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What happened to UIkit 3? There was a lot of teaser tweets, then nothing.

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I am trying trying to create a complex navbar that contains multiple dropdown menus. However, if I define a dropdown menu inside another dropdown menu, the menu behavior goes bonkers.
Particularly if I use navbar-flip option, and I try to add a dropdwon menu into another dropdown menu, the parent dropdown menu goes off the screen.
Here's a CodePen to demonstrate. Am I doing something wrong?

How do you handle the default, gradient, almost-flat css files for components?

I like the subtle differences between the three provided themes. (I do wish you provided at least one dark theme version, but that's for another time)

However, it can be a nightmare to track the different versions of Component style sheets for accordions, date pickers, progress bars and so on.

How do people handle these issues?

uk-grid with flexbox modifiers. Is there a tutorial about it?

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Has anyone made a UIkit UI kit for sketch? It would be nice to build mock ups quickly, just like this:
Bootstrap 3
Bootstrap 3

Can somebody share a nice dark uikit.css theme?

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She is  being spoiled.
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This next series of blog posts will show you how you can create modern web layouts with UIkit in XPages using 3 special custom controls that we are going to make in the next articles. The aim is to be able quickly create and modify layouts like this…

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Yet another blog post about UIkit grid. I hope someone finds it useful.

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Another bug/feature: 
Here's the scenario. There is a grid with three columns. They each contain a panel with uk-width-medium-1-3.
I add the class uk-push-2-3 to my third panel.
See what happens!!! My 3-column layout just became a 5-column layout :)  
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