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Be Social. Don't lose yourself in the process.
Be Social. Don't lose yourself in the process.


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Are you ready to do something special with your email newsletters? Use these five tips to ROCK your email marketing and stand out from the crowd. A guest post by me, for +The SITS Girls 

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Why I Love Blogging With +Squarespace 

Most people talk about WordPress or Blogger when they are going to start a blog. I like a third option much better - Squarespace. Read why and see if it might be the right blogging platform for you, too!

Another guest post for +The SITS Girls!

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How to Use IFTTT To Easily Share Instagram Photos on Twitter
Learn how to automatically share your Instagram images to Twitter with the pictures showing in the Tweet.

It is super simple, and only takes minutes to set up! Another guest post over at +The SITS Girls!

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How to Tackle Your To-Do List Like a Rock Star
To-do lists are crucial to staying focused and motivated, when done right – and consistently. I’ve got you covered in 5 steps.

As a working mother who wears more than those two hats every day, I’ll show you how to be more productive, stay focused and motivated wherever you are in your “to-do” journey.

This process works for anyone who may feel overwhelmed at pushing the needle on different areas of their life.

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Should You Be On Periscope?
Apparently, it's the closest thing to teleportation this side of The Jetsons.

In this post, I share some links to great Periscope tutorials, provide Periscope tips for bloggers along with my thoughts on whether you or not you should jump on this new social media channel. 

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Social Media Advice for Writers
There's no magic bullet, sorry!

Really, it's more about incorporating a marketing strategy and selling (softly) with your social media efforts in a way that's not tacky!

If you're not doing much with social media, you're only hurting yourself. What's always applicable, is that your audience wants to know YOU, who you are, what you like, what you think. Start sharing those experiences, and then infuse some sell...

What to know more?? Click the link! If you sign up for +Melody Christian VIP list, you'll get the rest of the interview where I answer the following questions: 

Do you follow any writers/bloggers on Twitter? If so, what are some strategies you've seen them use that are successful?

Is there anything you've noticed them doing that might hurt their promotion instead of help it? 

If you could recommend any one platform for writers to capitalize on, what would it be?

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cc: +Katie Cross and +Ericka Clay <--- my favorite writer peeps

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8 More Facebook Hacks for Bloggers
Because I couldn't just share 5!

To me, Facebook feels like childhood, where you don’t know what you’re doing and any mistake can cost you. What do I do with my fear? Eat it for lunch.

Here are some hacks that I've collected and implemented. 

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Does Facebook scare you?
The Ultimate List of Facebook Hacks

With all the algorithm changes, what to share, what not to share, when to share, so much sharing - it's hard to keep everything straight. If you have wished for a list of Facebook hacks to help you make sense of the nonsense, today is your lucky day!

I share 5 hacks in this guest post for +The SITS Girls today!

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Rap references, sex talk kids and tears.
And that's just a part of what we talk about in the latest episode

Today +Jenna Guizar and I chat with Nell of +Whole Parenting.  I say it a few times in this episode. Nell, is made of sugar. In this episode, we talk about parenting, sex and the many paths motherhood can take. 

Listen now:

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The Key to Creating Great Killer Content Efficiently
It's one thing, it's free and if you commit to it, you're fiyah

Simply put, multitasking is your downfall, and I show you a behind the scenes look at how to combat it realistically.

This is my first post as featured contributor for She Owns It.  In a word? STOKED!

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