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Anything donated to the CM team?
That's awesome so much respect for +Cruzerlite and their team!
Oh +Cruzerlite, how do you expect people to pre-order if you can't keep your site alive? :(
+Cruzerlite are these cases the same color all the way through (like you did with the Police Box cases) or are they white on the inside?
If only the website worked.... we may be able to see other photos of it :P
Jay Tee
Need more picture.  Preferably from different angle.
You have my order sirs (sgs3)
Will there be a case for the LG Optimus G anytime soon? If so, I will definitely buy it :)
It doesn't specify if it fits the Galaxy Nexus VZW with extended Samsung battery. 
I'm getting one for my SGS3 running CM10!!
Nexus 4 please :)
Can I get one for my Iphone?
Hey I ordered 1 last week for the S3. Just wondering any ETA on this. I know it says preorder but i could't find any estimate date anywhere.
Juan VE
+Hugo Gagnon they mention that the pre-order period is "now through early December"... so expect an ETA before chirstmas, well hopefully.
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