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Double coffee mochi candy!! Because ... why sleep?
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In packing my "earthquake bag" I decided that, should I need it, I probably will NOT need my "Stevia Sweet Recipes" cookbook ....... yeaaaaa I still got to work on my priorities, clearly LOL
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Yea ... my GOAL is "one bag living" but for now that PROBABLY means 2 bag living LOL ... two backpacks and a tactical fannypack that I use as a purse.
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sounds like my house a bit
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Turned the mouse pad back on for my laptop. Hell if I know wherre the external mouse went. Maybe the cats killed and ate it!
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watch for usb plugs in the cat box

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I was hoping to see more honors but sadly am not surprised I'm not :-(
This song "Why?" was written for Martin Luther King Jr. by +Nina Simone's bassist, Gene Taylor, the day after he passed. It beautifully honors his life's work and today, more than ever, I share the sentiment in this song. We have much to learn, and so much still to do, but I believe in us and I believe even more than ever that respect, love and understanding is the foundation for peace. Imagine we could all teach that to our kids... We could break the chain of hate. #MLKDAY
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eeeks  the is the one thing i am allways reminded of.
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My daughter's namesake. Yea ... I'm always the last to find out .....
Read the Obituary and view the Guest Book, leave condolences or send flowers. | Terry Schreiber Evansville, IN Terry Schreiber, 58, passed away Wednesday, February 4, 2015. She is survived by her husband, Michael; daughter, Amanda; sons, Michael, Adam and Aaron; and eight
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Sorry for the loss. 
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MY SON GETS ME!!!!!!!! He told me earlier today that, after Don complained that I don't understand politics (I do but that's another rant), my son replied. "Mater just doesn't care enough about that sort of thing."

He gets my GiveFuck/NoFuck philosophy that I have been following since before I ever considered the possibility that he could even exist!!
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same here.
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The book I just bought!!! The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck: How to Stop Spending Time You Don't Have with People You Don't Like Doing Things You Don't Want to Do
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Never too late!!
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The Indie Author Extraordinaire
I am The Indie Author Extraordinaire and owner of Libera Scriptor Publication!  Author of the Cassandra's Cops series and the Daniachew series!  I write a great deal about the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Fire Department!!!

My e-books are / will be priced as follows:

Role playing has become very important to me.  I roleplay with Cedar Point in combination with my own region of Alexandra.  Current day, slice of life type role play
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Caeli's Daniachew was nominated for the 2006 CBS Parallax Award!!
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