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CrossFit Liger is proud to announce we are now an official USA Weightlifting Club - The Liger Barbell Club. 
As many of you noticed, our programming has changed lately, in an effort to make it more appealing to the “masses.” Lifting is one of the areas you have seen less of, so if you miss that part, joining The Liger Barbell Club or doing LAP programming might be more fitting for you. Send Adam a note to discuss your individual goals and thoughts.
Why are we adding Olympic Weightlifting? Simple; weightlifters are the strongest and most powerful athletes in the world today, bar none. They are also among the fastest and most flexible athletes in the world. They became that way for two reasons.
First, weightlifters have invented techniques for lifting that are some of the most elegant and efficient in all of sport, techniques which require great flexibility and speed. Second, and more importantly, they have created mental and physical training methods that have enabled them to develop strength and power that is unparalleled in human history. Almost unimaginably strong, powerful and at the same time, magnificent technicians, weightlifters represent the ultimate in athletic performance. 
You only have to look at the past few years of the CrossFit Games to see Olympic Weightlifting is becoming a more internal part of the CrossFit Methodology. We recognize the enormous benefits our Olympic Lifting Club can provide all our athletes, from the novice looking to learn solid technique to the advanced working on new PR’s and WOD time reductions. 
Aubrey Felton will be running the program.  He is a USA Weightlifting Certified Senior Athlete Coach and Club Coach.  Our program will provide 5 days per week of programming, with two dedicated sessions each week, Monday & Thursday at 7:30 p.m., when we will meet as a group and lift together. Our first official Liger OLY Club session will be Thursday September 17th.  We will be waiving all fees for the month of September so our members can see what the club is all about.  We will be working on Clean & Jerk technique all session….
We are adding more lifting platforms, bars and plates over the next week.  As you have already seen, the gym is taking on a new look and feel. We will also be offering any athlete a complimentary video analysis of their Snatch and Clean & Jerk during the month on September. 
So come join us and let’s find out together just how great you can be!​
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