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Wow. I never even thought to give the movie Repo Men a chance when I saw it working at BlockBuster. Such a great ending. Astounding and I didn't see it coming. Seriously had an audible gasp moment. +Hayden Gilbert

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This is probably one of the best machinimas that I have ever seen. +Hayden Gilbert, You should enjoy this.

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+Hayden Gilbert You need to watch all of this.

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Come buy some stuff? Idk. Whatever. #BlockbusterMemories
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Want to watch this.
I work at Blockbuster and saw the cover for this, chalked it up to probably being terrible. Just watched the trailer . . . think I'll be buying this soon.

I love the sweet smell of lawnmower exhaust in the afternoon.

Just bought my Nexus 5. I nearly had a heart attack when my 7 got the tweet they were in stock.

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My choice. :P

Rather enjoyed my first Games for Handheld Devices class. Professor seems pretty cool and the entire course is on Android games. Gonna be a good semester.
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