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I mean I want one 'cause it's rad. :)
Haha, classic. Should have a little torch though.
Sorry, it is missing the washing machine...
Hmmm, so this is the original..;-)
How much would this have cost in the stone age? A dove?
I think I saw one of these in my grandfathers jewelry box.
Fred Flinstones Swiss army knife!
love to have one it is so pretty
Hahaha, that's the pic of the day!
wow thats cool i like Larry The Cable Guy
Haha. Great idea. I kinda need one...
wouldnt wnt to cary tht arnd all day
This thing is really cool.
I am face book.
I love google app.
This app is really awsome.
can we sell it to the stone age guys... :)
muilty tool stone age styel
my scouts would have hours of fun with one of those
LOL I want one of these in case TSHTF! :)
I wouldn't mind getting one for my dad as a joke..
The stone age swiss army knife.
Bet they invented the wheel using that :-)
this would definitely produce more than ... "127 Hours"....
This got to be Fred Flintstone's property.
LOL thats a new definition the Swiss army Knife
I have often worndered what the first Swiss Army Knife looked like.LOL
The bronze age version is my favorite...
this is so cool, I wish I could get one
hey caileigh u go to holy trinity in wallingford i go to parker farms in wallingford
Pre-history is a brutish invention of the fanas of evolution, the former to try to evidence the other, and vice-versa. History has begun with the writing, before there is none. (quod erat demonstrantum)
thats a pocket knife i want XD
OMG i just bought one those in
this is so flinstones.
It's a stone Swiss Army Knife. XD
looks like a fucking machine
this is veery dangerous ,is this legal, this is cool
Wow how old is this thing ...??? Its cute
No that is just the swiss army knife the Holy Paladins use FTW.
Have you heard about a man who lived in the Stone Age?! Well, he killed himself with a sphere about 5 min later after he ate something. Back track... When he killed himself, he froze (Ice) About 2 months ago, a skier found him in the snow, about 89 ft deep into the snow. Some scientists took him and studied him. They found his food that he ate still in his stomach!!! And poop.... in his butt.... Is that carzy!!!????
that is awsome i would
kill myself for one
wow... that's freaking smart! I'd buy one.
I want one! it would help with my I.T. school studies
A stoneage swiss army knife.....these built stonehenge..!!!....the mystery is solved...
I think this is so cool, my son who passed away March 14th would love this.
I think that the wrist band buckle is out of place, but a great concept, nonetheless.
Heard about swiss knife... But this one seems to be from Babylon, Persia or may be Egypt
Christi search for it in any museum or it may be buried somewhere in swiss alps.... May be u get one from there
Nice! The three basic tools for the caveperson in you.
if obama gets his way, Americans will soon be back in the dark ages. and will need that.
Oh there is so many flaws with the above statement. The first one being, of course, that America never actually experienced the dark ages, which is a EUROPEAN period of history. Secondly, I doubt Obama is going to take away your scientific and medicinal knowledge. You will continue to have healthcare that does not involve drilling a hole in your head and letting the demons out! And your taps will still supply you with water while your drains still take it away. >_<
vist att dom har hållit på i ur minnes tider. men så här länge visste jag fan inte. grymt att se dom verktygen som grundade hjulet.
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