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Crystal McKenzie

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Every once in awhile, I wonder what it would be like to start using Google+ regularly.  I fear it's just another can of worms I don't have time to explore.  I don't want to disconnect it entirely, because I'm sure it has some value to me, or will, someday.

I do know: that day is not today. /goes back under rock
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Like most social networks, you get what you put into it. Joining communities is a good way to get interacting.
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Crystal McKenzie

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The visible part of this comic made me smile; the hover-over text made me giggle. The combination made me share it.
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Who the in the are u commenting hover not I maybe u
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Crystal McKenzie

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Wow. This post is inspiring me to start putting up photos, even if one at a time, just to start joining (and initiating) conversations.

I do have a question, though, about protection of my work: what is the minimal-effort way to watermark or otherwise-mark my work? Or should I just reduce resolution enough that it isn't worth taking, but still can be seen well enough?
John De Bord originally shared:
Took a few minutes and wrote this photoblog post this morning about G+. I have noticed lately that quite a few seem to be saying something along the lines of "nobody comments on my photos", but there is a reason for that and I thought that I would address that and maybe give out some advice on how to make G+ better for you in your photography experience!
Getting the most out of G+ for your photography experience. Yesterday I posted a thread over on my G+ ( which is here by the way ) about hopw G+ has literally become my ph...
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Crystal McKenzie

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Whoa: this! THIS! (Or go up a level and find whatever other list seems intriguing to you.)

I knew there would be an easy way somehow. Now I just need a few hundred hours to go through the list and find the ones I want to keep seeing in my stream...

Or something. I don't know what I'm going to do with G+ but I'm totally in awe of the potential.
Easily add users of the most popular social networks to groups. Help people know who to follow!
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Crystal McKenzie

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My favourite aspect of Google+ so far: seeing nature/landscape photographers posting photos and photography thoughts. It gets me excited about the idea that I will finally have time to share some of my photos, soon-ish!

So far I've got +John De Bord and +Philippe Sainte-Laudy and +Mário Pereira in a photography circle... and I'm looking to add more! (+Chris Loft shares a lot of gorgeous artwork from various people, and so is an honourary member of the group. Thanks, Chris, for helping spark this urge to have more photographers in my stream!)

Anyways, please let me know if you have any recommendations of G+ people who I can use as inspiration to get my photography-posting happening! :)
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I will eventually link all my pictures to my amateur photography blog too... here at
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Crystal McKenzie

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NASA - Peering Inside the Flame: Fusion Imaging of the Final Space Shuttle Launch
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Crystal McKenzie

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An oldie but a goodie: xkcd summarizes string theory. (And I snicker, before sadly realizing that I don't know the point of my own research either.)
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Crystal McKenzie

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This diagram speaks for itself, so I almost decided not to comment on it... but then a song lyric came to mind that I've decided is relevant enough:
♪~ And all you touch and all you see... is all your life will ever be... ~♪
--Breathe, Pink Floyd
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Crystal McKenzie changed her profile photo.

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Hmm, why was my profile pic in such low resolution? This is much better.

Hey! I just noticed that I'm wearing a Summerfolk necklace in my picture! I miss that necklace... I have no idea where it is. :(
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Crystal McKenzie

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Okay, for whatever reason, I can't find any info about this issue I'm having with the Google+ emails: they don't have any links in them! All the words that should be links are missing entirely. Does anyone else have this issue?

I'm using Gmail in Chrome, so one would think there shouldn't be an incompatibilities. I checked my firewall records, and the content is not being blocked. "Show original" seems to be just fine, so it seems Gmail is to blame... so I reported it as a bug through Gmail, but I haven't had a response (and that was weeks ago).

I can't seem to find any webpages mentioning this either, and I've tried a few dozen ways to search for it. Does that really mean I'm the only person experiencing this? It's extremely irritating.
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Found another extension that actually seems to do what I want, without buggering up the Gmail links or Reader's ability to Share (which was another bug I just realized was probably caused by the old extension, since it now works):

Whee! Maybe I'll start using G+ more now. (Here's hoping that's not a Very Bad Thing.)

EDIT: ...Shoooot. It seems the notifier is still there in Google Search. Then again, I think that had reappeared for the other extension too. EDIT2: Yes, yes it did... the problem is, the extensions work on but not Oh well.

Maybe I should just keep up with my notifications... or click and look at them and resist being distracted by them...
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Crystal McKenzie

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You'd think theoretical physics would be immune to the "instrument breaking" issue... but the real truth is, brains break. And then they go FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU.

I'm also noticing a lot of time is spent oscillating between "Oh hey, this makes sense!" and "Wait, no it doesn't."
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' You'd think theoretical physics would be immune to the "instrument breaking" issue... but the real truth is, brains break. And then they go FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU. '

Voted funniest quote of 2011!
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Crystal McKenzie

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So I got rid of the facebook app on my phone, because it took up way too much space and never quite worked as well as I somehow kept expecting. Now I have space to try the G+ app! Whee!
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Writer, Thinker, Lover of Nature, Fan of the Letter Q.
Hi, my name is Crystal, but online I call myself Qrystal, so I can more easily find myself.  Ooo, interesting: redefine myself so I can find myself!  I'm not yet sure I'm entirely found, but I feel less lost the more I write, and so I will continue.
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