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Disney's MagicBands mobile technology aims to help people plan trips in advance, move more quickly through the park and personalize visits. More than 11 million wristbands (MagicBands) have been used. More from +Reuters North America 
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Confronted with an austere version of Islam and strict social codes that place sharp restrictions on public life, young Saudis are increasingly relying on social media to express and entertain themselves, earn money and meet friends and potential mates. More from +The New York Times 
Confronted with an austere version of Islam and strict social codes, they increasingly rely on apps and social media for self-expression and liberation.
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17 year old high school senior wins national contest to help combat distracted driving. Watch powerful 30 second PSA that reminds you: It's not just your life #itcanwait #textwhiledriving  
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Where people are facing hunger and malnutrition, mobile phones provide data to help relief agencies make better decisions on food aid distribution says +Financial Times 
Until recently, data analytics, apps, web-enabled sensors and robotics had little to do with the world of soil, fertiliser and livestock. However, as pressure grows to feed an increasingly hungry world at time when resources such as water and land
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San Antonio Police Department say text-to-911, which went live on May 1, already helped in two separate cases by May 5. #textto911 #911 
Authorities urge residents to call when they can, and text only if absolutely necessary.
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The study released by CTIA, conducted for the lobby by the #BrattleGroup, says that licensed #spectrum contributed $400 billion to the economy in 2013. Some of that money came directly from consumers who paid for wireless services, while more came from indirect spending related to the wireless industry — like the construction of cell phone towers. #morespectrum  
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#Boston is testing a pilot program that uses data compiled from #Waze and other sources to deploy bicycle cops to ticket and/or tow cars double parked on Commonwealth Ave. More from +Fortune Magazine #bigdata #smarttransportation
Anyone who's ever driven in Boston knows that the traffic is, um, a challenge. A new administration is parlaying real-time and big data sources to fix it.
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Mobile #Internet is only eight years old, having disrupted the market more rapidly and fundamentally than the original web 20 years ago. While the top-grossing charts are relatively mature, rapid growth and change across the rest of the market means there is still a lot to play for. More from +TechCrunch 
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Philips struck its first deal to sell lights in a French retailer with built-in technology that can track shoppers as they move through a grocery store, beaming pop-up coupons to their smartphones.
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+TechCrunch on +App Annie report that finds: Messaging #apps are becoming the most heavily-used type of app in a majority of key markets worldwide, based on both smartphone sessions and time spent in apps. But in the U.S., Facebook still dominates in terms of smartphone sessions, while both #Facebook and #Instagram led by time spent in apps.
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#Spectrum devoted to wireless networks goes for a premium at auction because it's generating over $400 billion in economic activity annually says #BrattleGroup report
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CTIA-The Wireless Association

mHealth/Connected Health  - 
Each time 81-year-old Bill Dworsky or his 80-year-old wife Dorothy opens the refrigerator, closes the bathroom door or lifts the lid on a pill container, tiny sensors in their San Francisco home make notes on a digital logbook, which their son monitors daily on his smartphone.
Each time 81-year-old Bill Dworsky or his 80-year-old wife Dorothy opens the refrigerator, closes the bathroom door or lifts the lid on a pill container, tiny sensors in their San Francisco home make notes on a digital logbook.
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We represent the wireless ecosystem: carriers to network providers to devices to content developers to apps before gov't.
About Us:

CTIA-The Wireless Association® is an international nonprofit membership organization that has represented the wireless communications industry since 1984. Membership in the association includes wireless carriers and their suppliers, as well as providers and manufacturers of wireless data services and products.

The association advocates on behalf of its members at all levels of government. CTIA also coordinates the industry's voluntary efforts to provide consumers with a variety of choices and information regarding their wireless products and services. This includes the voluntary industry guidelines; programs that promote mobile device recycling and reusing; and wireless accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

CTIA also supports numerous important industry initiatives, such as to provide parents with tools and information to educate themselves so they may teach their kids how to use wireless technology responsibly; "go wireless, go green" campaign to educate consumers and policymakers about the industry's numerous eco-friendly initiatives and activities; "On the Road, Off the Phone," a teen-focused safe driving public service announcement campaign; and, a resource for consumers to research and find information on accessible wireless products and services.

The association also operates the industry's leading trade show, as well as equipment testing and certification programs.

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