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Sailing New Caledonia Vanuatu
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I discovered that a lot of people were accessing our cruising guide sites on mobile phones. So I have restructured the sites to be Mobile-Friendly. Now you will have a better experience when using your mobile phone to visit and
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If you want to use our cruising and travel guides on a Windows 8.1 tablet you are in luck. Not only have the prices of Windows Tablets dropped to android levels but there is now a wonderful little app (free) from When you install this tiny app the whole tablet screen becomes a virtual trackpad. This means you can now have a cursor, move it around, position it exactly where you need it, see roll-over tool tips, pop-ups, and actually resize windows easily; all of which were next to impossible except on very expensive Microsoft Surface Tablets - and they need a stylus to do it. So pop $200 or less for a Windows 8.1 tablet and you can use our guides in the cockpit, on deck, in bed, or the head :-)
I put a tutorial on setting up touchmousepointer here:
TouchMousePointer is desktop application for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or later. For tablet PC or convertibles PC slate mode. Requires touch interface. Like a touch pad(track pad) pointing device on screen by touch interface. It's on-screen touchpad.(on-screen mouse / mouse emulator / mouse ...
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Red Flag Flying - Sailors take warning
New Caledonia's Province Sud passed a new regulation protecting rare and endangered sea birds when they are nesting on the lagoon islands.
If there is a red flag flying on the lagoon island, nobody is allowed to go ashore; you can't land your dinghy on the beach, wade ashore, or let your kids or mutt scamper around on the island harassing the birds.
A 90,000 CFP fine awaits those who are inconsiderate enough to violate the red flag warning.
On islands with no red flag flying mariners are not supposed to approach any nesting site closer than 40 meters, nor are they supposed to use fireworks, run electric gensets, allow any domestic animals ashore, or otherwise disturb the nesting birds.
The birds are only likely to be nesting during the months from October to March.
For more (in French) visit:
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More on Port Vila Yacht Rubbish
If you are on a mooring or the sea wall of Yachting World you may dispose of your rubbish in the provided bins. 
If you are at anchor elsewhere you may dispose of your rubbish at Port Vila Boatyard.
Port Vila Boatyard takes rubbish from foreign Yachts and Superyachts as well as used oil (in old oil containers) and used oil and fuel filters (properly wrapped and labelled).  The Boatyard liaises with the department of quarantine for quarantine related garbage which is only applicable for garbage originating from abroad. It's just a short tender run to the Boatyard beach  on the SE corner of Port Vila Harbour. Make sure to contact the boatyard before. Phone 23417
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Yachtie Rubbish in Port Vila
Yachts visiting Port Vila can dispose of their trash in the designated trash bins provided by Yachting World. There is no charge for this.
There are also special quarantine bins at Yachting World for the first load of rubbish when yachts arrive from overseas. Yacht crew can be fined 200,00 Vatu for dumping their trash in other areas and, in fact, several store owners are royally ticked off at yachties who have been leaving their trash on the sidewalks and adjacent areas next to their stores. One store owner asked me to post this warning - they have people watching who will photograph anyone dumping trash in Port Vila and turn the images over to the police. 
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Thanks, Justin, that will be a real help for both cruising and superyachts in Port Vila.
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Yet another French pleasure yacht from Noumea was fined today for failing to adhere to the new Vanuatu regulations before sailing into Analgawat harbour in Aneityum. It seems a pity that the officials in Noumea who cleared the yacht for departure to that very port were unaware of the new regulations so they could have warned the captain. After all, it isn't as if the Captain wanted to do something illegal and certainly he would have complied with the new rules if he had known about them. 
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They were posted on this site on 22 June, there is also a direct link to the Vanuatu Customs website on
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The 2015 versions of our guides are now online. We have made a number of changes on the guides - updates of information, new images, new anchorages, and improvements to make the guides work better on Windows tablets. 

Vist your online membership page to update to the latest versions by download or DVD.

If you purchased your guides prior to April 2012 you will need to update by going to
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Here is the French presentation on protection of sea birds in the New Caledonia Lagoon during nesting season:
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De nombreuses espèces d'oiseaux marins nidifient sur les îlots durant la saison chaude. La présence humaine engendre des perturbations et met en péril leur survie. Quatorze îlots dans le Grand Sud ont été identifiés comme étant des sites majeurs de ponte. Lorsqu'ils sont équipés d'un mât à ...
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Vanuatu Customs Fines Two More Yachts.
Two yachts were fined for arriving in Port Vila, Vanuatu's primary port of entry, without giving 24hrs advance notice of their arrival. That makes at least 10 yachts to have been trapped by Vanuatu Custom's new entry regulations (see 22 June below for details or visit ). Vanuatu has probably already set a record for Pacific Island countries fining the most pleasure cruising yachts per cruising season for violating entry requirements.
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Windows Tablet Bonanza
Microsoft now gives away Windows 8.1 to tablet makers to encourage them to make inexpensive Windows tablets to compete with Android and Ipads. Which means you can get a tablet that will run our guides plus any other Windows program for less than half the cost of an Ipad. 
I tested a US$205 Lenovo MIIX2 7 tablet and you can read my review here:
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New Versions of the Cruising Guides

We have just uploaded new versions of the Cruising Guides to Vanuatu and New Caledonia. These have been adjusted to work better on touch screens. If you would like to update to the latest version you can do so on your personal membership page.
You should have gotten links to the membership page in the email you received after ordering the guide online. 
If you no longer have the email or if you purchased the guide from a book store please contact me with the contact link on either or
Be sure to use the email address you used to pay for  the guide online or the username you obtained from the book store.
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Yet Again, Vanuatu Customs has nailed another French Yacht for sailing into  Anelcauhat on Aneityum (the southernmost island in the Vanuatu island chain). The yacht sailed in from New Caledonia without giving customs a 24hrs notice before arrival and did not have written approval from the Director of Customs to stop in what is now an unapproved port of entry. The yacht arrived from New Caledonia.
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The fines, so far, have been 20,000 Vatu per violation.
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Sailing in New Caledonia and Vanuatu
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