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Financial tech is helping to close the economic gender gap and connect marginalized communities that lack access to banks. #mbanking  
A new Brookings Institution report says financial tech is helping to close the economic gender gap and connect marginalized communities that lack access to banks.
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CTIA’s proposal calls for at least three mock auctions, with one scheduled one month before the actual auction and another – for approved bidders only – scheduled for the week before the actual auction. #incentiveauction  
The Wireless Association (CTIA) submitted a letter to the FCC Monday asking the commission to “conduct multiple mock auctions in the time leading up to the actual incentive auction.” According to the letter, CTIA believes the trial runs would ensure that all auction participants are comfortable with the incentive auction software, data provided to bidders and “their ability to understand the data to make informed bidding decisions.”
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+Ericsson study shows that smartphones help families. The ability to have continuous contact throughout the day with other family members increases the feelings of closeness and happiness. The majority of families claim they communicate more, know each other better, and are able to organize their lives easier. More from +BuzzFeed 
If you've ever wondered about the impact that communication technology is having on the modern family, then a new report from Ericsson ConsumerLab will make interesting reading.
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Here are the 25 most popular mobile apps in the US last month from +Quartz 
The new home for charts and data, powered by Quartz.
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#HDScores is a mobile health data #app that rates restaurants and warns consumers based on food inspection records.
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Are you a retailer? Better make sure you are mobile-friendly. 88% of survey respondents use mobile shopping apps. #ecommerce More from +Business Insider 
More shoppers are using retailer’s mobile...
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A Midwestern company helps farmers rent out their unused equipment to growers who may be hundreds of miles away to take advantage of the differences in peak harvest seasons. #sharingeconomy #smartag  
As commodity prices tank, growers look to rent out their tractors
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Complete the cycle five times for the #MooQ app to have enough data to create your personal chart, which shows how your mood and brainpower correlate over specific times and days.
Moo-Q is a free iOS app that has been created by a team of UK psychologists at Hungry Mind Lab to help people discover what time of the day they are most productive and how your mood ...
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An app helps recovering heroin addicts combat cravings. +WKYC Channel 3 Monica Robins reports.
An app helps recovering heroin addicts combat cravings. WKYC's Monica Robins reports.
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More than 98 percent of Americans have access to #4G #LTE, but what's next? In this week's #TechTuesday with CTO Tom, he explains what #5G is, how it benefits consumers and what the wireless companies need so it becomes a reality.
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Smart #trucks   can shift on their own, brake when approaching a slower-moving vehicle, sound an alert when drivers stray into another lane and show video of blind spots. #smarttransportation  
Truck makers Daimler, Volvo, Navistar and Paccar are rolling out automated systems that ease some of the more tedious aspects of piloting big rigs while helping reduce accidents and save fuel.
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+NASA wants you to design a #smartwatch #app for #astronauts. You win $1,500 and bragging rights
NASA wants a smartwatch interface, and there's $1,500 in it for you if your design is chosen.
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We represent the wireless ecosystem: carriers to network providers to devices to content developers to apps before gov't.
About Us:

CTIA-The Wireless Association® is an international nonprofit membership organization that has represented the wireless communications industry since 1984. Membership in the association includes wireless carriers and their suppliers, as well as providers and manufacturers of wireless data services and products.

The association advocates on behalf of its members at all levels of government. CTIA also coordinates the industry's voluntary efforts to provide consumers with a variety of choices and information regarding their wireless products and services. This includes the voluntary industry guidelines; programs that promote mobile device recycling and reusing; and wireless accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

CTIA also supports numerous important industry initiatives, such as to provide parents with tools and information to educate themselves so they may teach their kids how to use wireless technology responsibly; "go wireless, go green" campaign to educate consumers and policymakers about the industry's numerous eco-friendly initiatives and activities; "On the Road, Off the Phone," a teen-focused safe driving public service announcement campaign; and, a resource for consumers to research and find information on accessible wireless products and services.

The association also operates the industry's leading trade show, as well as equipment testing and certification programs.

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