friday.
Novel reviewing.
A some doggy cuddling!

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What on earth are #fiction #writers supposed to #blog about? Devlin Blake has the answer: #amwriting

I think there's something to be said for leaving your #book alone for a few weeks (ok, months). I feel more refreshed than ever. #leggo

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Wow! Ultimate indeed!
“The Ultimate Guide To #Writing Your First #Book” by Ayodeji Awosika

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How I’m Finishing My #Book, and How You Can To” #amwriting #amreading #publishing #books

Looking for a new read? Try this #spiritual #memoir by Roslyn L. Ashford —

Fun fact: I'm able to get #emailsubscribers on my #blog without a pop-up. Crazy, right? You'd almost think they don't want to be ticked off.

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#2 though. End a sentence in a preposition—you won't die.
“Things you were taught at school that are wrong” ABC News

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Add a Hello Bar to your website.
20 Fresh Social Media Tips for #Authors via Curiouser Editing

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How to Know You’re Finally Finished Rewriting: When Is Enough Revision Enough? via Jerry B. Jenkins
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