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Crystal Silver
Researcher. Strategist. Consultant. Interpreter. Storyteller. Philosopher. Communicator. Entrepreneur.
Researcher. Strategist. Consultant. Interpreter. Storyteller. Philosopher. Communicator. Entrepreneur.

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I have a question about the subscription functionality. Do all plans give access to the entire site? Or can we specify different pricing plans for different sections of content? The latter seems much more useful. 

So far, this looks awesome! A couple questions after install and brief testing...

Can transactions use Stripe instead of Paypal (not just for the site subscriptions feature)?
Any plans to add basic inventory control to the shopping cart products feature?
What about the coupon/discount feature in Stripe?
Anyone who could quote how much it would cost to develop these features in a plugin?

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10 entrepreneurial styles: which one are you? [Infographic]

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Found story this several months ago but it had slipped my mind until just now. 
The history of street photography was changed forever at an auction house
The mysterious life of Vivian Maier revealed.

More on the full article:

#photographer  #photography

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Life is an identity Crisis

"I've spent so much time ignoring the truth of myself."  - Janelle 

There's always a distinction between the older and younger people that I interview on the UC Podcast.  When I talk to someone who has ben through hell to get to where they are, they seem to be finished with the identity crisis.  Adversity, pain, and loss have turned them into more of who they are. 

By the time most of us reach adult life, our true identities have been buried under layers of parental advice, peer pressure, criticism and expectations. One of the few useful things I learned in business school was a lesson on identity. An accounting professor stood at the front of the room during orientation and said "You will not recognize the person sitting in that chair 2 years from now." 

I'm sure I probably wouldn't even want to have a a drink with that version of myself. He seems like a complete stranger to me. So then how the hell do you get back to the essence of who you are? For me, it's been through words and waves.   

Making art is a process that reveals the truth of who you are. 

It strips away the layers of BS we've accumulated over decades.

It's the journey that takes you from who you are to who you need to become. 

It's the sacred calling that liberates us so that we can make our contributions, dents in the universe or whatever you want to call it. 

Ignore that calling at your own peril. 

We're all capable of paying attention to that calling, answering it and living through that lens.  But we're not all willing.  Maybe that's what separates the amateurs  from what Steven Pressfield calls the pros? 

Are you willing to show up every day with no guarantee of an external reward? 
Are you willing to look like a fool? 
Are you willing to create art that some people won't get?
Are you willing to drown out the voices that hold you back? 
Are you willing to stop reading this, shut down Facebook, and start making art? 

You're definitely capable. But are you willing? 

Your identity crisis must be self declared.  You have to develop the awareness that you've lost sight of the person you were meant to be. It doesn't just happen once. Life is an identity crisis and a continual battle to stay in touch with the truth of who you are. 

The only way I know to fight that battle is with words and waves. 

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Having and commanding the respect of others is a tremendous advantage in life. That edge comes from self-discipline. The ability to get things done and done right the first time will magnetically attract incredible contacts, opportunities and resources to you. All of this is a matter of self-discipline.

#productivity #discipline #timemanagement

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Aspiring to a deeper and more holistic view of human nature, the value of human capital, the fusion of emotion with reason, and the synthesis of cognitive disciplines for a more complete perspective on who we are based on brain science. 

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San Francisco artist spends his days creating playa paintings with a rake as his only paintbrush... Then nature erases each canvas when the tide comes in... Clients even commission him to create artwork for proposals and other special occasions... Good stuff... 
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