I have a question about NAS:
I have the WD Red in an Zyxel NSA310.
What is the best setting for power management - should I put the HDD in sleep mode on not ? Thanks. 
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I would also like to know that. For more or less any HDD. Thanks.
What are you serving up with your NAS? Are you hosting VMs from your NAS? 
No, just streaming video. But the question is what is the best setting for the HDD health. 
How often do you pull data from NAS? If you only stream during certain hours of the day, like when you are home from work, I'd say enable sleep mode. If you or your family are using it throughout the day I wouldn't enable it.

What you don't want is repeated spin-up / spin-down of the drives. That is what is going to age the drives prematurely. 
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