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Cristian Teodoridis
Technology. Photography. Politics.
Technology. Photography. Politics.

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Recently all my photography revolved around high school and middle school cheerleading :) I need to get back to shooting other stuff and experiment with different scenery... Until then, I'm sharing some of my favorite shots.

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Portfolio: Some of my Favorite Photos
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Banquet Hall.

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Google censorship. The alt-left company should be exposed.

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All gone, all major TLDs! Now what? :)


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Unfortunately, this is the Google way... Can you imagine Adobe just deciding to stop supporting Lightroom or Photoshop??

Particularly disappointing when there is no real replacement for these tools - I'm talking about Lightroom plugins or desktop apps for windows, not the made-for-Instagram Snapseed!

h/t +dpreview
Google will no longer develop Nik Collection - Google will stop providing updates for its Nik Collection suite of plug-in photo editing tools. The 'announcement' comes by way of a banner at the top of the Nik Collection site, stating that there are no plans to update or add features to the Collection. Google acquired Nik in 2012, taking ownership of its desktop apps as well as its popular Snapseed mobile editing app. The company began offering the Collection free of charge last year. The so...

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It's official - I am now a cord cutter! It took me a while (primarily because of the convenience of bundled services and a well running DVR service), but I finally ditched cable.

I was tired of having to go through the annual song and dance with my cable/internet provider, to get a better deal. Which was expensive anyway...

So instead of paying $155+ per month to Comcast, I now have internet service for $40 per month with WOW (100Mbps), DirecTV NOW for $35 per month and an indoor antenna which gives me OTA all the local channels and then some :) If you factor in a $25 per month credit from AT&T (if I upgrade to their Unlimited package), I end up paying $5 per month for 70+ TV channels.


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You NEED this health-centric TV for mice !

h/t +Android Police

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I wish I knew this before I signed up for the Beta program...

#AndroidO #AndroidPay
Here's the first of many caveats that come with using beta software.

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Google I/O Summary - voice calling on Google Home, sharing and photo albums in Google Photos and 19th century iOS-like icon notification dots. All rolling out "over the next few weeks" and "later this year".

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A look into the abyss...

#Canon6D #100mmL #Macro
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